Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Feature: The Journal's Saturday Musical Interlude - Neil Young & Devo "Hey Hey My My"

An ailing Doc here, fighting a bout with octorectalitis, with a new feature here at the Journal, Doc's Musical Interlude. 

Every Saturday, I will publish a little something that has grabbed my ears and eyes that is a bit off-beat, but gives you, the good readers of The Journal, insight into the music I have enjoyed over the years.   

A couple of week ago, I published this report about The Ramones covering the 1966 Spiderman animated series theme.  I love the Ramones, and it was one of those Ramones Saturday afternoons.  

As a new regular feature here at the Journal, chances are it will be weird, come from the punk or post-punk era, and I may have owned it at one point.

Case in point is this mind-blower of a team-up: Neil Young and DEVO. This video appeared in a Neil Young directed movie from 1982 titled "Human Highway", and it's all sort of awesome. 

Neil Young meet Booji Boy. 

Enjoy my friends...