Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! The Lovely Lucy @ The Lido Theater in Dallas (w/3 Exclusive Pics!)

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from my good friend, The Lovely Lucy, and her hubby, Oz.

Lucy and Oz have had the trip to Dallas planned for many weeks, so I know this report was coming down the pike soon.  They hit The Lido on a weekend, which is always a solid bet for couples.  Saturday night had 23 couples at the Lido!  23!  That is extraordinary by any standards!

Sit back and enjoy this terrific Couple's Flash Report from Big D (or is that Big Double-D's?)

Hey Doc,
Oz reporting here from the sooner state on our recent trip to Dallas to the Lido Theater this last weekend, the 14th and 15th of December. You know my better half, the Lovely Lucy, who usually does the reporting duties. She delegated me to report this time, so I will do my best.
The Lovely Lucy
As you know from her past reports, Lucy is a dirty little cocksucker with an insatiable appetite for anonymous sex, and we hadn't got out for a while so we were looking forward to the trip. She got dressed in a new short red dress with some knee high black boots, looking really hot (see pic).

Friday night we arrived to the Lido around 10:30 p.m. It was pretty slow, as you know weekends upstairs are couples only, with usually a few single guys that make it in. We grabbed a seat and watched the movie for a bit. We only counted about four couples, and no action to speak of. About 12:30 am we decided to call it a night and left the theater and saw a guy we had met last time we were there in the door of one of the private rooms. Lucy asked if we could go in, she wanted me to give her a good fucking while sucking him off. So we went in and I got her dress off first, getting out her big natural DD's. Her tits are great, I would have to compare them with adult film legend the late great Lisa DeLeeuw. (test your adult film knowledge Doc, lol).

Anyway, she stripped down and got on her knees and swallowed his cock to the base. He groaned and kept saying how glad he was to run into her again. She took turns between my cock and his. Then I decided she needed to get fucked hard and bent her over the couch while she continued sucking him. He didn't last long as she sucked him to completion. I continued pounding her til I was ready to explode and she dropped to her knees and took my load across her pretty face. We cleaned up and called it a night.

The Lovely Lucy in Red
Saturday night, we headed back arriving around 11pm or so and this night it was packed! It really heated up around midnight, at one point we counted 23 couples in the theater. We stood along the back wall, and it was crowded on all sides of us. There was a Hispanic girl on one side of us who was on her knees servicing three cocks. On the other side of us was another Hispanic couple, probably late 30ish. She was attractive, dark hair, petite with b cup breasts. We struck up a conversation as both the ladies were on their knees sucking our cocks. The four of us decided to go to one of the private rooms and left.

When inside, we all got naked and both the man and woman got really excited when they saw Lucy's big breasts, taking one in each of their mouths. The lady's began licking each other all over and then the Hispanic woman came over and took my cock in her mouth as Lucy was deep throating his cock, alternating between her mouth and fucking her tits. I then grabbed Lucy and bent her over to give her a good fucking. The other couple followed suit and pretty soon both ladies were taking our loads across their faces.

All and all a good weekend, especially on Saturday night. Well that's it for now Doc, a few pics enclosed for everyone's viewing pleasure.



Doc here again... First off, I used to love Lisa DeLeeuw. Red hair, fair skin, and incredible boobs. Much like someone else I know... The Lovely Lucy!  Many thanks to the LL and her hubby Oz for a great report from The Lido Theater in Dallas.  Keep the reports coming!