Thursday, May 25, 2017

Flash Report! A Sunday Special at Berlin News Agency in NJ by Anaconda on 5/21/17

Doc here, 1996's Tiger Beat Dream Date for August, with a brand new Flash Report from one of my favorite adult emporiums: The Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ.  Reporting is senior Journal scribe Anaconda.

On top of the great report, there are details on a new weekend promo BNA is running that sounds pretty awesome.

Here we go...


Hey Doc! 

Your old pal Anaconda again with a new report, this time from Berlin News Agency (BNA) in Berlin, NJ. 

So, after what seemed like an unbreakable cold spell, things seem to be heating up for this field reporter. My time in Vegas was a blast as I have already reported to you and your readers. I only wish that work obligations were not so heavy that I could have made a return trip to Adult World, or checked out one of the other sinful spots in Sin City. Regardless, I knew I had something else potentially in store upon my return. 

On this particular trip, I was flying round trip from NYC, thus there was a driving leg of my trip as well. While NYC airports aren't necessarily right next door to southern Jersey, it's close enough that I wasn't going to pass up the chance to hit one of the top spots and roll the dice on catching some action. BNA does communicate the presence of couples and single gals in real time to those of us in the know, and from this we know that couples traffic can be heavy on any given day, at any given time, Sunday afternoon/evening not excluded. 
Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
So, after landing on Sunday afternoon, I made a run for it!! Traffic was unusually heavy, so sadly I didn't arrive until about 6:30PM. I saw that 2 couples had arrived about an hour earlier and was hoping that at least one of them might still be there. This was indeed the case, but they were just finishing up. When I walked in, it was clear something was up as there was a small crowd gathered around the far "cubicle" on the entry side (this makes sense to those of us that have been there and know the layout).