Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coming Attraction! Laney Returns To CTs Adult Theater in Gary From 10/31 to 11/3

Doc here with an announcement from our good friend, Laney from Texas.  She will be making visits to CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Highway in Gary, IN starting 10/31 through 11/3/11.  She will be doing NOONERS ONLY.  No evening appearances.

Those of you who have seen Laney before know she is insatiable and hungry for all the cock she can get.  Still don't believe me?  Then check out these pics of Laney @ CTs:

So mark your calendars for Monday through Thursday @ noon at CTs Adult Theater in Gary.  Tell Laney Doc sent you!

Also, for you CTs visitors... Check out the new CTs blog at Maps, directions, pics, and much more to come. 


Brent's Theater Tails: The Joyus of (Theater) Sex in Portland

Doc here with the latest full report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland.  In this report from the Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group (link located on Link-o-Rama), Brent recounts a crazy set of evenings at The Paris Theatre in Portland.

So sit back and enjoy the picture Brent paints for you in his report.


It's been almost a week since last Friday so I figured I better write a report about the action that happened that night at The Paris Theater in Portland Oregon. Portland Oregon is the number 1 city for adult theater action in America according to Power Rankings.

It's number 1 because of the great theater sex that happens inside of The Paris and  Oregon Theaters and because of the number and diversity of the participants. Also, the fact that action can occur anytime between the times they open and the times they close and its easy to understand why Portland remains on top.

I like both theaters but I spend more time at The Paris. I would probably go to The Oregon more if I knew when the theater sex action was happening there. Adult theater sex is about employing different strategies, picking your spot and waiting patiently, driving from location to location and hoping to get lucky, or
perhaps waiting nearby with an eye on the door. When a theater has the foresight to post when couples and single ladies arrive it makes it easier to decide where to go. It also helps other couples decide which theater to attend. They might want to go to the theater where there are other couples or they might choose to go to the one where they will be the center of attention.

This past Friday at The Paris belonged to Joy. She is a thin, well-built woman
with brown hair, a face that is pretty, intelligent and finely featured. She
has a nice body and she loves to fuck. The thing is, she is so under stated that
you would never guess this. Friday she arrived at The Paris wearing jeans and a
shirt, looking good but not outrageous. It was only after she took off her
clothes, slipped into a sexy negligee and hopped onto The Arena Bed that we
realized what her visit was all about. She was there to fuck and suck as many
men as she could and have a damn good time doing it. Her first great fuck of the
night was her riding The River dog hog while I finger banged her ass hole. ( I
wish it could have been my cock, but I have ED) She was moaning and groaning and
moving her ass back and forth like a pump action shot gun.

A thin black man had brought his blond girl friend in and they were in The Annex, the area to the right of the couples section where the exam table is located. She was naked, revealing a pleasingly full body with big over ripe tits. She was sucking and fucking any guy who was wrapped and ready. Her man left her alone and in good hands and went down to The Arena to say hi to
Joyous. After a brief introduction he proceeded to go down on her and clitty lick her like a city slicker. Then he moved up and lay naked on the bed. He slipped on a condom and Joy lowered herself down onto his erect penis. When his cock was completely inside of her she began riding up and down, fucking like Annie Oakley on crack. Meanwhile, the blond came down to watch her man and Joy fuck.

Back in the couples section, the first couple to come in that night was still cuddling and watching the action. They are semi regulars, who enjoy coming to The Paris . She was looking good, Friday, like someones sexy mom full bodied and ready to make bad choices with her teen aged son's friends. Party mom. Okay, I better reign in my fantasies and get back to my report.

There were two other couples in the couples section. they had come in separately
but now they were together , were naked and had already switched partners. One couple
featured an attractive dark haired woman with big breasts and big (but not too
big) round ass. The other couple, the biker couple, was a nice looking blond
lady and her bearded biker dude husband. The four of them were naked and having
all kinds of great four way sex which I cant describe in detail because I don't
remember the particulars now. I do remember that the action was hot enough that
a veteran adult theater action watcher, turned to me and said "This is the best
I've ever seen it. on a Friday.

