Saturday, March 26, 2016

Flash Report(S): Anaconda Covers PA Like a Glove: Cinema 309 in W-B, and Headliners in Greenville

Doc here, a man who some say spent in formative years driving around the Northeast United States in a 27 foot hot dog, with a great and detail-filled Flash Report from senior reporter Anaconda.

This reports the old and the new in Pennslyvania.  The old: Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Bare, PA.  The new: Headliners in Greenville.

Take it away, Anaconda...



I found myself passing through NEPA this past weekend and figured since I had some luck recently at Cinema 309, I'd try to make a quick stop on my way through late on Friday night. 

I rolled in about 9PM and the theater closes at 10PM, so I knew I didn't have a lot of time. My theory was that if I walked in and things were happening, I could get some quick action and then head back out. Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and a little action is better than no action at all. So, I pulled in and the # of cars in the lot indicated that it was pretty busy in there, good sign. I paid my $12 admission and went into the theater. 

After the 30 second adjustment time for the low lighting, I quickly scanned and noticed 3 couples in the theater, but only 1 area of activity. I walked down the left side aisle to check out the activity which was centered around a woman who was having her pussy fingered by one guy and about 6 or so others watching, occasionally reaching out for a handful of boobage. 

Cinema 309
Wilkes-Barre, PA
I walked around a bit to check out the other couples. Couple #2 was an older couple, probably 60+, not unattractive, but they were not giving any indications that they were interested in playing with the crowd or even among themselves. 

Couple #3 was a young couple, probably late 20's - early 30's, and she was very cute, mixed race with caramel skin and curly brown hair and a nice slender build. They seemed very curious about what was going on around them, and I couldn't quite tell if they were going to get into some action or not. I walked back over to check out the action around couple #1 again, which had progressed to actual fucking. The whole time though trying to make eye contact and a friendly smile to the lady of Couple #3. 

Couple #3 did eventually let their curiosity take over and they came over to check out Couple #1 as well. I asked the guy if they were there to play and he replied that they were just here to watch this time. Well, I certainly hope they liked watching and that they'll come back to participate next time. But with that door closed, I stepped up a bit closer to Couple #1. 

The lady had sat back down after her sex with the previous guy had finished as was stroking another guy's cock. She said she wouldn't suck, damn!! But I was determined to not leave empty handed, so as I got hard and stroked a little while watching her give a handjob, I asked her hubby if she liked cum on her tits, and he replied she did. So I stepped up and she took my cock in her other hand and after a few minutes I let her know that her gift was on the way. I came all over her tits, zipped up and left. Not the most exciting experience, but like I said, a little action is better than no action.

But now the highlight of my report... Last time I wrote to you recapping my travels through Ohio including stops at Past Time Video in Steubenville and Adult Land in Pulaski, I reported on a new theater that was to be opening in Greenville, PA called Headliners. Here is the follow-up report on this very promising new location. 

Greenville, PA
I had been planning to check this place out since I wrote my last report anyway, but in keeping tabs on it, the place has some SERIOUS Craigslist buzz going on!! Without getting out of hand and setting myself up for disappointment, I had my hopes raised a little bit. My plan was to show up on my way through town around 4PM on Tuesday (3/8/16) and stay for a while to make sure I was giving the after work crowd the chance to filter in. Let me first give you the lay of the land and the details.

Sunday 11AM - midnight
Mon, Tues 10AM - Midnight
Wed-Sat 10AM - 2AM
(ed. note: dB updated)

Theater admission is $10 for men and couples, women are always free, and couples are free on Sunday.

Your theater admission gets you in and out privileges ALL DAY!!! You actually get a ticket with the date on it, so you can leave the building for however long you want and come back, show your ticket and get back in until close on the same business day.

The entrance is on the side of the building which also houses a strip club of the same name (Headliners). Walk in and you are in a pretty small, but well stocked ABS with plenty of videos and toys on display. To the right is a hallway which has the bathroom at one end, 4 booths along the hallway, and a VIP room at the other end. 3 out of the 4 booths have gloryholes, which means the middle one of those 3 has 2 gloryholes (1 on each side). In the booths, you have to start with a $5 bill which gets you your first 15 minutes of viewing, then you continue to feed singles (or more) from there and your time remaining is displayed so you know when to feed more cash. 

The VIP room has a large screen and 2 couches. The one detail I either didn't get or forgot was if there is additional fee for the VIP room, how much $ for how much time, etc. At the back left of the main ABS area is the theater entrance. The theater room is basically a big square room, I'd guesstimate about 1/2 - 2/3 the size of the main theater room at BNA. There is a screen on each of the 4 walls of the room showing 4 different movies (3 straight/1gay). 

The room is filled with leather couches/sectionals. The main area of the room is dominated by 2 large L-shaped sectionals separated by enough space to have a couple tables in between as well as a comfortably wide walking area. Along the walls are additional couches, and they are also semi-obscured by tall movable partitions like dressing screens for those that might like a semi-private play spot. 

