Monday, August 8, 2011

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Flash Report: Romantix After Dark in Council Bluffs, IA by ITravel69

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from ITravel69, who last week was kind enough to provide a detailed Field Report (with seating diagram) of Romantix After Dark in Council Bluffs, IA.

ITravel69 returns back to Romantix After Dark for this Flash Report...


Hey Doc,

Got a report for you from Council Bluffs, IA.  The setting is Romantix After Dark on I-29 at the Bellevue Exit. Those in the area know about this place and its theater.  The report is a few days old, as I have been working, so here goes.

Romantix After Dark
50662 189th St., Council Bluffs, IA
Did not get to Romantix till about 12:30 a.m. on Friday night (Saturday morning for those who want to be technical) and inside the store was a slightly average looking couple where the guy was off looking at vids and the woman was looking at toys. She was about 5'2 and slightly larger then average build wearing a denim skirt. She had some nice legs on her, but looking at the couple, and his choice of video selections, I knew they were not going to venture into the theater.

 I went ahead and paid my cover charge to get in. Once inside there was one couple in there that was sitting in the 3rd row of our glorious 4 row theater making out.  She was stroking her man's cock ever so gently and he was massaging her tits under her shirt.  They were so into it that they did not realize they had an audience.  I sat down in the row in front of them and got a nice little show.  After about five minuets, she made her man cum right in her hand and that is when she looked and noticed not only me, but several other men in there watching her.  She got a little embarrassed and a couple of us thanked her for the show.  He quickly stashed his manhood back into his pants, she wiped her hands with a paper towel from her purse and they got up and proceeded to walk out of the theater. As they were getting up, I said to them, "Thanks for the show."  

After about 20 minutes, one guy came in walked back to the play booth behind the theater chairs and proceeded to get naked.  Once naked, another man went back there to join him and pulled his dick out for the naked man to suck on.  Not sure what happen next as this is not my thing, I proceeded to walk out of the theater. 

Once out of the theater, I saw the couple in the parking lot getting ready to leave as they were getting on their bike.  I waved at them and they motioned me to come over towards them.  They asked me if guys always crowd around like that, I told them yes, but they did have the right to tell them to back off.  There was one time in the past that one guy got a little to close to some couples in the theater, he mostly did that to scare the women off so he can get his man love, but I proceeded to let the clerk at the front desk know what he was doing and they went ahead and banned him from the establishment.

Hope this is informational to your viewers and readers, as we are always trying to turn this place back into a couples friendly establishment.



Doc here again... We will do what we can here at The Journal to promote a couple friendly experience at Romantix After Dark.  You can find out more about this adult theater/ABS in the Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database, located HERE.

Thanks again to ITravel69 for his detailed report!

The Good Doctor desperately needs your adult theater reports!  Do your duty...Write up an adult theater report, and The Good Doctor will do the rest: edit, format, correct grammar, and add photos.  Oh, and you get the credit.  My credit is just fine, thank you.

Please send the reports to


Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy's Weekend of Strippers and Gloryholes (w/HOT PICS)

Doc here... I have been teasing this report for a day or so, and it is so worth the wait.  The lovely and very naughty Gloryhole Nancy ventured out this weekend with her guy, T. Their Toledo adventure is detailed below...

Speaking of below, there are also 4 brand new pics of Nancy sucking strange cock through the gloryhole, and enjoying every lip-smacking moment. (make sure you check out their Yahoo Group HERE).

So sit back, order another round of Mai Tai's (I know it's early), and enjoy the latest from Gloryhole Nancy.


Hi Doc,

Nancy and I decided to hit the gloryhole this weekend, as we had some free time and what better way to entertain yourself? 

We stopped at the strip club first as Nancy totally digs girls, and who could deny a hot babe her desire for pussy?  After some fun in the VIP with a very hot blonde dancer (yes, we got her # lol), Nancy was very horny and ready for me to fuck her!

We get to the bookstore and as usual there is a nice crowd there, Nancy remarked there were some new faces this time LOL.  As soon as we get our singles for the booths, there is a MAD rush back there by the horny patrons so we're just hoping we can get a booth!  We do find one however and barely have time to lock the door before a cock is sticking through.  Nancy decided to pass as it was not her type of cock, so he leaves and is soon replaced by a black cock which measures up for her.

She drops to her knees and starts sucking and slurping like crazy and judging by his very loud moaning he is enjoying her mouth!  After he blows his load she pulls her mini-skirt up and tells me to fuck her and of course I must oblige:)  The next couple of guys get turned away as they tell us they are her to fuck her, not get sucked. We tell them to scram, as NANCY will not fuck and of course they don't quite get it (as usual). 

