Monday, January 21, 2013

Call For Reports!

Doc here, inventor of the dance craze The Shy Tuna, with a Call for Reports.

Regular readers may have noticed that January is on pace to have the highest number of reports posted in a single month. The Journal is on pace for 60+ reports this month. With that number of reports posted, the more reports that are needed to fill the perv pipeline. 

This is where you can help The Good Doctor... I am looking for Flash Reports (recent visits by couples and singles), Field Reports (scouting missions and review of an adult theater, which are critical is building our database), and of course Blasts From The Past (highlighted visits to adult theaters from days gone by).  All are important here @ The Journal, and in high demand.

Here are the guidelines:
  • First time contributors: Please include a pen name you wish to use for your reports moving forward.  Also, make the pen name something fun, but not too long either.
  • Make sure you mention the date of the visit, the name of the theater, and the city it's in.
  • If possible, please take a pic of the outside of the theater/ABS. That helps with the illustration piece of your report.
  • Lastly, please run a spell check before you hit the send button. 
Following these 4 items will make The Good Doctor a very happy MD. And with your 2nd submitted report, I will create your own custom logo to go with your subsequent reports.

Please send your reports direct to me at, and we can get started.

The Good Doctor will edit and format your reports, and drop in pics to illustrate.  You get the glory, and the byline.

Thanks again for making The Journal what it is today!


Flash Report! ATrampboy at Pleasures on Platte in Co. Springs, CO

Doc here with an interesting Flash Report from regular contributor, ATrampboy.  He and his girl, Tes, hit Pleasures in Colorado Springs, and this is their report
Take it away...
Hi Doc,
Latest adventure with my best girl Teslam in Colorado Springs. Sadly the Eros Theater has closed it's doors with no clear replacement in sight. We had heard rumors of the void being filled by one of the other adult establishments in town, we figured we needed to check it out! 
Pleasures on Platte
Col. Springs, CO
Pleasures on Platte (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) was rumored to be picking up the slack from the Eros closing and reportedly had three theaters on premise. Well, I guess some could very generously call them theaters but I sure am not that guy.
Interesting idea though, you pay a flat rate to go behind the curtain where the 'theaters' and the booths are located, the entry fee ($6) cover unlimited viewing, no feeding the peeps. The 'theaters were essentially curtained areas with one couch and a TV, one straight, one gay and one he/she. The booths have only curtains, no doors, apparently by ordinance, and most have glory holes. The straight theater was occupied by a couple guys just watching and there wasn't much room on the couch for us so we went to the H/S theater to make out some and figure out what whether we wanted to stay or write off the $12.
We opted to hit the booths as Tes hadn't experienced them before and we figured at worst we'd watch some porn. So we found one and selected a movie and started making out some more. Tes doesn't necessarily want to play with others, especially strangers, but she does like to show off and she DOES like watching guys stroke for her while we play. See her take on our first visit to the Eros before it closed posted some time ago.
Well after some serious albeit reserved play in the booth the 40Ds came out, my cock came out and she was alternating between sucking me and rubbing my cock across her awesome tits. Since we had no door our play wasn't subtle and the place was pretty full, soon we had an audience trying to sneek a peek. Tes was really into it and was putting on quite the show, lots of noisy sucking and moaning, I was right there with her.... Soon one brave gent was holding the curtain back, openly watching and rubbing his cock, though his rubbing was though in his pants. 
He soon began to comment on how hot Tes was and how much he'd like to feel her tits and ass and on  and on, but we weren't there for that, and he wasn't even enticing her by showing her what he had to offer. She politely declined his offer and continued to work on me while the group of onlookers milled about our open curtain. Once everyone had decided they weren't getting a piece of her they moved off and we decided we would see if we could find another, more promising place to play.
Before we left though we circuited the 'theaters' one more time thinking that maybe we would use the couch in the straight 'theater' so we would have  more room and everyone else would have a better view but when we got more or less put together and moved to check it out we found a gay 3some going on in there and no straight movies to be found. So we went searching around Colorado Springs and ultimately ended up home where we had a great time!
CS needs a new adult theater! Or any of y'all who can suggest a place we don't know about please share the location! Tes is way into it and I love it, we just need a place to stretch out and play!
Doc here again... Many thanks to ATampboy for another solid report from Colorado Springs.  Keep up the great work on your reports, sir.
Speaking of reports, The Good Doctor is in need of reports!You know the deal: Email me your report at , and I will edit and format your report, and even drop in a pic or two.  You just supply the pen name (for first timers) and we are off and running.
Be large. Be a reporter here at The Journal.