Saturday, March 26, 2016

Flash Report(S): Anaconda Covers PA Like a Glove: Cinema 309 in W-B, and Headliners in Greenville

Doc here, a man who some say spent in formative years driving around the Northeast United States in a 27 foot hot dog, with a great and detail-filled Flash Report from senior reporter Anaconda.

This reports the old and the new in Pennslyvania.  The old: Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Bare, PA.  The new: Headliners in Greenville.

Take it away, Anaconda...



I found myself passing through NEPA this past weekend and figured since I had some luck recently at Cinema 309, I'd try to make a quick stop on my way through late on Friday night. 

I rolled in about 9PM and the theater closes at 10PM, so I knew I didn't have a lot of time. My theory was that if I walked in and things were happening, I could get some quick action and then head back out. Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and a little action is better than no action at all. So, I pulled in and the # of cars in the lot indicated that it was pretty busy in there, good sign. I paid my $12 admission and went into the theater. 

After the 30 second adjustment time for the low lighting, I quickly scanned and noticed 3 couples in the theater, but only 1 area of activity. I walked down the left side aisle to check out the activity which was centered around a woman who was having her pussy fingered by one guy and about 6 or so others watching, occasionally reaching out for a handful of boobage. 

Cinema 309
Wilkes-Barre, PA
I walked around a bit to check out the other couples. Couple #2 was an older couple, probably 60+, not unattractive, but they were not giving any indications that they were interested in playing with the crowd or even among themselves. 

Couple #3 was a young couple, probably late 20's - early 30's, and she was very cute, mixed race with caramel skin and curly brown hair and a nice slender build. They seemed very curious about what was going on around them, and I couldn't quite tell if they were going to get into some action or not. I walked back over to check out the action around couple #1 again, which had progressed to actual fucking. The whole time though trying to make eye contact and a friendly smile to the lady of Couple #3.