Monday, August 6, 2012

Flash Report! Watcher Reports On Saturday Night 8/4 at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicagoland

Doc here with a fantastic 2nd report from Watcher. His report speaks for itself, and it's spot on.

Here is Watcher and his Flash Report...


Hey Doc!

Watcher here again.  My last report was from my first time at an adult theater - my report from CT's Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  I got to meet you recently at CT's during the infamous Asian Couple visit (the night the air conditioning was broke).  I've enjoyed my times at CT's, but have always wanted to try 15th Ave Adult Books in Melrose Park, IL.  Last night I got my chance.

I arrived at 15th Ave Adult Books around 9:30 pm.  This being my first visit, I was anxious to check out the facilities, the scene, the crowd, etc.  I was very impressed by the clean facilities and the overall layout.   I'll say nothing bad about 15th Ave, but I will say that for my tastes, the size and layout aren't perfect, and I'll explain that in a bit.

15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater
Melrose Park, IL
When I arrived, there were no couples, but TONS of guys.  After about half an hour a couple came in with an attractive but older female.  They locked their things away in the spa area and returned to the theater.  After a while doing nothing in the theater, they returned to the spa for some time in the sauna.   After a few minutes sweating and a quick shower, they went to their room and let a few guys play.  The crowd of guys was oppressive, and there simply wasn't space for everyone who wanted to play.  This couple took a couple of breaks, but repeated this scene for a couple of hours before leaving.

Later in the evening quite a few couples entered the store - at one point the couples section was completely full, 6 couples all watching the movie.  

One couple in particular featured a very attractive Hispanic woman who had great legs and incredible lips.  They sat near the front of the theater - NOT in the couples only section - which gave the guys a lot of hope.  I was seated right next to them.  The husband seemed to be encouraging the woman to loosen up, raising her skirt a little, and caressing her.  She was clearly curious, but wasn't playing.  

Other couples came and went, some playing in private areas, some just watching, but late in the evening - after midnight - the "action" couple arrived.  Her name sounded like a type of pasta, so for the sake of discretion I'll call her "Penny."  

I can't tell you exactly what nationality Penny was, but it whatever it was, I want to go there.  She was slender with a dark complexion, striking features, and librarian glasses.  I was able to sit directly next to Penny, and she was very straight forward.  She started introducing herself to some of the guys around her, and she and I struck up a conversation.  She said she doesn't come too often, but when she does - she comes to party.   It didn't take long before she was on her knees and sucking on someone from the row in front of her.  Next it was me, and then someone else.  She and her guy realized that the front row would give her more room to play, so they moved with me and the rest of the tangled masses in tow.  She was back on her knees with my cock back in her mouth. 

I will pause the story here for a moment to say that the guys here are a bit more pushy than I'm used to at CT's.  I'm not saying that any were behaving poorly, but with so many guys - if you're not pushy, you might miss out.   Almost no one was standing back waiting their turn.  The guys crowded in as tightly as they could - cocks out - hoping to be sucked or fondled.

It was clear that Penny was sucking and stroking if she had to, but what she wanted was cum on her face.  She was telling the guys to get themselves off and she wanted the load on her face.   I took that cue, and did the work and gave Penny what she wanted.  I retreated and walked around the facility to see if any other action had sprung up in a booth, the spa, or elsewhere.

In the television area of the spa, a black couple had chosen a couple of guys to play with and were all having fun - while keeping onlookers at a safe distance. 

I was returning to the theater, and saw Penny go into a restroom to clean up a little.  She returned to the theater with a smaller crowd in tow this time, and I followed.  A smaller, but still "pushy" crowd surrounded her again, and after a little sucking, she asked who had a condom and a hard cock to fuck her with.  Even though I had given her one load, I was quick with protection and a stiff rod, and was the first to fuck her. 

I knew I wouldn't be able to finish a second time in a condom, so after a few minutes I stepped aside to let someone else have their fun. 

15th Ave Adult Books delivered the goods - many couples, clean environment, and great facilities.  However, the action can sometimes be spread out so you don't know where you should be.  There were also so many guys there that it was a competition for attention.  Also, most of the couples seemed curious, but unwilling to play with any of the guys.

While there was a "happy ending" to my night, it was at times a frustrating evening where I felt like I was a pigeon at the park fighting other pigeons for bread crumbs.    I think I prefer CT's in Gary, because even though there are nights with no action, when a couple comes in, there is a much greater chance that they're going to play and that any given guy will get his chance without being pushy.



Doc here again... Awesome job sir!  And your line about Penny, "I can't tell you exactly what nationality Penny was, but it whatever it was, I want to go there", just may be my favorite line in a report this year.  I was this close to having my Bloody Mary come through my nose when I read that line.

We are looking forward to your next report, Watcher!