Monday, April 23, 2012

In Memoriam: The Candlelight Theater, Largo, FL

Doc here with a Quick Note... I received an e-mail from reader RB who sadly converyed the following information about the closing of an adult theater in Florida:


"FYI - Candlelight Theater in Largo, FL is closed.  Went yesterday and they're gone.  Too bad.  Place was my favorite jack shack - low key, never crowded, decent couples action."

The Candlelight Adult Theater


To get an idea of what The Candlelight Theater was all about, check out this Flash Report from senior Journal scribe JaxBchBum from one year ago HERE.

Add your comments about The Candlelight Theater in the comments section below.  I will take the best of them and give them their own follow-up report.

The Candlelight Theater... We hardly knew ye.


Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi Strikes Back (and Forth) for 4/21/12 (with 16 Pics!)

Doc here with a whopper of a Flash Report from our good friend, Bob in Biloxi.  Last week, he waived off a trip to Biloxi (reasons below), in order to get ready for this weekend.

Well played my friend. Well played.

Bob also supplied 5 pics from Saturday night to illustrate his report!  That's what makes Bob in Biloxi a rock star here at The Journal... Consistent reports, lots of detail, and now a bunch of pics of the event (click on the pics to enlarge them).  A legitimate triple threat report.

Sit back and enjoy Bob's most excellent Saturday night...


Hey Doc,

Last night saw some incredible events take place on our beautiful Gulf Coast. Sorry for not filing a report last weekend, since it was Black Spring Break and nothing moved on the Coast - A total waste of gas and time for me.

Mid-week I got a text from our resident red headed goddess’s husband advising me they were stepping out on Saturday. As you may remember, this shy and timid acting lady has unbelievable talents when it comes to "this thing of ours". Once the door closes to the booth she is occupying, she becomes a full fledged sexual dynamo capable of bringing mere moral men to their knees. She leaves them grasping for breath and wishing they had more hours experiencing her incredible skills.

Scout Running Interference
I asked him to text me when they got close so myself and some of the scouts could procure a set of booths for playtime. At our ABS (and probably most of them across the country), we have a lot of confused folks and downright nasty guys that seem to want to either block a couple (the woman) from having fun. Or they simply don’t care who they get to suck or fuck them or vice versa. Some of these, as I’ve reported on in the past, are carrying some of the more undesirable social illnesses.

Most everyone knows who these people are and they tend to either avoid them all together or simply reject them on the spot. But for some of the unknowing new patrons this can be a pretty dangerous proposition if proper protection methods aren’t adhered too.

That said, months of exchanging emails along with assurances that both parties are squeaky clean and free of any social ills, the red headed goddess and I have been having glory hole relations the natural way. She and only one other are in a very exclusive group as both are very clean and disease free.

Bob's Reward
When I got a text that they were close, one of the scouts volunteered to occupy a booth next to me so that some of the regular cock blockers wouldn’t set up residence and effectively blocking the couple(first pic, scout running interference).

The plan was that they (the couple) would proceed to booth 3 (I was in 4) and the scout would vacate 3 upon them knocking on the door. It was a great plan and it worked. One of the confused/nasty guys was on the outside talking extremely loud, and I almost yelled over the wall for him to tone that shit down, but didn’t. Still kicking myself this morning for not doing that... Some people have no class, no manners and no sense, and he fits that bill perfectly.

Now onto the incredible part. Our red-headed goddess was dressed in a very conservative aqua green dress and high heels (like a dinner date), and as she entered her booth she promptly shed that nice garment and hung it on one of the newly installed coat hooks yours truly put up just for that purpose.

Once she was nude and free she began paying attention to her husband who was seated. Slowly I reached through the hole and began caressing her beautiful ass, and I was rewarded by her backing completely up to our now sizable opening in the wall (Pic 2).

