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Blast From The Past! Mandg: First Time at an Adult Theater (w/3 PICS)

Doc here with a great Blast From The Past from first time contributors, Mandg.

I think you will enjoy this...A lot!

Our First Time

I have shared my wife a few times with some friends, and found out that I really enjoyed sharing her with others. But our first time at an adult theater was phenomenal!

We were headed back to Arizona from Georgia. We noticed a sign for an adult theater on I 40 in Texas on the east side of Amarillo, it sat probably at least a half mile back off the interstate (if anyone knows the name of this theater, PLEASE let Doc and us know in the Comments Section). We were both tired of driving and needed to stretch a bit.

Sally (not her real name) had said something about wanting to buy a small personal toy, so she could please herself on our travels (she loved showing off to the truckers). Anyway, we decided to stop in. There were about 6 trucks parked in the parking lot, and I assumed that many of them had stopped there for the night. As we walked in, it was really empty with only one guy was looking at DVD's. We looked around a bit, and on one side of the store was an entrance to the small viewing booths, and on the other side was a full size theater.  We decided to first try the small viewing rooms.

The Real "Sally"
When we got in there, there were about 6 guys wandering around. I had been into glory hole theaters before, so I knew about the loiterers. No problem as long as they aren't pushy.  As we went into one, we put some money in, watched a bit. I played with Sally’s titties a bit, but I couldn’t really tell if she was comfortable with it or not. She kept looking at the door  opening, and I wasn’t sure she was hoping someone would be watching us, or nervous that someone might come in or what. But they didn’t.

After the money was up I asked if she would like to check the theater out, nervously she said ok. When we went into the main store area to purchase the theater ticket, the guy behind the counter gave us tickets, and said don’t worry about it, it’s a slow night, the viewings on him. Hmmm. 

As we walked into the theater and after our eyes got accustomed to the darkness, we looked around. It was a very big theater, probably at least 50 seats, and in the back was like a stage. It was a platform about 4 feet off the ground, and ran the full width of the room, but was only about 6 feet deep, no “stage lights, just a couple dim side wall lights. You could see pretty well, but though it looked like a stage, it really wasn’t (or was it?). Well I knew what it was for, not sure if the wife even noticed it right away.  

We sat in the first empty row we found about five seats in. The place was empty with the exception of two guys a few rows in front of us. It looked like one was giving the other a hand job. I don’t even think they noticed us when we came in. As we settled in and "pretended" to watch the movie, we started hearing the door open and close, open and close. Slowly one by one everyone that was in the small viewing rooms had came over to the theater. Hmmmm I wonder why? LOL. 

A couple of them sat behind us, and one sat a few chairs to my wife's right. But they all behaved themselves and so did we.  A few minutes later, I just had to get something going, so I started rubbing Sally's legs. She had a relatively short skirt, and panties and of course a blouse with a bra. We hadn't dressed anything special for the occasion, as it was a spur of the moment decision to stop in there. Never the less, Sally started fidgeting a bit in her seat, her hand drifting to my leg and up to my crotch where she rubbed my cock through my jeans.  Didn’t seem like anyone was watching. So time to try something I had heard about. I whispered to Sally that I would be right back, I had to go to the bathroom.  As I left I could feel all the eyes on me. I stayed in the bathroom for about 5 minutes then returned to the theater.

While I was away, one guy moved to Sally's immediate right side, and three of them moved to the seats right behind her. I sat down, my eyes adjusted, I looked down, Sally's skirt was hiked up a bit, and her panties were on the floor. Other than that, everything was as it was when I left. Sally told me later that the guy to her right had moved over and started feeling her legs, then removed her panties for her. I had walked in and sat down before he could get to her pussy.  I looked over at him, smiled, and sat back.

He knew what that meant and wasted no time. His hand was between her legs in a flash, and within minutes Sally had her head laid back moaning, and all the three behind her were standing up watching as he pulled and played with her lovely swollen lips. At that point I heard the door open and somebody walked in, I couldn’t see who, but just as if it was on cue, the three behind us left and went to the back of the theater.  It kinda bugged me, did cops come in or something? Did we do something wrong?  The guy on Sally's right got up and went back with the rest of them. Meanwhile the two guys that were playing with each other in the front stayed right where they were enjoying each other, not even caring about what was going on behind them. Sally looked at me, I could tell she was disappointed and a bit concerned, she slid her panties back on and said maybe we better get out of there.

As we got up and started for the door, I noticed the guy who was attending the counter and gave us the free tickets was standing at the exit door. He asked if something was wrong, and I said I didn’t know, everyone got up and left us. He pointed over at the rear of the theater, and  said, "oh they didn’t leave you, their waiting back there for you"  as if we were supposed to know.  I looked at Sally, she looked at me, smiled, shrugged her shoulders, "let's see what's going on". 

