Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blast From The Past: Nashville's Metro Adult Theater by TN

Doc here with a Blast From The Past from brand new contributor, TN.  This is a look back at Nashville's #1 adult theater back in the day, the Metro Adult Theater.  

Enjoy this trip down mammary lane with TN...

The Metro Adult Theater (& Bookstore) is still open but the booths and two theaters are closed now. No more wild nights or days there, but for numerous years Metro was the hot spot in Tennessee.

Probably the most famous couple to go there were Miss Kitty and her husband. She was a tall pretty brunette with after market boobs, nice ass and a flat tummy. They would come in and go directly downstairs, buy their tickets and into the straight theater. They had a regular 11 PM Friday night appearance for quite while. Miss Kitty had her favorite seat on the right side of the theater just below the projector. They would sit down and within a minute or so the raincoat or sundress would come off. Then she would do every willing guy there.
Metro Adult Theater & Bookstore
822 5TH Ave South, Nashville, TN
 Miss Kitty loved to suck cock, & fuck cock too. She preferred guys to cum on her face or boobs. Miss Kitty was allergic to condoms so it was always bareback. Miss Kitty did not rim or kiss but everything else was open. Crowds of 15-20 guys simply got her warmed up.The largest number of guys I have seen her do is 38. I have donated many loads of cum to Miss Kitty's pretty face. After they ran out of guys they would go in a dark corner where hubby would lick her clean except leaving the cum on her face. Then they walk out and get in their car and go for a meal at the local Waffle House letting the drying cum on her face flake off.  Miss Kitty was in her 50's.
The Country Music Fan Fest always brought into town some wild couples. In the last Fan Fest that Metro  Theater was still open, one of my favorites encounters was at a Thursday lunchtime when a couple came in...She was 40-ish , blonde, & kinda cute.

They sat down and immediately surrounded by the lunch crowd. They just watched the movie as we all watched her. Then he got a call on his cellphone and walked out of the theater to take it, the BBC sitting next to her turned in his seat and  gave her a passionate kiss and undid her buttons on her dress, by the time hubby walked back in she was sucking the first of many cocks and had several guys feeling her up. She did 6-7 guys before I had to leave to go back to work. No idea how long they stayed or how many guys she did all together.
My favorite sexual encounter there was the Saturday night when a guy bought in his GF. Tall young blond, nice C cups boobs, pretty ass. They stood next to the door for a minute to adjust to the dark then he put a blindfold over her eyes and led her upfront and had her take off her blouse (no bra) and get on her knees. She blew every guy that walked up to her sight unseen to her. Only saw her there once.

Some couples have preferences in who she plays with. One such couple we called the trucker couple. They came in every few weeks when traveling through town. They always played in the back left side. They also only played with black guys.  She would get down on the sticky floor on all fours and hubby would pick the next black guy to fuck her doggy style.  He would scream, yes scream,  at any white guys who got closer then four rows away or crossed the aisle towards her.

My favorite BBC only white slut was a couple that came in one Friday night. He had her strip then she would fuck , suck, make out  and rim the BBC guys. She was about 25, built very nicely with long brown hair and a  smile that dazzled. She played with about a dozen guys. Young hot playing gals are sadly too rare. She didn't mind who watched her.  Gloryhole Nancy reminds me of her.

I have taken three ladies to play at Metro. The first was a married woman who was in town on company business. I was introduced to her by a swinging couple I knew in Birmingham AL. She got to give her first ever gloryhole BJ in the downstairs booths. Then after giving three BJ's, I took her into the theater.

We sat upfront where she serviced another five guys. We then took four guys back to her hotel room to gangbang her. She would come every 2-3 weeks for the spring and summer and we would visit Metro then gangbang her. 

Another gal I took I met online. She wanted to experience theater sex. We met outside a Books a Million on Gallatin Pike where she blew me in the parking lot next to the road. I then took her to Purple Onion on Dickerson Pike where she pleased two guys. But Metro is where she did six guys. She told me the year before she had only fucked or sucked 8 guys and in this one night she outdid that year.  She only got to play on Monday nights. The third gal I took was ok giving me head in a gloryhole booth but would not touch any of the guys without a condom on.
Thanks TN for a great first report... I enjoy these Blast From The Past reports as much as I enjoy the Flash Reports.  But I am a sentimental kind of Doctor (in addition to being very handsome.  It's my curse).

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