Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flash Report: The Editor Returns - Cinema 16 in Waterloo, IA

Doc here with the return of regular contributor, The Editor. The Editor just filed a Flash Report on Cinema 16 in Waterloo, IA, and it sounds very promising! Don't believe me?  Then check out The Editor's Flash Report

 Hello Doc,

There is a small theater in an ABS in downtown Waterloo, Iowa: Cinema 16, at 315 East 4th Street.  

This is a smaller town, not Portland, so action of any kind is good.  There are 1-3 couples on weekends.  There is a couples only area with couches, but that requires notifying the clerk to inform the gallery to respect the line of demarcation.  A separate small room shows gay films.  The projector is rated "good" quality, in case you care.

Over the holiday, a long time theater play couple from MN was in and provided good entertainment for the gallery.  Lots of participation encouraged. I'm not a real regular there, so can't say how much activity there is, but I would rate it at a few couples a week.  Dropping in for an hour isn't likely to catch anything. 

The Editor


Doc here again... I did some digging around on Cinema 16, and this place looks like it some possibilities.  They even have a primitive web site HERE. And 1-3 couples on a weekend night for a small theater isn't bad at all.

Thanks again to The Editor... Word has it he will be moving towards another adult theater this coming weekend.  Hopefully this will mean another report is in the works!


Flash Report: Brent Reports On Labor Day Weekend @ The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with a treat for you... Anytime Brent from Portland puts pen to paper, it's going to be a good day.  And today is one of those days...

Brent is the gold standard of adult theater reporters, and this report showcases his talent.  The picture he paints within The Paris Theatre takes us there, and makes us want to go there.  That's what makes his reports THAT good.

So without further ado, here is Brent's latest from The Rose City...


This Episode: "3 Classy Blondes Walk Into A Theater"


I lost the following piece two times on my computer today, and had to rewrite it each time. I was going to include my Labor Day Weekend report but that will come later, hopefully tomorrow.

There has been a lot of action at The Paris Theater in Portland, Oregon recently. I've been there for some of it and I always try to remember as much as I can. As I get older I fear Alzheimer's and other similar diseases. Little things I forget for no reason, bother me. (" I just had that. Where did it go?") and I note that people with much more active and mentally stimulating lives have fallen victim to the disease. Getting old sucks, but getting sucked never gets old. As long as, I remember that I forgot, I'll be okay. As soon as I no longer remember that I forgot, I'm doomed.

Enough with the philosophical conundrums. The Paris Theater is not a study hall, although there is more undivided attention there then your typical study hall. Usually this attention is focused on a lady who is engaged in some sort of sexual activity in front of an attentive, dick-waggling student body.

On Friday, August 26, 2011, two young ladies came in to The Paris. They had dark hair , were good looking, wore jeans and tank tops and had tattoos. There weren't that many guys there but there were enough that it caused the girls to giggle at being stared at.  They held each other close like they were about to make out but they didn't.  I'm not sure if they had come to play, then chickened out or if they just wanted to tease a little. In any event, they left without doing anything.

Things got better after that. Two BBWs were in and out all evening. They were sexy and not shy about it. (cue the theme music to "Uncle Buck", please) At one time there were five couples playing in The Oasis, including these two and it was quite a sight.
The Real
Carly Simon

The lady that I think looks like Carly Simon has visited The Paris a number of times, recently. She is one sizzling number with gams sexier than Betty Grable in her prime. This hot tomato still has a lot of sexual adventures in her and theater sex is just one of them. She also likes to flash her legs and pussy in bars - she used to do that all the time inside the saloon next door to The Jefferson Theater. I think (hope) that she wants to start sucking and fucking all the boys in the theater, but hasn't quite gotten there yet. If and when she does, it will be great moment in theater sex history.

The other night (September 3), she and her man got naked and fucked in The Oasis. They put on a great show and he thanked us for watching. The week before that she jacked off a number of guys on The Arena Table and let them come on her tits, thighs and outer pussy lips . She was completely naked and her beautiful skin was slick and shiny. Her husband thanked the crowd for being gentlemen and allowing her time to enjoy herself.
The Real Shirley Jones

There wasn't much hard core play at The Paris on Friday August 26, 2011, but there were a lot of great shows. Like the three classy blondes. They came in at different times and each one was classy in a different way. One was a Shirley Jones type, naked except for white lingerie. I'm not sure which particular night she and her man were there. I think it may have been Saturday, August 27.

She was a little shy at first. I think It was her first time in an adult theater. She had a great body and was very turned on. She and her man made out, she sucked his dick and he ate her pussy. Then he fucked her on the bench and guys reached in to play with her They invited one young guy into The Oasis and she made out with him and played with his dick. Then she bent over with her ass towards us and her man fucked her from behind while she sucked the other guy's dick. She thanked us for helping her enjoy herself when she left. She had that " I just did a very daring thing in an adult theater" look on her face when she and her man walked out of The Paris.
The "Real"
Betty Draper
The next classy blond was a January Jones, Betty Draper look-a-like. She and her man, a Sean Connery type,  were at The Paris on  two consecutive nights and stayed for quite a while each night. She was dressed in a black dress with white pearls , black thigh high stockings and no under wear. They played when other couples played and sat and caressed each other when they were the only couple there.

She was very passionate, kissing him with open mouth, sucking his cock and moving her thick blond hair to the side so we could see her beautiful cool elegant face while she went down on him. She had a great pair of all woman breasts with rock hard nipples and she would lift them up and gently play with them while her husband fingered her tingling vagina. Her sexy thighs were spread wide. He took his hand and shoved it in and out of her soaking wet pussy and it sounded like a dog lapping water from a bowl. Her cunt was beautiful, a woman's cunt, between two strong thighs ready to squeeze the juices out of a number of cocks, at least one can hope; perhaps during a future visit? When she went down on him, he would pull her dress up so that we could see her sexy ass and stocking ed legs.

Of the three blonds, she was my favorite because she reminded me of an imaginary time in America (1969-1981) when all things sexual were possible, including instant unwrapped sex with elegant, upper middle class country club women inside first run Pussycat style adult theaters.
The Real Wet
Cameron Diaz
The third classy blond was a Carmen Diaz type who came in late and played with a few of the women that were in the couples section. She was in great shape with a solid body and she was as nasty as they come. She started off by getting naked and fucking next to another lady who was also getting fucked. I thought that these two couples would hook up but, for some reason, they didn't.

Instead, Carmen turned her attention to the couple on the other side of her. The lady of this couple looked like Rachael Ray and was just as sexually adventurous as "Mary". It was only natural that the four of them would get together. It was a two way, three way and four way  sexual orgy. Carmen ( Mary) was the center of attention. She was getting fucked and sucked by all the participants and was doing the same in return. Everybody was doing everything to everybody, basically. It was great theater sex viewing, reminiscent of the glory days at The Old Jefferson Theater. 

One of the BBWs from earlier in the evening returned and she and her man joined in for a little while so now it was a 6 way cluster fuck. Shortly afterwards, things cooled down  and the blond got dressed and left.

There was other action that Friday night. I remember a thin ballerina type, got naked and fucked her man. She had a thin sexy body with small breasts and it was fun to watch her play. There were other couples but not all of them played. Still, it was a good evening for "this thing of ours", especially if you like to watch.

Right now, it's Monday, Labor Day and I've already seen an orange flag and a red flag pop up meaning maybe more action at The Paris. I will go down there and check it out.

Signing off for now. Its been a good Labor Day theater sex weekend so far and tonight just might be a final fun blast for the summer.


Thank you Brent for all you do for this thing of ours.