Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flash Report: The Captain Pulls Into Port & Onto A Nooner!

Doc here with a Flash report from that crusty, yet lovable old seadog himself, The Captain.  It looks like Cappy pulled into a safe harbor at Adult World in Rensselaer, NY, and got hard at work on the poopdeck.

Here is The Captain and his latest log entry...


Hi Doc,

I wanted to report in some up to the minute news. I just came from the Adult World Bookstore - (275 Columbia Turnpike, in Rensselaer, NY (right across the river from downtown Albany).The couples action was frequent this summer, but not heavy and the Captain found himself down river each time the party flag flew on a Friday or Saturday night.

I saw a text message come across my phone indicating the party flag was flying at our local theater, unusual for a mid-day at this theater. A gentleman arrived around noon with a late 40's blonde with a terrific rack. She was tall and thin, great curves and caused a fair amount of excitement among the patrons. They started in a booth, probably to get warmed up and within about 10 mins headed into the theater. They didn't waste much time and started to play almost immediately.

The Captain's Party Flag
She blew him while he stood over her and he worked her top down exposing her breasts (a large C, if not a D). She must have had a good time in the booths because her male companion waved us over and pushed her head down on another guys cock. He lasted just a few minutes and I stepped up to continue her run, she turned back to her male companion and he pushed her head back towards me and she eagerly swallowed me up with her gentle tongue for about 5 mins before I was releasing in her mouth. She dribbled on her breasts and asked for a towel.

Her male companion bent her over the seats and began pounding her from behind while she continued to blow three more guys who stepped up in the row behind them.  The fun got cut short due to the booths area next to the theater closing for some maintenance. The couple felt uncomfortable with the workers coming in, cleaned up and left.

Sorry no pics, it was just a good old explosive theater sex - a spit-roasting of nooner!

The Captain


Doc here again... The Captain has a knack of finding fun wherever the high seas take him.  Even though DNA testing showed no signs of Irish blood coursing through his veins, rumor has it that he has dipped his vein to an Irish lass or two.

Thanks again to The Captain for another great report from upstate NY!  Safe travels!

Do you have an adult theater report?  Good, because I need them!  Just e-mail me directly at, and I will edit and format your report for you. 

Stay tuned later today for a GREAT Flash Report on The Lido Theater in Dallas from first time reporter Jane Doe.  This report has the level of detail we all crave, and from a female perspective.  "The Jane Doe View" debuts later today @ The Journal.