Monday, June 28, 2010

Blast From The Past: OldBeatNik's Tale of Theater Sex in "Borrowed Wife"

Doc here with a great (and I mean outstanding) remembrance by OldBeatNik about theater sex in the 1980's with a special friend.  Sit back and enjoy this tale of years past:

Borrowed Wife
by OldBeatNik
Copyright© 2008 by OldBeatNik

Back in the 80's before most of the porn theaters dissapeared I was lucky enough to meet a wife whose husband didn't give the attention she wanted. I plied her with drinks and compliments and one night I talked her into going to the theater by telling her she would get all the attention she wanted.

Remember the 80's with all those long loose skirts? She loved to wear them and after a few love sessions when ever she met up with me I had her wearing either thigh highs or gartered stockings. She held me tightly the first time we walked into the theater. I sat her down on the aisle seat so no one could bother her by sitting next to her, but all the guys across the aisle could see if we started to play. For the first 10 or 20 minutes we just sat and watched the movie. I finally leaned over and told her if she was getting turned on she should start raising her skirt. If I saw her do that then I would take that as a signal to start caressing her legs, thighs and panty covered pussy.

I didn't have to wait long before she began to bunch her skirt up onto her thighs. About 10 guys were gathered in the rows in front, back and across from us. They all turned their attention to Rita when they saw her raise her skirt. She also noticed that she was the center of attention and that really let her loose. She spread her legs and grabbed my hand and placed it just below the leg band of her thigh highs. I began to stroke her leg in small circles, drawing her skirt even higher and making her breathe in shorter and shorter gasps. I widened the circle until I was touching bare skin above her stocking top and just below her panty covered pussy. She was now squirming in her seat. I finally touched her pussy with my finger, she grabed my hand and placed it firmly on her cunt and shook in her chair as she came.

I now put one of her legs over mine and bunched her skirt into her waist exposing her panties for all to see. I lifted a leg band and inserted a finger and slowly began to finger fuck her. I put in a second finger and started to caress her clit with my thumb. As soon as I touched it she came again. One guy behind us put his hands around her and grabbed a tit. Rita jumped in her seat and I saw a frightened look on her face. I told the guy no touching, but he could look all he wanted, but Rita was too shook to continue so we left. She was still turned on though and gave me a blow job in the car on the way home. I asked her if she enjoyed herself and would ever want to go back. She said it was one of the most exciting things she had ever done and if no one would touch her she would love to go back sometime. From then on at least once a week I took her to the theater.

I would guide her down the center aisle with my hand stroking her silky skirt covered ass, remember the 80's were polyester paradise, everything was silky and slithery. Rita's skirts and dresses were no different. Over the knee but still very sexy. The great thing about long skirts is if the woman wants to show a little thigh, she has to do it on purpose. And my lovely Rita loved to do it on purpose, especially when she got comfortable in the theater. Our seats were always on the aisle, so she could give a good show to lots of men, but also no one could sit next to her. After the second time there, the regulars knew us and would spread the word, don't touch the women and you're going to see a great show. After our second trip Rita also knew that play time was up to her, I wouldn't touch her until she started to raise her skirt up over her legs. When her skirt got high enough that me and all the men gathered around could see her bare thighs above her stocking tops, but before she exposed her panties, I would put my hand on her bare thigh and caress it while moving it upward towards her panty covered pussy. Once I arrived at her cunt and stroked her pussy lips and clit she would cum quickly. Then I would move a leg band and insert a finger or two and finger fuck her. The third time we went and thereafter I turned her towards the aisle so all the men could easily see me finger fucking her. The fourth time we went I unbuttoned her blouse and allowed the men to see her bare tits, which for the first time I kissed and sucked in the theater. I continued to stroke and finger her pussy and she had an even stronger orgasm.

At our sixth or so time there she got brave enough to give me a blow job. She turned on her seat to face my crotch and showed her ass to the men on the aisle. While she was sucking on my cock I was slowly raising her skirt up the back of her thighs until it was gathered across her back completly exposing her panty covered ass to the eyes of the crowd. I scrunched down as best I could so Rita could get as much of my cock into her mouth as she could and I could reach around her and stroke her ass and pussy for the men to see. I was even able to pull her panties out and away from her leg so I could get a finger into her cunt and the men would get a good view of me finger fucking her, her pussy juice covered thighs shone in the light from the projector.

I was surprised that Rita had gone that far, all we had talked about was how her husband ignored her, and how she loved being the center of attention at the porno theater by just showing some leg and pussy. I hadn't expected our playing in public to go hard core, but once it did all bets and rules were off the table. The next time we went she sat on my lap and let me fuck her. It was all her instigation. Almost as soon as we sat down her skirt was up to her waist and she had my fingers buried in her pussy. Not too much longer after that she had my dick out and was sucking me off. And not too soon after that she sat up facing the screen, moved over onto my lap, took my cock in her hand and guided it into her cunt. She did all the fucking, I just sat there loving the feeling of her warm pussy surrounding my dick and looked at the men around us with their eyes glued to the fornicating beauty in their midst. I reached around her and unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her bare tits. This time when one of the men touched her tit she didn't freak, she just gave a little shudder and fucked me harder and faster. The men took this as a go ahead and three more men began to stroke her tits and rub her nipples. Rita bucked down on me even more and then gasped and held her breath as uncontrolably her hips and lower torso spasmed and jerked around the cock buried in her pussy. We left soon after she regained her senses. On the ride home she asked why I let the men touch her and I said because she did nothing to stop them, and she even seemed to like their touches. So I asked her why she let the men touch her, she shyly said she did like it, and when she had three hands all stroking her nipples and tits she had one of her deepest orgasms. So I asked her when we go again do you want me to stop the men from touching you and she said no.