It was not only the two couples fucking in the couples section for a few hours
that made it a great night at The Paris for "this thing of ours"; it was also
the hot Carly Simon looking long legged sexy woman by the arena (she did not
play Friday but she will be back and she will play), it was Joy who must have
fucked a bakers dozen or more and gotten her pussy eaten by at least three guys.
She also cuddled up and conversed with a number of guys-she was very affectionate
and warm this past Friday.

When she finally left around 2am it was with a good looking guy who had also
fucked a loud, boisterous Kathy Lee Gifford type before moving over to Joyous
who had just been fucked and sucked by a bearded young "Turtle" (Entourage) type .

She and her new friend fucked, sucked and got cozy in the couples section. Big
Kathy Lee Gifford was on a mission Friday, to get gang banged but only by cute,
young guys and I said to her "Most of the cute young guys here are gay." She did
let us non-cute, young guys play with her big round tits and she fucked a few guys
who almost came up to her standards. A lot of the crowd was turned off by her
constant chatter and slightly negative attitude but I just thought of it as part of the
over all ambiance, like a heckler at a comedy club. Her boyfriend ( husband?) waited
patiently for her to finish and things quieted down considerably after they

There was other action on Friday. A fashion model Hillary Swank, Sandra
Bullock type sucked off her boy friend who tried to pull her pants down past her
sexy ass. She kept herself covered up but she was still very sexy. A blond Laura
Dern sat next to them and made out with her man while he finger fucked her and
played with her breasts. Both ladies were a little shy and very beautiful.

There were three young girls and their guy friend in The Annex. All three had
dark hair and were good looking. The hottest one was wearing a Phillie's base
ball cap and was giving the guy a blow job. She was also keeping up a running
commentary about how things were done on the east coast. Too bad about those
Phillie's. So much talent. Alas, the game is played on the field and not on

It wasn't until one of the girls, the one who was a little bit bigger but still
very hot, got up on the exam table, hiked up her skirt spread her legs and let
one of the other girls munch on her V, that I realized their visit was more than
just a lark . She got licked and fingered for a nice long time.

I had a great vantage point from my seat near The Couples Oasis. I could see
her ass moving up and down against her partner's lips and could hear her
moaning and groaning as she got closer and closer to orgasm. When they were finished,
the big girl still wanted to be naughty.

She picked an older gentleman who looked like a retired race jockey, took him down
to The Arena, got on her knees on the floor by the stage and sucked him off like a
true adult theater power slut. A crowd of guys surrounded her, feeling her up, jacking
their dicks. When the old jockey came he shot it straight into her open mouth and
upturned face. She looked so content with his load of salty "manaze" on her pretty face,
ruby lips and in her wet mouth. She sucked a few more guys after that. Her friends stood by, encouraging her, getting turned on by her power slut behavior. ( Power slut = A female who
owns her sexuality and actively pursues her sexual gratification openly honestly
and with no apologies to "society")

There was other action on Friday. Some couples came and left because it was too
crowded . I remember there was an older lady who was in the bedroom. I'm not
sure how many guys she fucked. There was so much other stuff going on while she
was there.

On Sunday I went to The Paris and observed an interesting situation. There were
two couples there. One of the couples was playing hard while the other couple
sat nearby, doing nothing. I thought that the couple that was doing nothing was
going to leave but as soon as the first couple was finished and dressed, they
started playing. It was as if they didn't want anything to do with the first
couple. The girl of the second couple was a quiet and attractive girl with
glasses. She had perfect round tits with pierced nipples. She had a very nice
body. Guys were standing near the couple entrance waving at her.

For some reason, maybe because I wasn't being pushy, she came down to where I
was sitting and whispered in my ear, " You want me to suck your dick." "Sure."
I followed her back into the couples section, took out my cock and guided her
towards me. I played with her tits while she sucked my cock. Her mouth was warm
and inviting and I almost got off. But damn it, the usual mood killing doubts
flooded my brain and when I realized it was a lost cause, I made up an excuse
and left. Still, being with her was comforting, enjoyable and I felt very lucky
to spend a few passionate minutes with her. Thinking back on it, I should have
asked if I could eat her pussy. I can always try and get good at that.

