Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update! The Latest From Gloryhole Nancy (w/New Pics!)

Doc here with our good friends, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T, and their most recent update.  Nancy is on the prowl again, and if you have what she is looking forward, then Xmas has come early for you.

Also included in this update are two brand new Gloryhole Nancy pics, for your entertainment purposes.  Remember to click on the pics to ENLARGE them.

So without further ado, here is Gloryhole Nancy and T...

Hola amigo!

Nancy and I have been busy as of late, with both work and school keeping us busy. However, the good news is that Nancy is now ready to get out and play;) 

We've decided to stay away from the Toledo bookstore scene, as the police are still doing their "stings" so we are just staying away completely, for now.  We've been hosting at our private gloryhole and have had some good guys come over lately. This guy has been trying for months and months to come over, so when an opening presented itself we contacted him and he shot over right away. 

He said he was hung, but even Nancy was suprised when he slid his cock through. Nancy said "Ok, I need to get a measurement on this monster", and proceeded to measure him at 9 inches, just how Nancy likes them!  She sucked and stroked him for a good 30 minutes before he stroked himself all over her double D's! Nancy was sure to let him know he gets an invite back. 

But as always, she is on the lookout for more hung guys (8" or more), and she's DYING to get her hands, mouth, tits, and pussy on a cock over 10" (that means measured with a ruler 10" lol).

Doc, if you know any guys that measure up in the Detroit area send them our way would ya?!  She loves my thick 8" but when the mood strikes her, she goes into full-slut mode and wants her cocks big and bigger lol 

Take care Doc and I'll be sure to send more pics of this encounter soon....
T &N


Doc here again... A big thank you as always to Gloryhole Nancy and T. Cannot wait for more pics from this session at their own personal gloryhole setup.  Also, if you are in the Detroit area, and have the goods, reach out to Nancy and T at


Couple's Flash Report! Mr.& Mrs. C Hit Sensual Arts in Escanaba, MI

                                                                          Doc here with a first time Couple's Flash Report from Mr. C. Mr. & Mrs. C visited a theater I am very curious about, Sensual Arts in Escanaba, MI.  I think you will like Mr. C's writing style, since it's very descriptive, and of course, filthy. 

Hey there Doc, 

Here's a little report about our trip to Sensual Arts in Escanaba, Michigan.

Last Saturday night we got to the bookstore around 9 PM and Mrs C was feeling extra horny that night. Escanaba is a bit out of the way for us, but it's generally a fun place to play. Mrs C is a beautiful , fit 30's brunette with long legs, naturally firm D cups, perfectly tanned skin, and an incredibly tight ass and she's best described as a Sandra Bullock look-alike. She was wearing a short black mini skirt, a form fitting halter and her black fuck me shoes.

Sensual Arts, Escanaba, MI
We entered the store and she started shopping around the outfits, toys and various kinky items they have for sale. I went over to the counter and quickly paid our discounted couples fee. The clerk, who had seen us there before, gladly gave me our ticket, and passed me the change in quarters for the booths. After Mrs C finished her shopping, we entered the hallway towards the main theater rooms.

The hallway was lined with booths and none of the lights that tell you if it is occupied were on yet, so we continued our way to the theaters. As you enter the theater area there are two sections. To the left is the straight section showing mixed interest movies, and on the right is the gay section. I opened the door for her and she went right to the left side as I followed. The theater area has a large screen in one corner with deck style chairs in a semi-circle around the opposite corner.

There were 3 or 4 guys seated around the room and Mrs C quickly found a comfortable place among them. I sat to her right and the seat to her left was open. The movie that was playing was showing 2 girls with a single guy. He had on her hands and knees and was ramming her tight hole from behind. We watched the movie for a while then Mrs C asked if we could go check the booths out. Being the loving husband I am, I didn't object.

As we left the movie area to the booths and selected the booth in the middle. Mrs C took a seat as I plopped a few quarters into the player and we roamed the channels until we found something we both could enjoy. It wasn't long before Mrs C got out of the chair, dropped to her knees, unbuckled my pants, pulled my out my cock and started licking and sucking with one hand on my shaft and the other fondling my balls. I could hear someone enter the booth next to us, and it wasn't long before the occupant was offering his goods through the hole. Mrs. C didn't hesitate to reach over and start stroking the other guy. She looked up at me for approval and with a nod she let go of my cock and started sucking his. I reached down and placed my hand between her legs and she was incredibly wet.

She continued to suck the anonymous cock while I fingered her and was soon having her first of many orgasms of the night. Her moans and groans were too much for the fellow and he emptied his balls in her mouth. She took some of the supplies from our playing kit that we bring, cleaned up and let me know she was ready to hit the main theater again. This time we noticed a few more gentlemen in the theater. We took our seats, this time with me on her left and another guy on her right. She leaned over, and started sucking my cock again. Within seconds every guy there was watching and stroking. She lifted her head, reached over to the guy on her right and started stroking us both. This is usually my cue that she's ready to put on a show.

I had her stand up and lean over the chair. I slid my cock in her from behind, and soon there were hands all over her. Again she started to cum, and I was not able to hold it any longer. I shot my load deep inside her, which made her even more vocal, sending every guy over the edge. She was the center of the universe as every guy shot their loads in her direction. She stood up, got cleaned up, and off we went to the booths again. She blew a few more guys in the booths and before the end of the night she gave me a great blowjob in front of everyone. I'm a big cummer and she wasn't able to swallow it all so some rolled out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin and landed on her breasts. But it was when she took her fingers, wiped the corners of her mouth and licked them clean that the crowd of men gave her praise.

Next time she's hoping to find a few guys worthy of her taking into room 13 and fucking the hell out of them... I guess I'll have to remember the camera!

Mr. C


Doc here again... Now that is a great first time Couple's Flash Report!  Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. C for the great report, and we are looking forward to your next report(s)!