Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Feature! House Call with The Good Doctor - Seattle

Welcome to a new feature at The Journal of Adult Theaters: "House Call with The Good Doctor". This new feature will revolve around personal visits by The Good Doctor to various adult theaters across the country. 

When making the rounds with his 9-5 profession, I may be in various parts of the country.  East, west, north, and the south all get visits duing the course of the year.  And as part of my service to you, the good readers of The Journal, I will give you an in depth report on these theaters. Pros, cons, and maybe some inside information that could make your visit to one of these establishments more enjoyable.

So let's begin with House Call #1 in Seattle, Washington...

First, a little recent history.  From a national perspective, the adult theater with the most visability in Seattle/Tacoma area was The Mecca Theater in Tacoma. 

The Mecca, circa 2006

The Mecca had a pretty active Yahoo Group at the time, which highlighted upcoming visits, but also detailed some encounters at this theater.  While it's activity was pale in comparison with the theaters in Portland, Oregon like (at the same time) The Jefferson and The Oregon, it was still in play as a classic 70's style adult theater.  The theater closed in 2006 and now has been re-purposed into condos (sound familiar, Portland?)

Now let us fast-forward to the present.  The Good Doctor was in Seattle making his rounds several days ago, and made time to visit two venues which have been the topic of some Yahoo Group chatter in recent weeks.  I jumped in my rental Lizardo 3000 and headed 20 miles north to Everett to visit  location #1 on my appointment list, Airport Video, 11732 Airport Road, Everett ,WA.

Airport Video, circa 2 weeks ago

As you can see from the above photo, Airport Video is a combination of 3 buildings joined together.  The building on the right is the video arcade, the center building is the lobby/bookstore, and the largest building on the left is the theater and another DVD/bookstore area.

The theater is nothing too elaborate...After walking down a hallway, you enter the theater on the left.  The theater is a room about 70 feet long and about 35 feet across, conatining about 50 or so heavy duty plastic lawn chair type chairs.  The theater is divided down the middle by a wide aisle leading to the rear of the theater.  Movies are shown on a large screen TV that is large enough for the viewing area.

- Busy area with easy access to major highways, yet the business while on a busy corner is discreet
- Large parking lot that is both discreet and well lit.  Two levels of parking for overflow vehicles.  Appears very secure.
- Theater is large enough not to be claustrophobic, but intimate enough to be conducive for play and or voyeuristic activities.

- Plastic chairs in theater
- Seems pretty dark in theater compared to other theaters

I would love to hear any reports regarding Airport Video from readers of The Journal.  This place has potential, and from the words of one report on a Yahoo Group I read recently, has "it's Paris-like moments".
After heading back south from Everett, appointment #2 was at Hollywood Erotic Boutique, 12706 Lake City Way NE, Seattle WA.

Hollywood Erotic Boutique, circa 5:30pm

"HEB" is located in the Lake City section of Seattle.  Parking is tight, with a very tiny lot to the rear of the store.  Otherwise your best bet is on street parking or in the lot across the street.  The theater is open 24/7.

The Good Doctor did not just fall off the turnip truck, but HEB has the most unique set-up for their theater in recent memory.  First of all, the young lady who was working the counter could not have been more helpful!  She is the type of person who would make a couple feel immediately welcome.  Not only was she helpful, she had a great attitude.

The upstairs (the main floor) is your typical ABS (DVDs, mags, and toys).  The uniqueness starts when you walk through the doorway leading to the theaters downstairs...You walk through a door to the left, and before I knew it, I was on stairway OUTSIDE leading down two flights to a landing.  Enter the door on the right, and you once again land inside.  There you will find a larger (35'x35') mini theater of maybe 30 to 40 seats, and 3 smaller viewing rooms varying in size, but smaler than the "main" theater.  It was like a smaller version of some of the theaters in Tampa that have multiple viewing rooms. 

- Open 24/7
- Staff is VERY friendly and helpful
- 4 mini theater setup is unique - very conducive for play
- Very clean
- Something for everyone

- Parking, while not impossible, could be tricky.

The Dr's Orders:
- Airport Video: Recommended
- Hollywood Erotic Boutique: Highly Recommended

Stay tuned for The Good Doctor's next "House Call" in the coming weeks.  If you have any comments, or a review or report of your own, please e-mail me at


Happy Easter from The Good Doctor!

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