It was almost chaos the next time we went. Rita was so ready for the night she had me play with her pussy on the drive to the theater, something we never did before. And it was Rita who made me stop before she came, it was she who wanted to be hot and bothered as she entered the theater and eager for her pussy to be fucked. As soon as we found our usual seats Rita had my pants unzipped and her mouth around my cock. And as soon as I was hard she had her pussy back on my dick and she was ready to be fucked. And this time it was Rita who unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her bare tits. She started playing with them and pulling her own nipples as she rocked back and forth on my lap. To everyone's surprise she told the man sitting in front of her, who had turned around to watch the action, that she wanted to suck his cock. He didn't take long to respond, and he didn't take long to cum in her mouth. Almost within seconds he was filling Rita's mouth with his sperm. She swallowed all she could, wiped off her lips and asked the man sitting next to him if he wanted his cock sucked. Rita wound up sucking five different cocks while fucking me and when I finally came in her pussy she let three more men fuck her. After she rose from my lap, she bent over the back of her chair with her ass facing the movie screen, pulled her skirt up her legs and over her panty covered ass and said to no one in particular and everyone in general fuck my pussy, someone fuck my pussy. She then rested her head on her folded arms atop the seat back and waited for someone to put their cock in her waiting cunt. She fucked four men that way, just letting them use her pussy as a sperm depository.

We only went to the theater only a couple of times after that because Rita and her husband started counseling, and she wanted to make her marriage work for the sake of her kids. But those next times were memerable. She would suck off a few guys while fucking me, then once I came she would fuck anyone who wanted to, which turned out to be more than 10 guys each time. She got to the point where she wouldn't wait for the men to come to her, she started walking around the theater and fucked the men in their seats. She would raise her skirt or dress as she walked so she could show off her stocking clad legs and panty covered pussy and ass. Ahhh, the lovely Rita, I shall never forget you and those gangbangs you left in my mind.

The End

Monday Night At The Movies: World Premier of "New Wave Hookers" at The Pussycat Theater in Hollywood

Doc here with this week's edition of Monday Night At The Movies.  This week, we take a look at the world premier of the classic porn film "New Wave Hookers" at The Pussycat Theater in Los Angeles in 1985. 

A side note...The Good Doctor visited the former Pussycat in LA (now Studs Theater) back in 2008 for the first time.  The cement hand prints of John Holmes, Linda Lovelace, & Marilyn Chambers (as well as many others) are still there as a tribute the the golden age of porn theaters. 

What struck me about this video of the premier is the shot of the stars walking into the lobby of the theater.  The lobby is still there, but is essentially a large void by the new smaller entrance to the theater.  And I think the carpet is exactly the same. 

So without further delay, here is this week's Monday Night At The Movies:

Flash Report: Status of CVE in Gastonia, NC

Doc here with a quick heads up from our good friends Alex and Lauren ( about CVE in Gastonia, NC.

According to their Twitter, CVE has closed their couples theater for remodeling.  Should we read between the lines here, or take this info at surface level?  We will keep an open line of communication with Alex and Lauren and monitor the situation.

If you would like to get caught up with the last update from Alex and Lauren on CVE, here it is:

Thanks to Alex and Lauren!


Weekdnd Update - A Preview of Things Coming This Week

Doc here with a quick post before I take several Ambien and hit the hay.

This past weekend was a weekend that had all the elements lined up to be a memorable one, and it did not disappoint.  The staff here at The Good Doctor's office are busy analyzing the data and breaking down the numbers.

Preliminary information shows that things were hopping in Portland, Gary, IN, and in Warren, OH at their adult theaters.  At all three of these hot spots, couples had posted ahead of time either on their local Yahoo Groups, or on Craigslist.  This almost guaranties a good to great turnout, as long as enough notice is given. 

Also, all three theaters have notification systems in place (through their Yahoo Groups) to let people know when either a couple has arrived or plans to arrive.   The Paris Theater in Portland uses their legendary flag system (as seen on the left).  CTs in Gary uses their "NOWWWW" posts to their Yahoo Group (Pete will also describe the couple/lady in conjunction with the NOWWW).  The Old Un Adult Theater and Bookstore in Columbia, MO is now getting more proactive in their announcements.  It is a solid formula, and it works for those involved in "this thing of our's".  Couples get what they want: A steady stream of hard cocks.  Guys get what they want: As close to a sure thing as it gets.  A real win/win.

So what we had this weekend was a perfect storm of conditions conducive to hot and exciting adult theater fun: 

Summer weather: Check.
Full moon: Check.
Weekend before a holiday: Check.
Plenty of advance announcements: Check.

So what does The Good Doctor have in store for you this week? 

I should have a story and photos from CTs in Gary about Tina and John's visit on Saturday night.  I saw some preliminary photos this evening, and they are HOT.  I should also have a breakdown of the activities at The Paris Theater in Portland for your entertainment.  I will also have a report from long-time Journal reporter OldBeatNik that will be hopefully the first of many to come.  And of course, plenty of surprises. 

Keep checking back throughout the week.