Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tonight is Saturday Night Live @ CTs in Gary - It's "Tina-Mania"

CTs Adult Superstore and Theater
4620 Industrial Hwy,
Gary, IN

Doc here with an announcement from one of The Good Doctors's favorite adult theater couples, John and Tina:
Hi All, Tina will be at CT's (in Gary, IN) tomorrow night from 8 pm until 11pm. Please make sure that you are clean, carrying condoms and ready to fuck. I will be taking some pics, not of anyones faces, just the action please. She wants to make sure everyone cums at least 2 times and would really like me to take new pics of her covered in jizz. Yes, if it is not too much to ask, a nice CJ at the end. This time she will be well rested and fed before we cum. She was a little off her game last week, but she is itching for a big night!! Also, let me have my space for taking pics, I will move about so that you can all have fun, but if I want to get close for a pic, please move to the side. Lets all have a great time and let's give Pete some nice pics(and make Tina cum a bunch) for the group!!

Doc here again...Let us do the math:
John and Tina + A Full Moon  + CTs Adult Theater (arguably the most hardcore adult theater in the country) = A Hot Saturday Night in Gary.
John has informed me that he will provide a couple's report from CTs (with pics btw), which will be most welcomed here at the offices of The Journal.  This is looking to be a memorable evening for everyone attending.