Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flash Report: "Private Theater GB, Part 1" @ The Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH by Bill

Doc here... The Summit News Adult Theater (address details available in the Adult Theater Database) in Warren, OH is fast becoming a fixture in the Top 5 of the Adult Theater Power Rankings in this thing of ours. The efforts of Yahoo Group moderator, Bill, and his co-mod, the beautiful Stef, have paid off in a very active scene at the Summit News. The fun can be had on week nights as well as weekend nights (and days too).

Here is Part 1 of Bill's report...It's a good one!


I run the Yahoo Group that works with the staff and ownership of the Summit Theater in Warren Ohio to plan and do many different types of sexual get togethers.The main focus of the group is gang bangs, and we certainly had a wild one last Friday night in the private theater (ed. note: Summit News has both a "main" and a "private" theater).

Earlier in the week I responded to a Craigslist ad for a couple outside of Canton, Ohio, looking for multiple guys for the wife. The picture showed a tiny sexy lady that looked very inviting. As i'm sure most readers of this Journal are aware, Craigslist is a very unreliable source of potential party ladies,but for every 10 tries or so you do find a gem. That was certainly the case this time.

Late in the afternoon I received a reply from the hubby, Jerry, and that he was interested in discussing a possible get together for his wife, Mary. He soon sent a bunch of pics of Mary. A very attractive MILF, in her late 30's. She's a very pretty blonde with a sexy smile. Her tiny body was incredible. Small perky breasts, a tiny waist, thin firm thighs, and a tiny perfectly shaped  butt.

I sent Jerry an invitation to join my Group and he quickly realized that I was for real. Over the next couple days we put our plan into motion. Jerry told me that Mary had done 5 guys at once, but was looking to do a lot more. We devised a plan that she was going to know a multiple guy party was in the works, but where and how many guys was a secret.

On Wednesday I called Mary and chatted with her briefly, and not wanting to give away the party secrets. My last words on the phone to her were "I hope that this party goes so well that you'll be telling Jerry to email that Bill guy again in a month or two". The sexy laugh she responded with made me think this was going to be a wild night.

Throughout the week, I promoted the party on my Group with posts on the message board and featuring her on the home page. The responses were certainly favorable.

Friday evening came soon enough and I was ready to party as my good friend and neighbor Lou was picking me up for the long drive to the theater. The only bad news was that my co moderator and all around great guy Rick (Stef's hubby) got called to work and could not make it. I was bummed he couldn't make it, but I hardly felt sorry for him since he's married to my other co moderator, Stef. I knocked The Good Doctor out of his chair with a few pics. of Stef a few weeks earlier. On a 1 to 10 scale, a solid 11 in looks and a 12 as a person (ed. note: Stef is stunning!)

Jerry and I had planned things so I would fake like I was late,  and him and Mary would stop at a bar near the Summit Theater for a drink or two. I called when I got to the theater and Jerry told Mary I was running late and that they were going to kill a little time at the adult bookstore close by were she could buy a new toy. In the mean time I got the logistics ready for their arrival.The theater was packed waiting for this pretty lady to arrive.

Fifteen minutes later their car pulled into the theater parking lot and I walked over to greet them. After shaking Jerry's hand I focused my attention on Mary telling her how her husband and I had rented the private theater in the back of this bookstore, and if she was ready and wiling to do a big gang bang. A big smile and a sexy answer of "YES" made me start thinking this was going to be a wild night.

Mary was dressed in a  black micro mini skirt...see through lace top...black thigh highs and very sexy black high heels. She looked incredible! We all walked in to the store and the guys eyes were all glued to this beautiful woman. After a tour of the entire theater including the private party room and some private time for Mary and Jerry, they came back to the main theater/bookstore and indicated she was READY.  

Stay tuned for Part 2!


Doc here again... Thanks to Bill for Part 1 of this terrific report!  I cannot wait until Part 2 hits The Good Doctor's in box! 

The Summit Theater is one of the few adult theaters I have not been to yet, but it is high on The Good Doctor's bucket list.  The action there sounds great, the guys well-behaved, and it is the go-to place in the Buckeye State.

Thanks again Bill!


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