Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flash Report! Lidoman at The Lido Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a Flash Report from first time contributor, Lidoman. Oddly enough, his home turf is The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas, TX (one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters).

Here is Lidoman and his report...


One Sunday afternoon I stopped in to The Lido to see if there was any action going on. I wasn't there but about 20 minutes when a white couple came in. She was in a short black skirt, white see through halter and come fuck me pumps.
The Lido Adult Theater, c. 2010
Dallas, TX
She had a dark tan and was absolutely beautiful. I was VERY surprized to see her in the theater, but as they walked in the theater, as always guys started to get seats closer and with a good view. Yes I was part of that crowd.  I sat in front of them one row and one seat over from her.  I had my arm up on the back of the theater seat so no one would sit there.

I would glance back to see what was going on, and she started to rub her husbands cock through his pants and you could see he was hard and liked what was happening. She then pulled her skirt up and starting rubbing her pussy through her panties.  At that time, there were not that many men in the theater so the ones that were close by got to see the show. I let my arm hang down and rubbed across her knee and she didn't budge, so I then rubbed up her leg and to her wet panties.

She moved her hand to let me take over. I rubber her pussy with my thumb, and was about to finger her when she said to me, "just rub my clit."

So I did! 

I rubbed her clit and she immidiately started to lift her hips and cumming. She had her hand on her husbands now exposed cock and almost ripped it off! She came hard then said she wanted to rest.  At that time a older troll looking guy sat next to her and I thought that would be the end of that, but they stayed for a while then she opened her legs again and again let me rub her.  The troll started rubbing her boobs and she pulled the halter she was wearing to the side to expose about a 34D False boobs.
(you gotta love big fake tits).

The troll started licking her nipples and I started to rub her clit as she continued to stroke her husband.
She came one more time, and then they just up and left. I was so hard still and didn't get a chance to have her do anything. I stuck around for another couple of hours before realizing that was all the action there was going to be that day!

That was the hottest woman i've played with there, but not the last!



Doc here again...Thanks to Lidoman for his first report, and holefully it's just the first of many from Big D.  Nice job sir!