Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flash Report! K&S Cummin @ The Berlin News Agency St. Patty's Day Party, Part 1

Doc here with a great first time report from new reporters K&S Cummin.

In this report, K&S hit The awesome Berlin News Agency on their St. Patty's Party on 3/16/13.  By all accounts, the event was a home run for everyone, and this report does a nice job of setting the scene for us.

This is Part 1 of 2 parts, so enjoy this appetizer and as soon as Part 2 hits my in-box, I will have it up for you.



Hi Doc,

As we normally hail from Central Florida and visit the theatres in the Tampa area we had a wild and fun experience at the St. Patty’s day party in New Jersey at the Berlin News. You see myself “ K” (the guy) and “S” (the very sexy and beautiful  gal) had planned a what we call “our nasty” weekend. Our plan was to visit the “Berlin News” on Friday night then travel to CT for some afternoon delight at the “Fairmont” in New Haven and then experience the “Art Cinema” on Saturday night. But our plans changed and so we decided to hit the St Patty’s party at the “Berlin News Agency” (BNA).
Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ

We are experienced theatre goers in this “thing of ours” but mainly the Fantasyland 1 and 2 in Tampa. Previous to this weekend “Buddies of Largo” was our favorite place to play. But BNA has taken first place with “S” and me.

We arrived about 7:30pm or so and were warmly welcomed by the staff. After a quick bathroom stop needed after our 2 hr. drive from Maryland we ventured through the different rooms to check things out. The place was packed with guys of all ages and types and couples galore. “S” and I made our way to the back to see a busy lady getting fucked by a couple of guys and sucking a CD.
About 30 people were crowded around and watching the show. All the guys made room for us to get close to watch the action. It was very hot as the dicks were out stroking to this scene. We watched for a while as this lady took on many guys before we walked back to the main theatre. Here we sat in the back row and immediately were surrounded by about 15 very horny guys and a couple of couples who were eager and anxious. The staff actually had a guy keeping control of the pack as they all wanted to get their hands on “S”. I can’t blame them as she is extremely beautiful and sexy. And I don’t just say that because she is with me. She is incredible and insatiable.

Berlin News
Inside  the Theater
We sat and relaxed and took in the many cocks stroking. A young fellow sat next to “S” and soon started to work his hand to her pussy. That’s when our night started. One by one guys very politely asked to fondle “S”. She had hands all over her and she loved it especially some very talented guy who massaged her breasts very much to her liking. This guy we also called our personal “security” man because he was so concerned everyone behaved themselves with both of us.

Several  more couples came in to watch the show and were playing with their better half. Eventually “security” man asked if he could go down on “S” right there in the seats. She said yes and down on his knees he went. I got out of my seat to give him room. I could tell he was good at what he was doing because “S” was moaning and had her eyes closed. I was standing with the rest of the crowd stroking and watching the show myself. I kept noticing an Asian lady in a red dress walking around. She came next to me and I was able to play with her ass a little before she moved away again. I was intrigued with her.
Back to “S” and the security guy. He ate her for a good 15 minutes then she returned the favor by giving him a great blow job and sucking him to completion and while doing that gave another guy a hand job till he came all over her hand.
Berlin News
Video Booths
So in the first 30 minutes “S” had put on a nice small show and satisfied a couple guys. But we were just getting warmed up. For the next half hour or so back and forth we cruised the different rooms. There was sex everywhere and too many scenes to describe here but let me say every type of sex was being performed here. My lady and I loved it cause all of what we saw fit our “kink”. You see I’m Bi and she’s Bi-curious. And she really gets off watching guys together which we saw plenty of.
While watching some group scene security guy and another guy who I’ll call “#2” bookended “S” and watched the shows with her. They each were rubbing her ass, pussy and tits while conversation was being had. I stood back out of the way getting off on watching other men flirt with my lady. God I love that.

Eventually she calls me over and tells me she wants to fuck them both and are going back to the booths. Okay with me so we all ventured to a booth. First she sucked the security guy again to make sure he was very hard for her but he shot his second load with her before he got a chance to fuck her. “S” later said she was disappointed because his cock was so nice she wanted to feel it in her and save his cum in a condom for our later private play. Then #2’s turn came and she started sucking him to get him ready and he blew real quick. She enjoyed both and it was awesome.
We ventured back to the far back room where the lady we saw when we first arrived was still taking on all “cummers”. We moved around taking in the scenes and then came across a couple who were both on their knees sucking guys off together. They were great and had amazing skills. After each guy came they “snowballed” or shared his cum in their mouths. I was one of the lucky guys who experienced their talented mouths. I didn’t cum but enjoyed this sexy lady and handsome hubby. “S” was wet as I was fingering her while they sucked me.

We had now been at BNA for about 2 hours and stayed 2 hours more. This is the end of part one of our story. Stay tuned for part two.

Doc here... Wow, what a great start to this report from K&S!  Keep up the great work guys, and we are standing at attention waiting for Part 2!


Call For Reports!

Doc here, your humble sea bass, with a Call for Reports!

Yes kids, The Good Doctor's editing queue is almost dry. The past few weeks have seen a crazy amount of activity at the biggest and best adult theaters in the country. 

From just last night at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, where a 19 year old broke her adult theater cherry, to this past weekend where there was a terrific amount couples fun in Hartford, Portland, Toledo, Berlin NJ, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and Tampa. There is plenty of adult theater action taking place...

The bigger question is: Where are the reports?  The readership here at The Journal is hungry. 

Please submit your adult theater reports direct to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  I will edit, format, and even drop in a pic or two for you if you don't have any of your own.  First time reporters, make sure you provide a pen name for your reports.  Without the pen name, I can't publish them.

Veteran reporters... You know the routine.  Time to dust off the keyboard and jump back into the fray.

Thank you for your past and future efforts in keeping this thing of ours alive and thriving.