Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Flash Report! G.K. Arbee at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS on 4/21-4/22, 2017

Doc here, a man who some say once paddle boarded across Lake Semprini on the Isle of Stugotz in a touch under 3 hours. 

Senior Journal scribe G.K. Arbee is back with some very good news on the state of things at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS.  There was a time The Good Doctor would get a weekly report from one of the original contributors to The Journal, Bob in Biloxi, about this theater.  Towards the end of his run, he stated that what was once a very good scene there had turned hostile towards couples.   It now seems the gulf tide has turned for the good...

Here is my good friend G.K. Arbee and his report...


Hello Good Dr. Lizardo,

It has been a long time since my last report. I have not been on the road as much as I like and I usually don't like to "play" a lot near where I live. However, the job had me back in Biloxi for couple days (April 21st and 22nd), so I spend a little time at Gulf Coast Adult Theater... better known as the adult theater on Iberville in Biloxi, MS.

My last few visits there were just terrible, as the place had been utterly taken over by the confused, and they pretty much would scare every couple out of the building that walked in... Just terrible behavior and not following any of the polite protocols that make "this thing we do" WAY MORE FUN!!!

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
Friday night April 21st was going to be my main time to visit. I show up at the theater around 5 pm and plan on hanging out until closing.. no matter what happens...

Walked in to the very dark theater and got my eyes adjusted... right off the bat, a very nice Latino couple were sitting in the chairs along the wall, about in the middle, they were in the missionary position right in the seats.. Not a soul was bothering them... After they had finished, they went over to the couches... and (much to my surprise and amazement) they were not bothered...

This process continued a few more times throughout the night.. Several couples came in... (and most of them laid down the boundaries right off the bat) and were able to play with little or no harassment.

Of course.. there was one rather "morbidly obese" jerk that did not seem to get the memo... He bugged one couple so much , they went to the clerk and had him removed.. .
Well, I got to witness about 5 couples have all manner of fun, (the "confused" played continually without stopping the entire time I was there).

About 11pm a sexy late 30's couple wandered in and she was dressed to play.. I would describe her as a "sexier" version of Gilbert's girlfriend in Revenge of the Nerds.. she wore the big glasses like that.... They took up residence on the very front couch... Now it was about 45 minutes till this place shut down, and they started in by mutually masturbating each other.. She started to make a few noises... the guys still left approached politely and cautiously, and she announced that all she was doing was jacking guys off.. no sucking, licking, fucking.. just some mutual masturbation...
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
One elderly AA gentleman sat next to her first... after about 15 minutes she said.. "dude, my arm is exhausted, are you able to finish".. he stood up and left... Then she looked directly at me.. patted the seat next to her.. then gave me that ever so sexy "finger wiggle" saying "come here"!!!.

I quickly joined her on the sofa.. Let's just say we "got each other off".. we were both cumming at about the 6 minute mark... It was total theater fun!!

I returned on Saturday for just a few hours.. got to watch a very young and sexy black couple do the nasty on the back couch..They had made it clear they wanted no "crowd participation"...

I guess what this all means is that "Biloxi is back" and I have no idea how or why but the crowds are much better behaved than I have ever witnessed in my last 10+ years visiting. I'm headed to the adult theater here in town tonight.. hopefully I will also have something to report!

Senior Contributor,

G.K. Arbee


Doc here again... Many thanks to G.K. Arbee for another terrific report on this thing of ours. Keep them coming, sir!

It's great to see Biloxi bouncing back, with back to back good days!  I wonder if Bob in Biloxi will ever pop back and submit a report...