We stay a little longer and she drains 2 more smaller but clean and quick-cumming cocks.  She tells me she had her fill of strange cock for the night, why don't we stop at the strip club again on the way home so we can see our new friend/stripper again?  Nancy never ceases to amaze me, even after getting fucked and sucking several cocks she's craving pussy! 

I tell you guys: it's a rough life I have  :)


(Remember to click the pics to ENLARGE them..They are hi-resolution)


Doc here again... T may be the luckiest guy I know (right alongside Bob in Biloxi).  As I have mentioned before, I have met Gloryhole Nancy before, and in person she is STUNNING.  So as great as these pics are, the real deal is even more impressive.  Thanks again to these two crazy kids, and I am sure I speak for everyone in that we cannot wait until their next report, pics, and hopefully more video.

The Journal is in DIRE NEED of adult theater reports.  Submissions have slowed down, and demand has gone up.  This is the time to step up, be counted, and submit a report to the web's one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.  I will handle the editing, spelling, grammar, and formatting.  You supply the raw report.

Thanks, and please send in those reports.


Flash Report: A Night For the Ages In Biloxi by Bob

Doc here with a great report on a great night in Biloxi by our old friend, Bob.  It was a night for the ages, and Bob was deeply entrenched behind enemy lines, taking notes when we wasn't risking life and limb for The Journal.

This report has propelled Biloxi to the #1 position in the weekly Power Rankings.  Here is Bob's account of the details, in classic "Bob Style":

This Week's Episode: A Night For The Ages

Hello Doc,

It was just one of those once in a lifetime nights!

On the way to the beautiful Gulf Coast, I didn’t run into many of those left lane hogs that drive 50mph talking on their cell phone with 10 miles of cars behind them that refuse to pass them in the right lane. Come to think about, I didn’t hit a single red light either.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
As I am sitting here, 17 couples showed up to our Gulf Coast Theater last night!!! Of that, 5 couples played in some form or another. Plenty of crotch searching, a few blow jobs, some licking, some titty sucking and at last some cock that got wet.

When I arrived, our German couple was finishing up; they have a niche there, but not Bob’s niche. Off to the ABS, our school teacher friend was there and looking like a million bucks. She made sure I was satisfied and before leaving I asked her if anyone had ever told her she resembled a college English professor. That’s the first time I’ve heard her laugh, she smiled and said thank you, so maybe I made her day? I know she made my night!

Bob in Biloxi
As I arrived back at the theater, the place had 7 couples already in attendance, some dressed in street clothes, some in play wear. Five of those couples I’ve never seen before, one I know, and the other I’ve seen twice. Both of these couples were dressed to play, and the semi regular of the two, our faithful reporter finally got to sample her cherry pie and yes it was sweet. I probably gained a couple of pounds, but she gave me the thumbs up afterward, so Bob’s magic tongue must have given her some pleasure. I know what you’re thinking, Bob’s always the gentleman, and you would be correct.  Out of the 17 that showed up, I’ve only seen four of them since I’ve been going. So a relatively high percentage of new faces!!
 Now on to the rest of the story (ed. note - This is Bob's first Paul Harvey reference)...  I failed to mention in previous reports there is a bar located one building over from the theater. That said, some couples would retire to the bar and come back later. During this time other couples would show up.

One in particular was the tiny blonde I wrote about some months back. She has what I can only describe as an anaconda throat... At least in my case, she can take my cock and probably any cock all the way to its base, then stick out her tongue and lick your balls, and all the while smiling at you!!!

Also in attendance, two new couples: One of those had beautiful tits, she was playing with another girl, and then both got on their knees and starting blowing their respective partners! Great show for a couple of newbies, then the blonde caught sight of me stroking and asked if I needed help. Why yes ma’am... She has not lost her touch! For the second time that night my balls felt….well, like cotton balls after she had her way with me. I felt so used!! (Pun intended, please sit back down) As I was leaving at 11:30 they were still at it, and the couch section of our theater was loaded with couples. Some were watching, and some diddling beneath clothing, and the rest enjoying themselves.

I have never seen that many couples in our theater. Truly a sight to behold! Maybe they will get in the groove and return, and I for one hope so. The crowd of men was well behaved with the exception of standing against the walls. FYI the owner has finally printed some rules, but I don’t think any of them read that part.  All in all a great night to visit the Gulf Coast Theater!!!



Doc here again... Thanks again to Bob for another great Flash Report from the beautiful Gulf Coast.  The Gulf Coast Adult Theater has by all accounts a similar vibe to both CTs in Gary, IN, and the Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH.  What makes this theater stand out is the volume of couples it is attracting, and The Journal's eyes and ears in the field are there to document it for you.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to share with the thousands of readers of The Journal? Just e-mail Lucky Luciano The Good Doctor at You supply the report, I will supply the editing, formatting, and pics if necessary.

Fame awaits you.