Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cathy's Craving: Report 2 - Fantasyland in Tampa (w/18 HOT PICS!)

Doc here with the 2nd report from one of my favorite women on the internet, my good friend Cathy from CathysCraving.com.  Cathy was kind enough to enlist The Good Doctor to help her plan out part of her upcoming road trip across America. Of course, my role was recommending adult theaters and ABSs that would be a good fit for Cathy.

Yes, we found some good ones...

In the meantime, here is a Flash Report from Cathy herself, along with some incredible private pics of the event at Tampa's Fantasyland I. (Remember to CLICK to ENLARGE them)

Fasten your seatbelts... This is an indication of the kind of hot scene you may witness or be part of during Cathy's Summer Road Trip.


Part 1

Although I visited gloryholes many years ago, there were no photos taken, so instead of telling you about those I'm going to tell you about the first visit that my hubby took photos .. and I'll include some of those photos as well.

That first visit was to the Fantasyland Theater in Tampa .. because we'd heard it was an awesome place to visit .. and it turned out to be the first of many visits. Because it had been several years since my last gloryhole experience I was rather nervous walking in. As I walked through the door there were 3 - 4 guys hanging around and they watched my every move. At first I had a look around the sex shop part of the establishment .. to calm my nervous .. and then I headed back to the booths. By the time I did there were about 8 guys who followed me back.

Cathy Arriving @ Fantasyland
I picked a booth I thought had a good placed hole and then sat down. My nerves had all but gone and in their place was an enormous feeling of excitement. We left the door of my booth open so hubby could take some photos and video .. it also allowed the guys to watch me .. hehe.

Almost as soon as I sat down in my booth a guy entered the adjacent booth and moments later his cock appeared through the hole. It was semi erect so I took it in my hand and played with it and then sucked him. It stiffened up real quick and the stiffer it got the hornier I got. I hadn't planned on doing anything more than just sucking some cocks to start with but I got so horny I stood up and rubbed the guy's cock head across my clit. It felt so good I wanted more so I ended up turning around and slipping him into my pussy.

I was saturated and his hard cock was exactly what I wanted. I started fucking him but all of a sudden he pulled out and his cock disappeared through the wall. I dropped down and looked at the hole. The guy was looking through it and he suggested we go into the theater and fuck. I was so aroused I instantly said .. YES.

Once in the theater we sat down on a sofa at the back .. while most of the other guys watched us .. and I sucked his cock before getting on and riding him. We fucked in several positions and he made me orgasm a couple of times before he said he wanted me to suck him off. I got on my knees, took him into my mouth and before I knew it his seed was spraying into my mouth.

I took a short break after that before returning to the booth I had been in earlier. After watching me fuck the guy in the theater I had a LOT of guys follow me back to the booths .. and I'll tell you all about that in Part 2    :-)


Doc here again... I'll wait until you've gained your composure.

OK? Alright... Cathy's Summer Road Trip is going to be THE huge adult theater event of the year.  Here is the list again of the cities to which she will be traveling, and the theaters and/or ABSs she will visit:

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Cathy's Flash Report!  In the meantime, visit her Cathyscraving.com and Creampiecathy.com web sites for more!


Blast From The Past! Calico Jack @ Fantasyland in Tampa

Doc here with a great follow-up to last week's Blast From The Past Report from Calico Jack.

Also, an internet porn celebrity sighting towards the end of the report!

Here we go!


Blast from the Past
by Calico Jack

Tampa’s Fantasyland, Part II

Here’s part two of my post from Tampa’s Fantasyland.  In my first post, gentle reader, you’llrecall that I spent the bulk of an evening at Fantasyland, watching couples lock themselves into private rooms for private playtime, before finally scoring a blowjob from a smoking hot Jenna Haze look-alike.  The next evening, I decided to tempt fate and give Fantasyland another try.

Again, it was 8:00 or so when I arrived and I went inside,paid my admission, and took a tour of the building, but there was no action to speak of.  I settled into the pool room for a bit, chatting with other people and eating sweet and sour meatballs.  After all, I thought, if pineapple juice is supposed to make your sperm taste better, shouldn’t sweet and sour sauce do the same thing?  You see, I was really hoping to find a lady who would appreciate the fact that I had tasty cum, but I bet you already knew that.

After a bit, I went over to the theater to wait.  Only minutes later, a single woman walked in,extremely confidently, and sat down on one of the couches.  I thought that she might be waiting for her man to join her, but nobody appeared.  I watched her hand in her lap, rubbing as she pulled up her skirt and started massaging her pussy, then sliding two fingers into herself as she watched the porn on the screen.  I couldn’t understand why, but nobody was moving toward her, just staring from a distance.

Nobody’s ever called Calico Jack a chicken – at least not without ending up with their gizzard on my cutlass – and I figured that this was a moment for extreme bravery.  I walked over to the masturbating woman and said “hello.”  Seconds later, she was lying on the couch with her head tipped back over the armrest. I fucked her throat like that for several minutes as she fingered her pussy to orgasm.  When she came, her throat squeezed around me and I shot my load straight down her throat.  We were both very happy and spent the next several minutes cuddling on the couch, still without any of the other guys making a move.  As we chatted, I learned that she’s a professional musician who doesn’t have the time or the patience to try to keep a boyfriend, but who loves to stop in at adult theaters when she needs to get her holes filled; definitely my kind of woman!!

I’m not as young as I used to be and it takes me a couple minutes before I’m ready to reload and run out the guns for another broadside,so I made my way back to the pool room for a little more nourishment.  After a few minutes, I heard that there was a woman who had come back and taken up a semi-permanent position in one of the gloryhole booths.  I joined the line,waiting for a turn and, when I got into the booth, found that it was WELL worth my time.

Naughty Alysha & part of Calico Jack

As I peeked through the gloryhole, I recognized the woman.  It was Alysha Morgan from www.naughtyalysha.com, about whom I’ve fantasized many times over the years because, though you may not believe it, I like to watch porn on the internet.  I watched for a moment as she rubbed her pussy, noticing that she had a guy shooting video of her, then I put my cock through the hole for her to suck.  It was my second blowjob of the night and I’d like to tell you that I had tremendous staying power, but Alysha worked her magic on me with great efficiency and I sprayed my cum all over her tits.  (If you happen to be a member of her website,you can see the video.  I’m the guy at16:20.)  Exhausted, I went back to the theater to rest.

After Alysha had sucked and fucked her way through the line of guys at the gloryhole, she returned to the theater with her cameraman in tow and sucked and fucked a few more guys for a few more cumshots on her face and tits.  Like a valiant sailor, I did my best to get one more orgasm for her, jacketing up and fucking her, but not being able to make a third go of it.  I struck my colors and surrendered, stepping back to give the other guys a chance at this spectacular lady.  A few minutes later, Alysha was finished and walked out to her car, naked and dripping cum.  She was fantastic.

Almost as soon as Alysha was gone, the Jenna Haze look-alike from the night before walked into the store, but I was done.  As much as I wanted another go at Jenna, Ididn’t see how I could possibly do anything other than embarrass myself, so Igot into the car and drove back to my motel.

That was it for this trip, but I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to checking out the action at Fantasyland next time I’m in Tampa!


Doc here again... Thanks for Calico Jack for another great report!  Naughty Alysha has been one of my favorite MILFs on the net, and Calico jack is my hero for having the chance to have some fun with this HOT woman.