Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report 10/8/11

This Week's Episode: "Hot Rods, Hot Babes, and a Prescription"

Doc here with a terrific weekly report from our good friend and excellent driver, Bob in Biloxi.  Things are heating up in a big way on the beautiful gulf coast, and there is no better example than the Gulf Coast Adult Theater (address information availabe in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Hot rods were visible inside and outside the theater... And the babes were there to take it all in.

So sit back, order another Hurricane, and enjoy his report...


Hi Doc,

Well Hot Rods and Hot Babes this weekend. Weather was awesome, temp’s very mild, stars and the moon shone bright. Wall to wall hot rods and classics jammed the beach road!

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
We had some pretty fine babes that showed at our little Gulf Coast Adult Theater during this past Saturday. One was a pretty blonde just as I arrived, and the other was our German Couple who are becoming a fixture.  In addition, another dark haired lady arrived with her man. All of these couples were just leaving as I arrived so I didn’t get to see any playing. Later on in the night, a semi-regular showed and had been there a few minutes when I re-entered. We chatted for a few and I left to check the ABS.

There, a 30-something couple came in. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing shorts or it was simply shorts painted on her and she was bottomless? They proceeded to one of the booths and being that is was very slow there, I was able to procure the adjoining booth.

Almost immediately, she dropped to her knees and began administrating mouth to cock resuscitation to her partner. She kept eyeing the hole and in came a painted fingernail, so I did what every red blooded American would do and was rewarded with her great oral skills as she proceeded to coax Bob’s Baby Batter (available by the stick or by the tub) from the depths of my spine. She must have been proud of her accomplishment because I could hear her moaning and giggling as she swallowed the protein shake.

As I pulled out, knees wobbly and cock cleaned expertly, she resumed her polishing chores on him. She spotted me eyeing her and gave me a wink!! That was sexy, thank you ma’am!

Back at the theater, a sexy couple I had been talking to (J) texted me and informed they were in the house. J is a sexy lady, dark hair, large boobs, and long legs! She was wearing a white mini with a black plunging neckline blouse. One could tell she was braless as the underside of those massive puppies were peeking out and begging for attention. This was topped off with a cool set of high heels and accentuated her kicking rear! It was J’s first time at our quaint little theater, and I was obliged to and pleased to give them the grand tour (took about 7secs). As we entered, I took J’s hand in order to escort her to our seats.

We sat next to the semi-regular couple E & D. I didn’t want her or her husband to be suddenly overwhelmed and crowded by the some of the looky loos and/or the more aggressive patrons that I recognized.  We sat and chatted for a few seconds when “J” asked if we could move further back from the screen. With that, the entire party moved to the rear of bus and we sat in the back left corner of the theater.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater - Interior
E and D were effectively blocking the looky loos at the entrance to the row, so we had our campsite reasonably secure. “J” proceeded to ask the normal questions of a novice and I answered as best as I could. I complemented on her attire and asked if she were panty-less under that mini, she smiled and said “of course”. Thank you dear, that gave Bob an instant hard on! And I told her to feel what she did to me, she gives remarkable hand!

As things progressed, I asked her if she’d like my tongue on her kitty, with the smile and nod of her head, Bob drove into the abyss and begin to pleasure her. I think she liked it! She returned the favor with her incredible oral skills (I think she won that too). I asked if she wanted my cock in her, she smiled and nodded with an affirmative, so I suited up and she guided me into her warm folds. To be honest Doc, she had me so worked up that I may have lasted 15secs, she was just that good!

Rolling off with a hollow spine, I asked “J” if it was cool if “D” pleasured her for awhile? She then granted access to “D”. Now “D” is famous for her oral skills, and she began to show “J” just how good woman to woman licking can get. From the moans and humping “J” was doing, “D” was taking her to the moon! Watching these two girls go at it, my cock began to rise again, I have no idea how that happened, but it did.

Bob in Biloxi
“J” started stroking me again after “D” completed her mission, and then gave me the old lean over in the adult theater seat and starting sucking my cock! Geez! This lady is good! She then decided her jewelry box was not quite up to par and requested a pearl necklace!! Bob aims to please and Bob’s aim was pretty decent! She was coated with what appeared to be a decent showing; she proceeded to rub the baby batter into her ample tits with a smile on her face. This lady would kill a normal man! But what a way to go!

“E” then moved in to demonstrate his oral skills on “J”, and again from her moans and withering he must have performed admirably. However, in my defense, there was no declared winner in the oral competition, but I think if I had to guess it would be “D” with the blue ribbon? “J” however was the true winner; I think she may have lost count at the number of times that bell rung!

It was close to 11:30pm when we all exited the theater, some after play talk and niceties were exchanged, I think “J” enjoyed herself. I hope so, she is a natural! I truly hope they can come back when traffic is more manageable, she was a hit.

On a post-report note Doc, I still need your 1-800 number for emergency intravenous injections of lost bodily fluids; I would have needed at least two pints last night. I know your out call is expensive but I suggest it is a necessary service.  Good fun at the theater and ABS last night, still beats anything that comes on TV and “this thing of ours” has been the bomb this Saturday!


Doc here again... Bob, after a thorough review of your chart, I see no need for a script for a emergency injection.  Your performance last night was a yeoman's effort, so no need for a supplement of any sort.  However, keep healthy quantities of Gatorade available, to prevent cramping and/or pulling a hammy.

Thanks again to the Cal Ripkin of adult theater reporters, Bob... Always reliable, and always a good tale to be told.

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