Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blast From The Past" Southerngentlemen615 on Nashville's "World's Largest Adult Bookstore"

Doc here with a fantastic Blast From The Past from first time contributor, Southerngentlemen615.

His location for his report is "The World's Largest Adult Bookstore" in Nashville, TN.  I was able to find a pic of it on the net, but have no idea who the guy in the foreground could be.

Here is SG's report...



I have been following your site for awhile and just knew I had a few stories of my own! I live in Nashville, TN and unfortunately, all of our adult theaters have been closed and glory holes boarded up. The only thing left are adult bookstores where you can buy magazines and DVDs. No booths or screens. Sad, I know.

About 10 years ago, though, Nashville was a busy hub for adult theaters, strip clubs, and massage parlors. One night, after clubbing, I talked my girlfriend into going into "The World's Largest Adult Bookstore", the largest, most hottest theater in town. As we went through the front door, I could tell that she was nervous. I assured her that if anything crazy happened, we would leave immediately.

The place was huge, with the first floor filled with books, DVDs, tapes, toys, etc. As you walked towards the back, all the booths aligned the walls and a set of steps took you down to the basement. The basement is where both theaters were-gay and straight. I convinced her (we'll call her Kate) to go downstairs to see what was going on down there. We browsed all the videos and mags, and she asked the clerk what went on in the theaters. The clerk said,"Fun!", so Kate agreed we should give it a try. We paid our $6.00 and made our way back to the theater.

As we went in, darkness surrounded us and we couldn't see for a brief moment. We just stood in the back, waiting on our eyes to adjust. I took Kate's hand and led her down to the second row on the left of the theater. Of course, as soon as we sat down another gentlemen, who looked around 45, sat down beside Kate. Kate leaned over into me and I held on to her. The movie was an older film with a girl getting pounded by two older guys. Much to my amazement, Kate begin kissing me after 10 minutes or so. I heard a zipper and glanced over to see my new friend jacking his cock, looking at my girlfriend. We kissed passionately for another 10 minutes, and Kate whispered how hot she thought it would be if others could watch her suck my cock. I pulled it out and she began stroking me slowly and watching the film.

Within a matter of minutes, she was sucking like the Kate that I knew. I was rock hard and was trying my best to hold back in case something great happened. My friend had pulled his pants all the way down to the ground and was stroking away. Kate looked up at me, then at him, and asked if it would be ok for her to touch him. I said, "Sure. Whatever you want to do." She grabbed our friend's cock and slowly started stroking it with her left hand as she was stroking mine with her right. I raised her skirt up just enough to slide her panties over and feel how wet her pussy was. This drove my buddy crazy, who tried to get a feel, but Kate pulled his hand away.

Then she looked at me and asked if I wanted to watch her suck his cock. I said, "Sure. Whatever you want." Kate sucked for a few minutes, and then climbed into my lap. She gave me a deep kiss and then whispered how she wanted to fuck me in front of our friend. I pulled her panties over and slid my rock hard cock inside her pussy. My friend stood up and put his cock right up against Kate's lips. She started sucking our friend while she was riding me. I lasted a whole minute or so and blew the largest nut inside her I have ever blew. This caused my friend to lose it and Kate swallowed every drop of his nut.

We got dressed really fast, and got back to the car as quickly as possible! All the way home, Kate kept asking if I thought she was a whore. I assured her that we were only having fun, and we could forget all about it. Ahhhh......the good ole' days in Nashvegas. I have several more stories.....until then...later!

Your Pal-


Thanks to SG615 for a terrific Blast From The Past!  Keep them coming, sir.