We sauntered over to the "stage/platform/ whatever it was". And stood by it watching the movie. Within seconds all four of them surrounded us and stood by us pretending to watch the movie, I figured screw this, I got to get things moving here. I turned to Sally, pulled her panties off, lifted her ass up on the platform and opened her blouse and un hooked her bra. Sally and I are both 56. She is about 5'4, 110 lbs, red hair, and while not a 10 she certainly isn't any less than a 7. Her pussy is trimmed, but with a nice little tuft of lovely red curls and two quite large lips protruding from the bush, her breasts are 36c's with some pretty large nipples. I kissed her and whispered, "are you ok with this" she just smiled and I stepped back.

That’s when I noticed the store attendant was right beside us. I learned later that he had let a couple more truckers in, then locked the door so he could also enjoy what might happen. The other guys were all over Sally, one took her blouse all the way off, and removed her bra. Another rolled her onto her back and slid her skirt off. She was completely nude, wearing nothing but a smile lol.  Sitting up on that platform.

The store attendant whispered to us, "the doors are locked, nobody else can come in, play safe and respect the lady.  Lol it was funny, although I see Sally as a lady, to the others, here is this woman, in an adult theater, naked, with close to 9 guys fondling her. Lady, no, she was our slut!  Everything from there on out was all about her, they fingered her pussy, her ass, they ate her sucked on her breasts, and she sucked their cocks one by one.

By this time we were all naked, including the store keeper and I, what a beautiful sea of bodies in a room lit only by the movie screen. It was a free for all, I noticed some of the guys were fondling each other, as they waited their turn with Sally. I watched as Sally sucked on this guys cock and this other guy was eating her pussy. The rest of them all had their cocks in their hands rubbing them all over her titties, her belly and anywhere on her they could. It was the greatest.

Finally all were spent, Sally had cum dripping all over her, in her hair, on her breast, belly legs, and of course dripping from her ass and pussy.  We gathered up our cloths, and the store attendant said we could shower up if we wanted to, but it was a shower for the truckers, and it was open to everyone. Not a problem, we both went in and showered up. While we were in there, another trucker came in to shower, he had just got off the road and hadn't been  in the theater with us. But he must have been told of our performance he smiled, and rubbed Sally's ass as he walked by.

We left the theater, and got in our car. I was beat, not ready to start down the interstate, so we decided to pull the car around to where the truckers were parked and decided to get some sleep. Just as we were about to nod off, the trucker that was in the shower knocked on my window, I rolled it down, and he said that his cab had lots of room if we would like to join him and get some good rest. Yea right lol. But why not.

As we climbed in his cab, it was amazing that the three of us fit in his bed, Sally in the middle, all three of us naked. Sally sucked him off, I ate her out, then he fucked her very hard. He was huge and she was being split wide open but enjoying every inch of his girth, he asked if I would like some of it, I said no way is that huge thing going in my back side!

Anway when he filled her cunt with cum, it was my turn, when I entered her, it was like sticking my cock in warm butter, his cum was so hot and her cunt was dripping with it, I came in no time, rolled over, and we all went to sleep. I woke up to the noise of Sally taking that huge thing in her back side. I don’t know how she did it. But she did, and when we walked away from that truck to get in our car and head on the road, Sally was damn near bow legged, her pussy and ass were sore for a week.

5 or 6 Hours down the road we stopped at a truck stop to get some lunch. There at one of the tables were two of the truckers that we played with in the theater. They just smiled, bought our lunch for us, and whispered to all the other truckers as we ate. I know they were talking about how Sally had taken them all on. We just smiled, and when we left, Sally slid out of the booth, let her legs spread considerably, and flashed the guys her naked pussy, as she had left her panties in the guys truck. Damn it was one wild time.

Probably never experience anything that good again, but who knows maybe we will.


Doc here again... Many thanks to Mandg for a great Blast From The Past report.  If any of you know which adult theater they visited, please drop in a comment below and let us know.

We are looking forward to your next reports, Mandg!


Updated! Freeze Frame: Introducing ToyLovingMilf w/3 PICS!

Doc here, your humble sea bass, with the second of our new series, Freeze Frame.

Tomorrow, you will read the latest report from 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western suburbs from West Man. Well, as it so happens, one of the couples described in tomorrow's report are friends with The Good Doctor.  This would be Couple #4 in that report.

The drove to 15th Avenue in their El Tostador Diablo, and had a great time at one of the best adult theaters in the country.

Ladies and gentlemen of this thing of ours, and to all the ships at sea, I would like to introduce you to ToyLovingMilf and her main guy, D.  Not only is TLM not a stranger to adult theaters and adult book stores, she is also a camgirl on Live Jasmine.  In other words, don't let her pretty face fool you... She can be a very naughty girl!

Here is the first of I hope many photo galleries of the lovely ToyLovingMilf to grace the pages of The Journal:

(Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Doc here again... FYI, the second pic was taken at Exotic Video in Roselle, IL. Would you like to see even more of my friend ToyLovingMilf?  Visit her at her Live Jasmine link at HERE , and you will get a show you will remember for a long time.  Remember to tell her Doc sent you!

Thanks again to TLM and D for allowing me to share their info!  Keep the pics and reports coming!