So, 1 other thing that sets this place apart as unique in a cool's BYOB. Since it's attached to the strip club which is zoned for a BYOB bar, the theater is covered as well, so you can bring your own bottle or 6-pack or whatever and have it in the theater room or the VIP room or anywhere you care to consume alcohol in the building.

So, I think that does it for the layout, rules, etc. Now on to the action, sports fans... 

Like I said, I rolled in around 4PM planning to stay a little while and see what happened, as it was a Tuesday afternoon, so who knows. But like I said, big Craigslist buzz, as everyone is curious since it's only been open about a month, but word of mouth seems to be spreading. 

A couple had posted on CL that they would arrive between 7-8PM. That's a long time to wait around for a CL couple since we all know those post are not always 100% genuine, but I was gonna just play it by ear. I was sitting by myself most of the time, not even a lot of guys were there maybe 1 or 2 wandered in stayed only a few minutes then left. 

Around 5PM or so, a couple walked in, middle aged, pretty average looking, but clearly they had come to play. They sat on the sectional opposite mine, immediately started kissing and touching and she waved me over. I sat on the couch next to her and started exploring her body with my hands. Hubby got up and got naked from the waist down and suggested I do the same and get to fucking her because she was ready. No need to ask me twice. 

I suited up and went to town starting out with missionary as she laid down on the coach, then we switched to doggy for a while until I felt that familiar feeling. I let loose into the rubber and backed out. While we were playing another guy had walked in and was watching the action. As I stepped away and went to clean up a bit, he stepped in at hubby's invitation and began fucking her doggy style in my place. I returned from the bathroom and guy #2 was pumping away and she was clearly loving the attention. 

As he was fucking her, I started chatting with the hubby and turns out it was a couple I had been corresponding with on SLS for a few months that are regulars at Adult Land in Pulaski. Guy #2 finished and left the theater. I sat and chatted with the couple for a good amount of time, exchanging stories about the lifestyle and this thing of ours. After that break for some good conversation, I was invited for round 2, and was happy to oblige. She's not into oral, so it was a 3 some scene where I started in her pussy while hubby got jacked off, then we switched and I was on the receiving end of the tugger while hubby fucked her. It got to be too much for me and I dropped my second load on her tits. Hubby also finished up and they had to get back home to the kids, and they departed. 

So, by this time, it was about 6:30. I thought, hey, if I've been this lucky, maybe that CL couple is real. Why leave now when there could be more in store and it's only another 30 minutes to wait, and I'd need that time to recover my mojo anyway. So I sat and watched the movies for a while and a couple more guys rolled in. I figured they had also seen the CL ad, and were hoping to be there to meet the advertising couple as well. 

Well, guess what, around 7:15, the couple showed up and they didn't disappoint. They were a young couple, attractive. She was short and curvy with thick strong legs that looked like she could crack a coconut open with her thighs if she wanted. She was wearing a VERY short pink dress and sparkly, silver, stripper heels. They sat on one of the sectionals and I was on one of the couches off to the side, guy #2 was on the opposite sectional and guy #3 was on the couch next to mine. The couple sat and watched the movies for a little bit, whispering to each other about who knows what, slowly easing into the mood. 

She started with a hand on his crotch, then the zipper opened and she was rubbing his cock to life, a little BJ and he was ready to go. He stopped her after a few minutes of sucking and put her up on the couch doggy style with her elbows resting on the arm of the couch. Hubby invited guy #2 to come over and get his cock sucked while he fucked her from behind. That went on for a little while. I couldn't quite tell what happened because me and guy #3 both maintained our positions, not wanted to crowd them and scare them off, but hubby invited me to come take #2's spot, although I don't think he finished. I didn't care tough, and was glad to hop up and sample her oral talents, and she definitely had talent. 

She sucked my cock very well, excellent pace and suction as her body rocked back and forth in complimentary motion to the slow and steady fucking she was getting from hubby. For the 3rd time, I knew what was coming. I asked her if it was ok to cum in her mouth, and she and hubby both replied in the affirmative. Another minute or so and I let her know that she should prepare, and she took it like a trooper. She took me balls deep in her mouth as I came and she did not lose a single drop. I offered her a paper towel, thanked her and stepped back. 

Guy #3 immediately took my spot with his cock in her face and she gladly took him in deep and continued the sucking and fucking game. I watched for a few minutes as I cleaned up and eventually hubby and #3 switched so #3 was behind her burying his cock in her pussy while she sucked her own juices off hubby's cock. Part of me really wanted to stay and see how that ended and potentially go for round 2 with them, but I was pretty well spent, it was after 8PM and I still had 3 hours to drive. Reluctantly, I departed... but I'll definitely return.

Doc, this place is legit and I hope the word of mouth and CL buzz continues to bring in more playful couples, along with getting the word out to your excellent audience or faithful readers. I'll definitely be back ASAP and hope some of your readers will as well, and help make it a great new addition to this thing of ours.



Doc here again... Now that is a great set of boobs Flash Reports! Hats off to Anaconda for a terrific report filled with both theater details and hot action.  Keep up fine work, sir.

Now, I need to find my pretzels.