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First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 8 - Pepper

Doc here with Chapter 8 of "First Time at an Adult Theater", authored by Pepper in Portland.  Pepper is one of the moderators of Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group, and a great guy. His "First Time" is a good one, so sit back, and enjoy the ride...


My introduction to adult theaters was at the old Apple Theater in Seattle. It was the summer of 1977. I was 18, had just graduated high school, and was still living at home in an eastern suburb. I had been working a part-time job in downtown Seattle for a year and the bus route home got on the freeway near the Apple. So I’d seen the theater many times, including the posters outside the door. Loved some of those old classic x-rated movie posters.

Apple Theater
Seattle, WA c.1994
After a long time of being curious, I finally decided to go.It was a Saturday afternoon and I didn’t know what to expect inside, but I know I was nervous.

After paying and entering through the curtains I was surprised at how dark it was, particularly coming from bright summer sunshine. I stood just inside the curtain to allow my eyes to adjust and find a seat. In the darkness, I bumped into someone trying while trying to get out of the aisle in case someone came in. Eventually I could see enough to make it down the main aisle and found an empty seat. After a little bit more time for eyes adjusting I could finally see the others in the theater. There were only guys there, some together at the back of the theater, others seated individually throughout.
The Green Parrot Theatre
Seattle, WA (undated)

I was thrilled and incredibly turned on by the movie, whatever it was, since I’d only seen magazine pictures before. I was instantly hard and wanting to jack off but assumed it wasn’t allowed. After awhile, though, I could hear sex noises from the guys in the back and I could see rhythmic arm movements from some of the guys around me so I went ahead and unzipped. As I was jacking off, I was trying not be seen by others, shy guy, I guess. I finished up and stayed a bit longer to take in more of the movie before I had to leave.

The (Winter) Garden Theatre
Before XXX came to town
Seattle, WA
Over the next few years, I checked out some of the other theaters in Seattle, including the Midtown, The Garden and The Green Parrot Theatre. Each time it was the same ritual of quietly jacking off, hoping no one else could see me.I also checked out some of the adult arcades and discovered the 8mm movie peepshows. These had the advantage of relative privacy in the booths while getting off but after seeing porn on the big screen, the grainy 8mm films just didn’tcompare.

In late 1982 I talked my then girlfriend into going to a theater. I think it was the Garden but I don’t recall for sure. She enjoyed the movie but was stunned, saying, “I can’t believe you’re doing that!” when I unzipped and started playing with myself. After awhile of alternating between looking at the movie and looking at me jacking, she reached in and finished me off. I do remember her licking her hand clean afterward in the flickering light of the movie, a sight that I’ll never forget! This was the first time I’d ever seen (and played with) a woman at an adult theater, but only because I brought her there myself. I had hopes of getting her off too, but we became aware of a fair number of guys who had moved close to us. This kind of spooked us, so we left.We weren’t quite ready to share with others, but we had some hot fun at home afterwards!

There’s much more that could be said about the rest of my adult theater and bookstore journey. I’ve made friends along the way, and introduced friends and playmates to the joys of adult theaters and bookstores. My present girlfriend enjoys going on occasion and we’ve been the subject of Brent’s reporting in Portland a time or two.

Enjoying this series, Doc, and looking forward to hearing from others!



Doc here again... Thanks to Pepper for a great trip back to the golden age of porn theaters in Seattle.  By the time The Good Doctor finally visited Seattle, there were few (but juicy) options for this thing of ours.  I do miss Hollywood Erotic Boutique, and it's quirky but cool layout.

OK kids, it's time to submit YOUR "First Time" report.  Please send it along to The Good Doctor at, and I will do the rest for you... Edit, format, drop in photos.  Please put "First Time" in the subject line. 

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