Friday, February 10, 2012

Blast From The Past! Alex and Lauren Visit Tampa

Doc here with a great "Blast From The Past" report from our good friends, Alex & Lauren

Enjoy this report...I did!


Hi Doc,

Since I am here on the road, I thought I would send you a "Blast from the Past".

This was fairly early in our Theater Sex journey. Lauren was just getting her first taste of girl/girl sex (pun intended). She wasn't ready to play with the guys yet, but she sure didn't mind if they watched. Over the course of a year, we hit Tampa 4 or 5 times. Each visit was a chance for her to take things a bit further. This was the first visit of that particular year.

We began the weekend at Déjà vu enjoying some of their famous "bed dances". Saturday night we went to the Adult Video Cinema on Grady in Tampa. This has always been our favorite spot. At the time, the back half of the theater was all love seats. Those on the left are for couples only. At least that’s what the sign said. When we entered, all the seats in the back were taken by single guys. Some finally got up, allowing us to sit in the middle couch on the back row of the couple’s side. It didn’t take long for a few other couples to show up, one taking the love seat right in front of us, another sitting to our right.

Soon all of us were beginning to get comfortable. The couple in front of us were obviously regulars. She slipped out of her dress pretty quickly and spent most of the rest of the night naked. Lauren and I, like the couple to our right, were busy making out. I enjoyed exposing her to the guys and feeling her mouth wrapped around my dick as she bent over my lap.

After a while I was on my knees between her legs eating her shaved pussy. As I did, I heard a female voice say, "I hope you won’t be offended by this". I looked up to see the blonde from our right leaning over to suck my wife’s nipple. She was around thirty, petite and wearing a great denim miniskirt. This caused the crowd to move in very close. Too close as far as our new friends were concerned. After asking the guys to move back a couple of times, we moved further to the left, the other couple taking the seat we had just vacated.

Shortly after that move another couple entered the theater. Since there were single guys all over the couples section, they got the manager to move away the crowd so they could get a seat. They took the one where the blonde and her husband had been. So now there were three couples on the back row and another one row ahead. Lauren and the blonde continued to kiss and suck one another’s tits. They were from Pensacola and had come down for the football game the next day. She liked to play, but was really shy about everyone watching.

Adult Cinema on Grady, 2010
Tampa, FL
Speaking of watching, another couple came in ( 30s I guess), but they just stood in the crowd watching us. A little later she seemed very intent on what Lauren was doing. I thought she might have joined us, but they disappeared at some point. (Hard to keep up with everybody…especially when you are distracted!)

Things progressed well. Soon all three guys in the back row were standing,getting head from our ladies. The woman in the row in front of us was on her knees, facing us, while her husband fingered her from behind.She reached back to the blonde, caressing her face and breasts as she got her face fucked by her husband. Then the blonde’s husband sat down, asking her to straddle him. She was reluctant, because she knew her ass would be exposed as they fucked (great denim miniskirt!), but she complied. By now the lady in front of us was getting fucked from behind. Several guys, including the black husband had moved in to touch her as she got it.

About that time,Lauren took a break, heading to the ladies room. I wandered over to the other corner where a small crowd had gathered. A brunette, around30 I guess, was on her knees giving head to whoever presented himself. Going back to where we had been, the lady in front was no won her back, being hammered by a young black guy. Others were feeling her breasts, rubbing her legs, and generally doing whatever they could get away with. When they finished, the black guy from our row turned to his lady, who was eager to get him in her mouth and suck him until he unloaded in her.

By then, Lauren returned and straddled my cock, facing me. We were, of course,instantly surrounded by guys. As she listened to them talk about her tits, or how she kissed, her pussy got wetter and wetter. I know the fucking felt good, but she also loved the show she was putting on. A couple of the guys unloaded on her naked ass as we fucked, making her even hotter. We both came hard right there.  And then again in the hotel when we got back to the room and again a few hours later and again the next morning…

Alex and Lauren


Thanks again to Alex and Lauren for a great Blast From The Past report! And FYI, the Adult Cinema on Grady in Tampa is now Fantasyland II (address details in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).