I'm not sure if she sucked any other guys. I think they were from out of town. I
hadn't seen them before.

I decided to go down to The Paris on Wednesday night after I saw a bedroom flag.
I was a little late getting there but the couple was still in the bedroom when I
arrived. After one of the regulars told me about an incredible sexual scene he
had witnessed inside of a parked car on a street near The Paris recently, I
walked inside the theater and over to the bedroom. There was a crowd of men
around the bedroom. They were watching a naked young man and a naked young woman
making love. The couple had been there for 40 minutes and they would stay for
another hour. I watched for a while then sat down by the couples section. I
could hear the young trim fit Asian girl's orgasmic cries and soon afterwards,
they left.

It was very slow for the next few hours. Then about 20 minutes before closing a
young couple came into the theater. She was a very hot looking woman wearing a
dress and tanned boots. She had short brown hair and a fantastic body. She
reminded me of Christina Rici or Mina Suvari, that kind of pout y American
beauty, As soon as they got into the couples section, she spread her legs and he
started playing with her pussy. Then he took out her tits.

A dude who had been playing in the little theater earlier, somehow became straight
and went right into the couples section. Then another guy walked in. Ray, the owner,
was just about ready to kick them out but the couple was okay with it. One of the guys
started feeling her tits and the frenzy was on.It was amazing. Five minutes after this
brand new couple walked into The Paris Theater and this hot new woman
was almost naked, mad-horny and ready to fuck and suck everybody. I hadn't been
part of a theater sex moment that had accelerated so rapidly in a long long

It blew my mind when a big guy who I had seen earlier with his head in
another mans lap was now behind this very turned on young woman who was kneeling
on the bench with her ass in the air and her lips around her husbands dick. This
guy was suddenly inside her, fucking her bareback. It almost made me lose my
load. The young woman paused for a second, moved away and said something to her
boyfriend. From that moment on, anyone who wanted to fuck her or get sucked by
her had to wear a condom.

There weren't that many people left in the theater but she did get fucked by two
guys and her husband. At one point she was riding her husband and sucking/playing
with me and the two men who had just fucked her. Her husband invited a young
black guy in to have sex with her, but he declined. I'm not sure why because she was a
very beautiful lady. She even kissed the two guys she fucked , open mouthed and
passionate. I wanted to get closer to her but they kept elbowing me out of the way.
If it had been a weekend night, there would have been a ruckus.

At one point she was getting finger fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time. It
was driving her crazy. I was able to put my finger inside her pussy a couple of times.
Her cunt was constantly tightening and loosening. I wondered if the first guy, who
had barebacked her for a few seconds hadn't shot his load. How could he resist that
pulsating pussy?

When I put my finger in her for a second time, after her husband had fucked her, I
could feel her juices and his manaze inside of her. I must have slipped it into her the
wrong way, because one second after I was in there, she jumped up like she had been
bitten by a horse fly. I have heard it said that women really don't enjoy being fingered
because a lot of guys aren't very good at it. Maybe their nails are too long or their fingers
are dirty or they go to fast or too slow. A hard penis with a soft tip is much more preferable.
So, how about it ladies? Do you enjoy being finger fucked or finger banged or fingered
and if you do, what's the best way to do it?

It's now Thursday night and there is supposed to be The Rose City Gang Bang at Angel's
tonight. Also a good Samaritan announced he was bringing two ladies to The Paris. Plus
Ms. Full Swing sent a message to this group a while back, announcing that she and her
man were planning a visit in October and for us to save up our loads so we can give her
a thick jizz shower. Is tonight the night?

In any event, it will be difficult, but not unlikely, to top the amazing theater sex moment
that happened last night with the horny girl with the short brown hair. That was a lead off,
game-winning, home run in the bottom of the 9th.


Doc here again... Feeling inspired yet? This is Brent is classic Brent-form: Descriptive, smart, funny, and entertaining.  Thank you sir!

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Let's see what you have!