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UPDATED! Blast From The Past: The Cine Arts Theater in Hollywood by Old Marine Corps Guy

Doc here with another outstanding Blast From The Past by Senior Journal Field Reporter, Old Marine Corps Guy.  OMCG's reports are always a treat, since he was there in southern California during the golden age of adult theaters when he was Young Marine Corps Guy.

But don't take my word for it, check out OMCGs Blast From The Past... It's a must read.
Old Marine Corps Guy
circa The 70's


For your “Blast from the Past”, column I thought I would add my $.37 (it used to be $.02, but you know…Obamanomic’s).

From 1967 to 1984 there was a theater in Hollywood called the Cine Arts.  It was probably the most “played” theater in Southern California.  There were LOTS of theaters in the area to choose from back then, The Pussycat, the Melrose, the Tiki, the Swedish Arts, Richards 1 and 2, the Projection Room etc., etc., but of all of them the Cine got the most, and the best play.  It was right on Hollywood Blvd., near Western Ave. with lots of drive by and walk by traffic.  It changed movies every day and had a “Couples Always Free” sign out front. 

The Cine Arts was (like all the smaller theaters back then) 24/7 and, believe it or not, only charged $.99 admission.  That was the admission price for ALL the smaller theaters back in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The Twin X Theaters
Los Angeles

The XX Main Theater
Los Angeles

Even without the internet (it hadn’t been invented then…can you believe it?!?!) the Cine Arts had a national reputation.  You could find couples from all over the states coming in to play saying that they had heard about the place and wanted to try it out.  It was not set up like the old Jefferson or the Paris in Portland, but it had the same reputation and, for that time, the same kind of following.

The Pussycat Theater
Hollywood Blvd

On weekday nights you would be able to count on anywhere between 10 – 15+ couples coming in.  On weekends you could count on double or triple that many, plus a pretty good amount of single ladies.   You have to remember, this was the time of, “fuck-the-one-you’re-with”, Pre-AIDS (another thing that hadn’t been invented yet), and home videos.  So when couples got horny, they went to the theaters.  A lot would go to the larger theaters first, Pussycat, Cinema X, The Twin X, get heated up there and then come to the Cine Arts and fuck EVERYBODY!!!

We had regular couples that would come in that you could set your watch by.  The Wheelchair couple, The Sleeper couple, The White Thunderbird couple, The German couple, The Amyl couple, The Curtin Store couple just to name a few.  But one of the most memorable was when a limousine pulled up in front and let out 2 couples that looked like they had just been to a fancy dinner ball.  The men were in suits and the GEORGOUS ladies they brought with them were in cocktail dresses.  Both women were in their mid to late 20’s, blond with VERY sexy bodies.

The Tiki Theater
Santa Monica Blvd.

Both couples sat in the back row, which had a wide isle between it and the back wall.  It didn’t take but a few minutes for a lot of players to get in front and behind them and start yanking their cranks (just to let the couples know that they were friendly).  Both women were breaking their necks looking at all the guys jacking off, when one of them said, “Hey, everybody here in jacking off, let’s do it too”.  Well, that started a non-stop fuck fest that seemed to go on and on.  Those women did every guy in the place (by the way, there were a few other couples in at the same time and they all joined into the fun as well) and a few other women as well.  I remember that I had the duty the next morning and had to leave at about 0400 to get back to the base, but the action was still going strong when I left.
When I heard that the Cine Arts finally closed, it was like a piece of history was closed.  I miss that place, and will always remember it fondly (and with a woody).


The Cine was a rectangle with the entry door (covered by black-out curtain and beads) behind, and to the right of, the seating area.  It had about 10 - 12 rows of seats with 8 - 10 seats in each row.
As I mentioned, there was a large empty area between the back of the last row of seats and the back wall (probably about 10 feet).  You entered through the door in the back wall, which ran to your left.  If you followed the back wall to the adjoining wall there was a small (6x6) alcove which got a lot of action in it. A wide isle ran on one side, from the entry door, all the way to the back of the screen.  The restroom (only was uni-sex) was behind the screen as well as a fairly large storage area.
Thanks OMCG for that walk down memory lane.  For you regular readers of The Journal, OMCG is a walking encyclopedia of the west coast adult theater scene from the 60's through the present. he also runs his own Yahoo Group focusing on the Arizona adult theater scene (see the Link-O-Rama on the right).

Who reading this wouldn't give anything to be transported back in time to witness the best of times for this thing of ours'?

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