Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UPDATED with Pic! Flash Report: "How to Celebrate a Birthday/Hump Day" @ 15th Ave by Liz

Doc here...This has been a very good week for Couple's Flash Reports, and this report from one of The Good Doctor's favorite patients, Liz, is a terrific one!  Nice set-up, plenty of hot descriptions of the action, and a grand finale behind the screen door.

Here is the very sexy Liz and her Flash Report from the suburbs of Chicago...


Hi Doc,

Took a visit to my favorite establishment on 15th Avenue last Wednesday for a little fun as well as have a birthday celebration for a friend.  My play partner and I hadn't seen each other in about 2 weeks due to our "Regular World" getting rather busy.  So we took advantage of the Wednesday special (Couples free) and decided to arrive very early for us. 

Arriving at 2:00PM, it was fairly busy for that time and as soon as we checked in and got our private room we noticed a very familiar face "K" was there.  What a fantastic surprise for us!  We all took our showers and invited "K" into our room for some play.  Didn't take long for us to all start having some serious fun! 

I started by sucking "K" and getting him going as my play partner watched and fondled me.  Then I was told to flip over where "K" performed with his magical tongue and I sucked on my partner.  After "K" was able to get me off nicely as always I flipped over for him to fuck me from behind as I was able to get a better angle on my partner.  It was definitely a great time and when "K" finished, we all took another shower and went out front for some air.

A few minutes later another regular couple came into the establishment (V&P).  While I have heard about "V"'s arrivals and what a great time she is our schedules have never synced up, but today....the porn gods were smiling on us and we were all in the same place at the same time.  My partner and I went into our room and "V" & "P" rented the room next to ours, while they were making their way back to the spa area I was told that my partner wanted us all to play together.  OK!  Who am I to say no to a request like that huh? 
The Real Liz
So, "V" & "P" started to get loosened up and have their own fun so did we, "K" joined  them in their room and we told them their room looked very lonely and was invited over. "K" was being sucked by "V" as "P" was going down on her and I was sucking my partner.  All while 3 other guys and one woman were watching the action. 

Then it was flip time - "V" flipped so "K" could eat her wonderfully moist pussy, and my partner flipped me to do the same.  While the women were being eaten WELL (as is always the case with "K" and my partner), I proceeded to take "P" into my mouth and suck him.  By the sounds from him, I believe he enjoyed the experience.  Soon "K" had "V" not only cum but squirt as well!  I continued to go down on "P" this time from a different angel as my partner held my hair tightly.....soon it was a mass of noise and completion in that room.  Afternoon Delight!

After realizing what time it was, everyone quickly showered - and said our good-byes......but not yours truly.  I was there for the long haul, I still had the birthday girl arriving in the evening........So off to grab a bite to eat and get some decorations for the surprise I had in store for her!

So, after about an hour or so I returned to the 15th and got my girl her own room.  After all it was her birthday and she needed to have some serious cock in that room!  I received a text from her stating that she was about a half mile away, with that I thought what could I do to surprise her?  So me being the little instigator that I am, rounded up the men that were there that I sorta was introduced or had knowledge of for a special welcome.  I told only about 3 or 4 men that I would unlock her room and they were to get butt naked and sit in there and when I opened door they can sing happy birthday.
I went out front and waited for her, and waited, and waited.  FINALLY she showed at about 7:10.  Knowing that I had a room of naked men I needed her to get moving to the back but she was talking and visiting....finally I get her to the back and just as I turned corner (MUCH to MY amazement), there was a hallway (men on both sides) and a room with about 7 men in there.  As we walked down the hall they all sang Happy Birthday (if you guys are reading this THANKS!!!). 

OK, so as they are doing this I had to become the bitch I am not.  There was a man in there that I had a run in with about 2 weeks prior, and told him he was done.  KNOWING what type of person him to be, I told him he was out of there and he wasn't playing.  He left but tried to sneak back in when my back was turned (thanks crew for cock-blocking him).  SIDE NOTE:  IF YOU MESS WITH ME LIKE HE DID YOU WILL NOT HAVE FUN WHEN I AM THERE.  HE WAS RUDE, AND THOUGHT MY RULES AND RULES OF ESTABLISHMENT WERE ABOVE HIM. 

So, I told her Happy Birthday, now get to servicing my friends!  She immediately jumped into action getting naked and asking the masses where they wanted her.  Knowing the line of men which was about 15 I needed some too.  So I went next door to my room and we both serviced all the men in a timely fashion.

OK, this momma was a tired person and needed a rest!  So I let her continue with the men, I took a shower and would periodically check in on her.  She was perfectly fine.  Soon regular "B" showed up and went back into her room for some alone time.  Now jump to 8:30 and notification that my play partner was on his way back to the establishment.

He showed up, gave him the low down of the last hour or so and we started lightly playing.  Took a shower and decided to go to Theater, on the way there we ran into "D" and told him where we were heading.  My partner and I started playing nicely in the theater waiting for my girl and "B" to show.  No show so we invited "D" over to our area where I sucked him to completion.  We decided to go outside for a minute and instead started talking to management.

In walked in a couple, and immediately found out they were "JJ" from an earlier posting.  Introduced ourselves and found out they were new to environment and not sure what they did or didn't want to do.  As we were talking my girl, "T" and "B" came in as did regulars "L" and "J".  NOW there were 4 couples in the house on a Wednesday night, this is looking like a really promising way to end hump day!  And sure enough........OMG!!!!!

So we all go into the theater (some before others), and we wait for the others just having a good time.  And no, at this moment it wasn't sexual, we are very comfortable with each other as we have all played several times before together and sometimes we forget that there are others around us.  Thank goodness not too many other men, but we can get goofy and tonight was absolutely no exception.  We were making fun of the movie playing and because it was a party, "J" popped out the bubbles.  Someone on the outside I am sure thought we were all on something, but it was fun and funny and I think a great way to relax. 

Well, once all the couples showed up the play began!!!  I started sucking my partner - "T" was sucking "B" - and "L" was being fingered by "J" as she and I kissed.  LOTS of sucking going on and soon my partner wanted to fuck....just wasn't getting the right angle etc so I asked him if he wanted to go behind the screen.......Gosh what a great idea that turned out to be!!!!

When we proceeded to gather our stuff, the new couple "JJ" asked if they could join us.  Sure - so we went back there and eventually the whole couples section was behind the screen with the addition of 3 other men.  We kept door closed as it ended up being an impromptu private celebration with everyone fucking and sucking and switching partners etc.  One huge impromptu orgy on a Wednesday!!!!!

Who would have thought that much fun for Wednesday and I am sure that "T" had a really good birthday as well.



Doc here again... Just remember, this was a Wednesday (afternoon and night).  15th Avenue has a weekday stream of regulars that provides some vivid and fun times (at day or night). 

Thanks again to the sexy Liz for a great report!  Now, if we can only get her out of her shell.  ;o)