Sunday, September 26, 2010

Field Report! Waverly Adult Books and Theater by OldBeatNik

Doc here with a GREAT field report from senior reporter OldBeatNik on the Waverly Adult Books and Theater in Waverly, VA.  I have heard of this theater in passing, but have not read anything about it...Until now!  OBN has a great writing style that I am sure you have enjoyed in the past from his past reports.  This report may be my favorite to date.

A report like the following is like Christmas and Easter all rolled into one for The Good Doctor.  It's new, uncharted territory and it sounds like a lot of fun.  So sit back, and enjoy the writing talents of our good friend, OldBeatNik

Waverly Adult Books-Video Store-Theater
111 S. County Dr.  Waverly, VA

Hi Doc:

Here is a field report on the Waverly Adult Books and Video Store/Theater in Waverly Va.

The book store/theater in Waverly Va is a small out of the way place that gets it's share of couples action. It is a 45 minute drive from Petersburg and up to 3 hours from any big city. So if you go there it is for a purpose.

It is open from 8 am to 1 am seven days a week year around, with a half day on Xmas. It costs $15 for men, women and couples are always free. Your money gets you free booths and access to the theater. You can leave and return 3 times throughout the day without having to repay. There are 20 some booths, most with gloryholes and one with a small couch. I was told a couple uses that one frequently and bring their own blanket because there is a broken spring in the couch. The booths looked to be in good shape and didn't have that cummed in smell. There is one bathroom that was clean and well tended.

The theater has 5 long comfortable couches that can seat up to 8 people in close quarters. There is one love seat against the wall near the screen. The only light comes from the screen so it is quite dark. The screen is about 8 feet by 4 feet showing DVD's  with good clarity. There was a small contingent of men there and it didn't seem to have a lot of the usual gay cruisers. There is one aisle as you enter with the couches in rows to your right.  There is no dedicated couples section.

Only one couple came into the theater the Saturday night I was there but they made my trip worthwhile. He was a 40ish biker looking gent she was a 40 something tall thin very good looking blonde wearing a tight little black dress.

I entered the theater the same time they did hoping to sit somewhere so I could watch. They stopped short and leaned up against the wall so I had to walk by them. He was against the wall she was standing in front of him. It was too dark to see if he was caressing her but I could see her writhing into his body.

They stood like that for about 5 minutes when he suddenly left and she was alone in the theater with about 10 very horny men. The man sitting on the couch nearest her put out his hand with his palm up. She hiked up her dress revealing  a shaved pussy and walked the few feet over to his hand and the fun began. She put her pussy on his hand and was immediately surrounded by the rest of us. She lowered the top of her dress exposing her breasts and I started to play with her left nipple while several hands stroked her ass and other tit.  She was moaning as we touched her and the man on the couch finger fucked her. She came several times and even squirted. Then she sucked off 5 or 6 men in quick succession while the rest of us continued to play with her tits and pussy.

I asked her if she liked her nipples bit and she hissed yes so I leaned over to  put my mouth and teeth on her left nipple. She came again as I bit down on it. While someone finger fucked her I began slapping her pussy lips and clit, the sound reverberated throughout the theater (I was later told you could hear it in the store) she almost collapsed and squirted all over the couch she came so hard. Sometime during the mob scene her man returned to watch her in action and hold her hand. In about a half hour she was spent and with mutual thanks all around they left.

A very successful trip to an out of the way theater.

I highly recommend the Waverly. The management is friendly as are the regulars, it is clean and well regulated. They get couples every weekend, most of whom play I was told, so it is a good place for my fellow horn dogs to go.

Have fun, play safe, be considerate. 

Doc here again...Thanks OBN for an outstanding report on a theater few of us have ever heard about, but (thanks to reports like this) many more will seek out this exciting adult theater.

Do you have a report you would like to see on the pages of The Good Doctor's Journal of Adult Theaters?  Just drop me an e-mail at  I will edit, format, and get that sucker posted in no time.  That's The Lizardo Promise.