Friday, August 10, 2012

Flash Report! UIL Hits 15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater in Chicagoland

Doc here with a nicely done first time Flash Report from new contributor, UIL.

His first report focuses on 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL, and while he got there very late the night he visited, still had something to report.

Here he is, from parts unknown, UIL.


Hey Doc,

Love the website. Thank you for doing what you do, well done sir! I've been a reader for almost a year now and finally decided to take the plunge and check one of these places out.

I live in the SW Suburbs, and on a whim last night I hopped in my car and headed up to 15th Avenue in Melrose Park. I arrived about 12:30 AM, paid my entrance fee and headed into the back.

15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater
Melrose Park, IL
First up was the theater, which as I expected was full of single guys...maybe 5 or 6. I headed over by the video booths only to find more guys waiting around. Everybody seemed bored and somewhat antsy, which again was something that I was expecting. I headed back over to the spa area, which was seemingly deserted.

After passing by the "bleacher" area in the back, I was surprised to hear a woman moaning from inside the steam room. So, I popped in the locker room, got undressed, and headed into the steam room to find quite a sight. On the smaller bench there was a woman, kinda bbw but not too bad, nice tits and very pretty face, servicing two cocks (her man and some other guy) while a few onlookers jacked off. Instantly hard, I sat down and started stroking, hoping that I would get a turn. She continued to suck and stroke the guys for a few minutes, but then told her man she needed her break.

They headed into the shower and the crowd followed...they made out a bit, but nothing too heavy. Soon it was back into the steam room, where she proceeded to suck her guy off while he fingered her pussy. She sounded so fucking wet! Those of us in the peanut gallery resumed pulling our puds, and it wasn't long before he laid her down and started fucking her. With her moaning loudly, after only a minute or two he pulled out and came on her stomach and tits, and then continued to fuck her until she came, which wasn't long. Sweaty and panting, they stood up and she announced that she was done. Disappointed that I didn't get a chance to get in on the action, but having thoroughly enjoyed the show, I got dressed and headed back out to see what else was going on.

Outside the spa area was much the same as before, save for the young attractive couple in the theater. They were in the couples section, watching the movie and talking, but not doing anything. After maybe 10 or 15 minutes they got up and left. Not wanting to be a creeper, I waited a few minutes before I got up to see where they went, assuming they had left altogether. To my pleasant surprise, the female half of the couple (I'll call her J) was standing outside the changing room chatting with some guys.

She was hot as all hell! Maybe 5'3" or 5'4", brunette, nice tanned skin, luscious thighs, incredible ass, and an amazing natural pair of tits (had to be D cups)...not to mention her absolutely gorgeous face. She was wearing a pair of short-shorts and a tank top, casual but sexy as all hell on someone like her. Her man (I'll call him N) was in great shape and athletic looking. Definitely would be a hot couple to watch for sure. She told us that it was her second time there, and that her and her man  had gotten one of the private rooms and were waiting for another couple to arrive. She said that her first time had been on a Thursday, but it wasn't clear if it was the previous night or Thursday of last week. Either way, she said that they had mainly sat around and talked, and that the place had been empty.

She soon headed back to the room, and not long after her and her man came out in towels and headed into the steam room. I (and the other guys who were around) got undressed and headed in there. We sat around and talked a bit, but nothing really happened. Mostly the conversation was about how hot it was in there. From the way they were in the theater, and outside of it, I had gotten the vibe that they weren't really interested in playing, but I was hoping to at least get a show.

At one point when N got up to call the other couple and see where they were, she told us that she was mainly a follower, and that he was more or less the ringleader. At least the guys were respectful, with nobody getting into their space or being pushy. Mostly, they seemed concerned about the other couple showing up, as it was getting within 30 minutes of closing time.

The other couple finally showed attractive curvy Latina and her dude. It became pretty clear though that nothing was going to happen, especially since the place was going to be closing in 15 minutes or so. Hell, the towels never even came off! N knew them but J only knew the dude, and she seemed somewhat disinterested overall. More not talking then talking between all of them. Most of us headed out into the shower area to cool off, definitely disappointed at essentially being teased like that, ha ha ha. J did take her towel off to shower, which revealed that while topless she was wearing thong bikini bottoms the whole time. I did get a look at that incredible ass, and finally those amazing tits...what a rack! N sucked on her one nipple and massaged her ass a bit, but that was only for a minute or two.

She seemed pissed that guys were checking her out in the shower, which seemed kind of odd to me considering where we were. I mean, I could see if people were getting too close or just flat-out staring or whatever, but none of that was going on. The Latina never even took off her towel. Soon they headed back to their room to get dressed, and the rest of us did the same, as it was closing time.

Overall, it was an ok first visit. I wish I had gotten there earlier for the first couple, and felt a bit teased by the couples later on, ha ha ha. I think she's new to things though, so her seeming reticence and reluctance is totally understandable. And she was nice and personable, as opposed to being bitchy, so I think there is hope for the future.

I definitely plan on heading back sometime, possibly tonight.


Thanks to UIL for a great first time report from Chicago's western burbs.  Keep the reports coming, sir!