Friday, May 30, 2014

Art Cinema Event Report! Incognito Hits Mardi Gras @ The Art on 5/17/14

Doc here, a man who some say when the mood strikes, will whip up a set of nice beef sandwiches for the firehouse down the lane from the Chez Lizardo. One must always look out for the "Italian Beef Neglected."

Senior reporter Incognito has whipped up a tasty dish himself... A great Flash Report from the Art Cinema Mardi Gras Party on May 17th in Hartford.

I talked with Incognito at length that evening, as it was good to see him once again. It was also good to see he got into the fray on the main floor of The Art as well.

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

So I decided to make the venture down for Mardi Gras On Saturday, to hang out with Bella, The Doc and everyone else. I got there @ 7, and it was still light out, probably discouraging some to venture in early. But they slowly started to trickle in, and before we knew it, Doc's gift bags were all gone.

Couple's Flash Report! K&M Hit the Barnett Ave Superstore Theater on Memorial Day Weekend (w/PIC)

Doc here, a man who some say can cut a mean mambo, with an outstanding first time Couples Flash Report.

Please welcome K&M from San Diego... They have submitted a report from the very cool Barnett Ave Adult Superstore (which I have been to on many occasions), and it's doozy folks!

Here we go!


This is a true story, and only the names have been changed to protect the innocent...

We got to the Barnett Ave. Bookstore (and Theater) and I asked for admission for two. The clerk informed me that it would be no charge for a couple, & he buzzed us in the theater and we walked down a dark hallway. When we walked in the theater there were a few guys sitting in chairs so we started towards the back and guys were standing along the wall in the aisle grabbing their crotch, one older guy had his pants off and was stroking his hard cock.