Sunday, August 17, 2014

Smut for a Sunday Evening: 5th Anniversary Edition with 25 PICS!!!

Doc here, a man who doesn't look a day over 5 years old, with a special Journal 5th Anniversary Edition of Smut for a Sunday Evening.

The past 5 years have shot right by, and a big part of Sunday's has been Smut for a Sunday Evening. This feature uses real, authentic pics submitted to The Good Doctor as part of adult theater, gloryhole, or other sexy events. While other web sites and Tumblr feeds love to pilfer images from The Journal, your humble narrator does not, and will not lift images from anywhere else.

With this being said, I have picked out some of my favorite early images I have published here at The Journal for this evening's edition. I hope you enjoy the selections, and please remember to click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE the images.

Here we go... Smut for a 5th Anniversary Sunday Evening.


Couple's Flash Report! Mr.& Mrs. CT_Couple @ The Art Cinema in Hartford on 8/17/14 (w/5 PICS of The Mrs!)

Doc here, a man who some say spends his early Sunday mornings editing adult theater reports, and they never fail to put a smile on his pants.
This morning I received this terrific Couple's Flash Report from the very hot Mr.& Mrs. CT_Couple, and his scouting expedition to Hartford's awesome Art Cinema last night, 8/17/14. 
I have been talking with Mr. CT_Couple for a bit, giving advice and recommendations in this thing of ours for him and the little lady. And with that intel, he made his reconnaissance run to The Art Cinema (always highly recommended for first time visiting couples).
Mr. CT_Couple was also kind enough to send along some very hot pics of The Mrs., that I am sure you will tickle your fancy, wet your panties, and cream your jeans (and as always, please click on the thumbnail pics to ENLARGE them)!
So please give a warm Journal round of applause to first time contributors to The Journal, Mr. & Mrs. CT_Couple!
Take it away, kids!
Hi Doc,