Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blast From The Past! The Falcon @ The Buford Highway Twin Theaters

Doc here with a terrific Blast From The Past from senior reporter, The Falcon.

Take it away, sir...


Doc this is the best night I have ever had in an adult theater.

Several years ago I was in Atlanta for the weekend and decided to try the Buford Highway Twin Theaters on Friday night.  I had seen on the web site that the activity had been pretty good lately.  I got there about 7 PM, saw that there were no porn flies hanging around outside and lots of cars.  Looks good so I invested in a ticket and entered the theater. 

Franklin, the guy that ran the ticket office recognized me and told me to move on in.  I was surprised to see a group of guys getting close to a couple in the theater near the middle.  I got as close a possible and saw a middle aged lady taking on all cummers.  She had the top down and her tits were covered with cum.  I pushed my way closer and realized that there was a couple in the mix watching the action.  I moved in near them and started talking and enjoying the show.  Her male escort wanted to go get a BJ, but he said he did not want to leave his woman behind afraid of what would happen to her.

Me being a southern gentleman, volunteered to stay by and protect the fair damsel.  When he left to get the BJ, she told me it looked like he left a fox in charge of the hen house and I immediately began feeling this lady up.  She was about 30 and very hard body, small titties but they had the longest nipples.  We just fondled each other until her escort started to get the BJ and that really turned her on.  I fingered her pussy and she had a big O right there with fingers only.

He finished and returned to where we were and suggested that I get in the BJ line, said she was pretty good.  The lady I had just fingered to orgasm, said she was better and that she was willing to prove it.  Her escort was stunned and said he could not reload that fast and she said she wanted mine.  He did not share her enthusiasm and they left the theater.

Shortly after that another couple came in and sat in the couples section and started to play quickly when couple 4 came in.  They were regulars we called The  Cowboys, they played a little with each other but not much with others occasionally a nice looking black dude got some attention but not often.  Mrs. Cowboy had the prettiest legs you have ever seen.  They sat down in the couple section on the same row as couple 3 and enjoyed the show from 3.  Soon they started talking and soon the couples moved in together and the girls started to touch each other soon they were fully involved and the guys were jerking like the rest of us.  Couple 1 took a smoke break so the crowd moved down to watch the girls.

Soon another couple #5 came in... They were regulars know as Alabama Couple (an older couple that loves to play).  I moved close to them and found that she had had back surgery, that was why we had not seen them lately.  She said she could not lean down in the seat so if I wanted a blow job I had to stand up.  It was a tough job but someone had to do it.  She is a master at the art of sucking a cock and I left my second load of the night.

Now remember it is only about 10 PM and already 5 couples!

Another couple comes in and he has two girls with him.  They are a little portly but they are dressed for play and soon started playing a lot.  I was almost tapped out so  I just sat and enjoyed the fun.  I was able to see that Alabama couple lady sucking another cock between me and the screen.  I was enjoying the action and it was all over the theater, first time I had seen so much at one time.  This girl that came in with couple 6 slid down the seats to a young Hispanic man and asked if she could suck his cock, he almost broke his arm freeing his cock for her to get in her mouth.

I am sitting there thinking this is the way is should be when couple 2 comes back in and walk right to me and sat down next to me.  She and he have been next door to the titty bar getting some liquid guts.  She says she still owes me a blow job, I told her that I had had two already and did not know if I could get anything going she assured me she could make it work so I dropped my pants and she knelt before me and gave me a great and long lasting blow job.  One of the best.

It was reaching 12 PM by this time and I had to drive a long way so after girl 2 finished with me we all left.  She has such a lovely body and gives such good blow jobs, I asked for their name and number which they gave me.  He told me that this was the first time she had ever done anything in a theater and that she had enjoyed it a lot.  I am thinking that maybe I can set up a time for a replay.

The replay did not happen, but we became fuck buddies and I had sex with her many times over the next year.  Then she just quit wanting any extra sex and it ended.

Respectfully submitted


Doc here again... A big thank you to The Falcon for a quality Blast From The Past Report. We here at The Journal (OK, my dog Barky Lizardo & myself) don't get enough Blast From The Past Reports.  These are some of my favorite reports, and the feedback from you, the good readers of The Journal, is always positive from them.

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