Now I began to lick and caress her lovely treasure, stopping only to stroke her with my fingers very gently. Our goddess is completely shaved smooth with a small tuft of her sunshine colored hair above her clit, a very pretty sight! I love it when the more you stroke and lick a woman the wetter and hotter she gets, and in this regard our red-headed goddess excels!! She is not only extremely wet, she’s as tight as a vice!

After a few minutes of this (I wish it were a few hours) I couldn’t stand it any longer and fed my cock through the hole, as is her way, she gently took my member and started working her magic, her wet hot mouth feels like heaven should be, she takes her time and seems to enjoy pleasing a cock, she’s an expert at that too!

After a few minutes of pleasing Bob’s buddy, she proceeded to impale herself on my shaft. She had a momentary problem both aligning herself and forcing my shaft into her honey cavern (she’s a very tight fit), and she began to slowly take it all inside. The other thing I love about these new glory holes is I got to feel some of her lovely ass against me as she pushed back to the wall. Shortly we got into a rhythm both of us taking turns at moving - she would stop for a second and let me pump her, then I would stop and let her slam that beautiful ass against me.
I don’t think it lasted long enough for either of us, but it was heaven while it lasted. When I finally came deep inside her, my knees went to shit, my legs were shaking like it was 40 below outside, my spine seemed to have a mind of its own and all the fluid that keeps a human being alive she now processed. (see pics)

It was now time to document the event and she’s a lovely subject anyway, so she allowed this reporter to snap some proof of our engagement, (again see pics). They did not stay long afterward, as I warned them of the confused folk/nasty guys. We need to work out a system of who’s who for “this thing of ours” he suggested a card system, and that may have some merit. I think that may turn into a work in progress, as I would hate to see such a lovely woman come down with an aliment of sorts.

And then the plot thickens...

Later on that night, three lovely ladies (no more than 30 years old, probably in their mid-twenties?) came in rubber dick shopping at the ABS. As usual when slightly intoxicated women get together, there is a lot of giggling and laughing. One woman who I suspect has been inside one of these establishments before in a different capacity was urging the group to go into the arcade area. They finally did and as luck would have it this reporter was able to secure the booth next to this group.

Of course there was more giggling and laughing coming from their side once inside and the door locked. A few seconds later an female eyeball appeared at the hole, then another, then one more, then one reappeared and stayed. What the hell I thought, out came “Stanley” and through the hole he dove.

That was rewarded first by screams and laughter, followed by dares! Sure enough, a hand was felt griping the poor boy, followed by stroking, followed by another dare. I kept hearing “suck it, Tara”.  So I guess it was “Tara” that was sucking my cock very noisily as flashes from cell phones when off, and the chanting began, “suck it slut”! I love women! 

Tara sure must have enjoyed the red-headed goddesses scent on my cock, because I could feel and hear her moaning as she slurped on my cock. This was NOT the first time “Tara” has sucked cock, after several more determined minutes she received the last bit of Bob’s baby batter. She must have showed the results to her group because more laughter and applause erupted, followed by “I can’t believe you just swallowed that guys load”. 

I think “Tara” will have slightly curly hair in the morning !! It’s said that is the result of from ingesting male semen ?? I have no clue if that’s true or not. They were out the door and in their car before I had time to pull up my pants and say “thank you Tara, you were great!!!"

One other couple showed at the theater, she was young and dressed to play, but didn’t. Later they came to the ABS and bought a few items and left. She appeared to be slightly intoxicated, so I don’t know if that was a warm up for future visits or a one time deal.

That’s the whole story from our beautiful Gulf Coast doc. An amazing weekend thanks to our red-headed goddess and a few drunk women. Beats TV any night of the week.

Breaking News!  More pics from the other side of the gloryhole (and a Bob in Biloxi cameo!):


Doc here again... Some nights, it all falls into place for you at an adult theater.  A solid plan, good teamwork, and 3 drunk young woman.  It doesn't get much better than this, does it?

Thanks again to B in B for his yeoman's work this past weekend. 

As you were...