Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blast From The Past: Sam on The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a combination report from the newest senior reporter at The Journal, Sam.   The first part is a Blast From The Past report from the Lido Theater in Dallas, whereas the second part is an Op-Ed on playing it safe inside an adult theater.

So sit back, pop open a grape soda, and enjoy The Sam Report...


Hello Doc,

Reading about the events in Tampa, I could not resist giving some tips to patrons based on my previous experience. I have had quite some adventures at the Lido Theater in Dallas. The Lido
does not have any video booths with glory holes. Rather it has several private rooms with videos.

This episode took place a couple of years back. At that time, I came across some rumors of LE, undercover cops and busts, but never found hard evidence for the same. Anyways, bi and gay men played openly in the theater but most couples  end up using the private rooms. Only the really brave ones, and the occasional tourist couple played in the theater. But most of the hardcore stuff happened only in the private rooms.

During this episode, a 40 yr old man came in with a 21 yr old girl with amazing natural boobs. Someone mentioned that the guy was porn producer/director, and that the girl was a wannabe porn star. I don't know if this is true. Maybe she was just an escort, and the guy was fulfilling his voyeuristic fantasies.  But the way he handled the evening at the theater, hinted that he was a professional, and not an average Joe.

First, they walked into the theater and seated themselves in the center. After few minutes of caressing, a circle of men formed around them. At this point, they did not have anything exposed. Then he asked everyone around if they wanted to fuck her. He then asked everyone to follow them into a private room. He then told everyone that he is going to lock the room, and anyone not interested can leave.

After that he laid down the rules of the game inside the private room, and told anyone not ok with the rules can leave. Then he asked the girl if she was ok with all the guys. The girl then pointed out a cpl of older men over 60, and they were then asked to leave.
The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
Finally, there were around 10 men aged 20-50. Finally he locked the room and fed the video machine with enough bills for an hour. Then it was time to get dirty and hardcore. All the men were naked, and so was the girl. She had a beautiful face, soft boobs, and round butts. She gave a blow job to everyone over there and even swallowed. Those who wanted to fuck her pussy were asked to were condoms, and she took them one after another. After half an hour of intense activity, she took a break before continuing.  Eventually after an hour, the guy asked everyone to get dressed and unlocked the room.

Most ABS across the country do not seem to have private rooms. To my knowledge, and from a legal stand point, exposing any genital organs, or fully exposing breasts is illegal in theater area. It is legal inside locked private rooms or locked GHs. Locked room implies no visibility from outside. And anyone entering or leaving the room or booth should have their private parts covered.

So whenever things get hot in some theaters, it is best to use caution in theater area. Use the theater
for foreplay and selecting the partners, and take on the action in private rooms or GH. As ironical it may seem, I do not enjoy playing in GH or private rooms, as much as in the theater area. Probably once things cool down, playing in the theater should not be a problem.

It would be so much better if the theater management had a switch from their cash counter, which turn on the lights in the theater, if police arrive on the scene. If anyone knows the owner personally, suggest
this to the owner. However, I do not know the legality of this. Just a suggestion.



Doc here again... Nicely done Sam!  Great "Blast", and good advice for this thing of ours

Some of the most popular adult theaters now have areas that include private rooms.  Theaters such as The Lido & 15th Ave Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL have separate private rooms for their patrons.  It's a good idea, and hopefully more will adapt to this new way to enjoy adult theaters.

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just click the photo of The Good Doctor in the upper right hand part of The Journal, and fire away.  That's how Sam got started... And how you will too.