Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flash Report! The PNW Kid @ The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with a brand new report from The PNW Kid. His first report was a good one, and this one is even better.
Hiya Doc,
Yet another report from the Pacific Northwest.  I had the pleasure of visiting Portland, OR during the Thanksgiving weekend and The Paris Theatre did not disappoint on Saturday night.  The flag system was pinging like Doppler radar during a thunderstorm, and I'd already seen Scarlett's emails about visits to both Oregon & Paris, so I enjoyed some leftover turkey and made my way downtown.
Initially there were some sad moments.  The two couples that were in the Oasis when I arrived mainly kissed & cuddled as the jury watched from the railing.  After they departed, a nice looking blond and her guy walked into the theater.  Unfortunately, the wave of guys washed forward way too quickly, which caused her to shake her head "NO!" and tug him back outside.  Once again gents, please look up the definition of the word "patience."  It does pay for itself.
However, everything changed when Scarlett arrived.  I just happened to turn around as she was coming down the stairs when she looked at me and said, "Wow!  There's a lot of guys here!"  She looked very cute in her knit cap, glasses and black coat. Next thing I know, she slides the cap & coat off and reveals her slutty lingerie and boots. Initially, I thought she arrived with a guy that was walking down the aisle with her. However, I soon realized that she arrived solo and was quite adept at keeping the guys under control.  After she laid out her rules, it was game on!
I lost count of the cocks she sucked somewhere around 12 and two of the cum bursts she swallowed came from me.  Scarlett doesn't just suck & stroke dick.  Instead, you can actually feel her lips, tongue and throat churning around your cock like a maelstrom.  Another guy, of the six or seven that fucked her, actually fucked her three times.  She was taking on all cummers and had me wondering if her pussy could coax round three from me.
I noticed some single ladies come and go while I was playing with Scarlett, including several dark haired girls that arrived together and sat in the Oasis for several minutes. Ultimately, it seems that most of them might have stopped in out of curiosity.  But then I saw a couple enter, bypassing the Oasis completely, and take a seat in the general audience area.   The pretty brown haired girl was wearing a nice blouse, short skirt and Ugg boots. 
After I finished round two with Scarlett, I went out to the lobby to grab some water and saw her talking with a guy (the same gent who fucked Scarlett three times).  Next thing I know, he escorts her back inside the theater and up to the examination table.  After an awkward moment of helping him shoo guys out of the Annex, he slowly peeled her clothes off and savored the taste of her tits and pussy.  Gotta show my appreciation here, because he really took his time showing her off and getting her warmed up for the serious BBC deep-dicking that followed.  Many of the guys were jerking like crazy when she started whimpering..then moaning..and finally crying out that she was cumming.
A little later, another couple entered and moved to the Oasis.  The adorable young lady was plump & curvy in all the right spots, with an ass that begged to be spanked.  Her guy gave her exactly that, with her gasps echoing each kiss of his palm upon her round bottom.  This was followed by the wet sounds of his fingers, and eventually his fist, pistoning into her hard and fast.  Her reward?  The taste of her own delicious juices as he pressed his soaked fingers into her panting mouth.  Her expressions as he toyed with her were priceless.
The Portland - A true gem of the Pacific Northwest.
Until next time,
The PNW Kid
Doc here again... Thanks to the PNW Kid for another terrific report from the left coast. Keep up the solid work, sir.
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