Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Hits Past Time Video in Steubenville, OH on St. Patty's Day

Doc here, a man who some say won a bass fishing tournament using harsh language as his bait, with a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe The Oral Reporter.

This is a good one folks, so soak it in...


Hi Doc,

Well I hit a home run on Thursday night the 17th of March at Past Time Video in Steubenville, Ohio. Thursday is Couples free day and this Thursday there were 4 couples in the theater.

Couple number 1 came in about 1:15 PM they were gone by the time I rolled into Past Time Video. I arrived about 6 PM and talked for a while to Jacob the young clerk, before going in to the theater.

I paid my $11.00 admission (good for all day) I was in the theater about 30 minutes when couple number 2 arrived. I recognized them right away, she is a tall slender beautiful lady with long hair and a few tattoos. Perfect tits and legs all the way to her Ass. They never take long to start playing with each other, She was giving him a blow job within 5 minutes of arriving, she is a real pro at it and will get everyone's attention very quickly. 

Past Time Video
Steubenville, OH
They don't mind everyone standing around and watching. Not long after that she had her dress pulled up and her top pulled down showing off those perfect tits. ( I would say she had a great plastic surgeon) She then mounted him cow girl style and proceeded to ride his hard cock for probably 10 minutes while the Choir boys stood around stroking themselves. 

She was watching the guys and enjoying the view when it was time for her to climb off the cock and then back to sucking him off. One guy took the plunge and asked if he could touch but was sternly told no by the husband or boyfriend. This couple never plays with the Choir Boys but they put on a fantastic show then they get up and leave. No one was watching the movie while they were there.

About 1 hour later couple #3 came in but went directly to the Gay theater. I don't know if it was his preference or if she just liked watching the confused guys enjoy themselves. the stayed for about 45 minutes and in the meantime Couple #4 came in. She was a very lovely slender Blonde and was dressed to play, I found out in a little time that she had crotchless fish nets on, of course no bra and her skirt was very easy to raise up. They just watched the movie for a while and after about 10 minutes she and her guy, lets call them C&B (I don't know which was the C and which one was B). 
When I asked for their initials that is what they told me. 
Theater at Past Time Video

They started chatting a little bit and that is when she brought out the vibrator (dildo) she was about ready to start playing with the toy when I spoke up and told her if she wanted her pussy licked I would be very happy to do it for her and it would be better than her vibrator. 

The husband invited me over so I spread her legs and found the crotchless fish nets. I started licking her pussy and continued for at least 45 minutes, mid way into it I used her vibrator on her clit while I was licking her pussy. I knew she was cumming a lot of times, and was really enjoying it. The guys who were there standing around me told me later that she must have had between 20 and 30 orgasms, one right after the other. Her husband was videoing the whole thing and I'm sure the back of my head was all that was showing in the video and of course her face showing the pleasure she was getting and enjoying. 

I finally stopped and she was pretty worn out. While I was licking her pussy she sucked off a few guys that were close to her head. So the Choir Boys got a few blow jobs from her and I kept her very busy so she did not want to leave. After I finished she gave me a great blow job and I asked where she wanted my load, she said on her face and she opend her mouth wide so I came in her mouth and she is a swallower. 

About 15 minutes later they left and I told them to check the Emilio Lizardo's Journal of Adult Theaters to see the report about them. She seemed to be looking forward to reading about herself in the report. I hope their video turned out good so she will be able to replay it and think about how good my tongue was in her pussy.

After they left I had the chance to meet a fellow Scribe on the Emilio Lizardo site, His pen name is Weary Traveler, and he said to say hi to you from him. (ed. note: I have met The Weary Traveler at 15th Ave., and is a great guy.)

So Doc, I stayed there for another hour or so until it was nearing closing time. No additional couples came in, one Cross Dresser came in and didn't look too bad but had the deepest voice I have ever heard from a CD. He found one guy to play with in the gay theater. 

I talked to Jake at the front counter for awhile. Both he and Jacob had read the previous report (from 2 weeks earlier) and liked it. This theater is getting more and more couples all the time, and the crowd of Choir Boys seems to be well behaved all the time..

I strongly recommend the Past Time Video for couples and for single ladies to attend. They will find a very clean theater and not feel intimidated when they either go to the booths or go to the theater to enjoy themselves, and if they want company there is always a selection of guys to choose from, everything from younger to older guys, and sometimes other couples and single girls there to play with for any bi or lesbian action they might want.

As I have already told you (in my last week's report from Kisses is East St Louis, IL), my reports are about to come to a screeching halt, I'm retiring and going sailing, not many of these theaters in the islands.

So there may be one or two more reports yet to come, but then it's time to put my pencil down and sail away to the Caribbean for at least 3 years and maybe 5 years. I have really enjoyed sending the reports from all of the theaters I have visited over the number of years I have been in this thing of ours. There will always be new blood to pick up the pen and be new scribes for you. I will of course continue reading the reports from everyone as I sail around the Caribbean. (When I have internet of course)
Bye for now.

Oral Reporter signing out.


Doc here again... This is truly sad news for Journal readers, as The Oral Reporter has been one of the all-time prolific reporters since I started The Journal.  His travels have taken him far and wide, and between the legs of many a nice lady in the process.  We will savor your last couple of reports you have  before we sign off on your retirement papers, sir. 

Until then... Keep up the great work.