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Field Report: Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque NM
Submitted 8/22/09

This is the first published adult theater field report from one of our readers, Donny Digital.  Nice work Donny!

98th St. Bookstore.
It is located on 98th just south of I-40 across the street from the Flying J truck stop. It is probably the cleanest place in town. There are about 15 arcade booths that use dollars, some have seats. some don't. There are some that are big enough for 2 and the back row has several glory holes. The theater is open all night and cost $6 per person (including women) and they allow 3 re-entries. The theater is large and sometimes is way too cold. There are 4 metal bench seats with footrests. They are not very comfortable and hurt after awhile. There is a back wall that guys like to stand there and watch the action or do their own thing back there. The TV is an old rear projector type that is missing blue colors and needs replacement desperately. It is still somewhat clear and watchable though. Sometimes there are smokers but the room is well ventilated. There are couples that go there but not very many and is hit or miss. Fri and Sat are best. Management is fairly cool as long as you don't loiter. ID is required to get in the building.

Pussycat Theater
It is located on Central between San Mateo and Wyoming. It is next to the Circle K store. There are about 20 small arcade booths that take dollar bills. No glory holes. The seats are padded and the place is fairly clean. There are also a dozen larger lounge rooms that have leather love seats in them along with 50" widescreen TVs. They are not the cleanest but overall ok. These rooms take $5 and larger bills and they only allow 1 person per room. (unless you can sneak in without getting caught. The theater is $8 per person or couple but you cannot re-enter if you leave. They have 5 different movies rotating throughout the day. The theater holds 50 people and has movie theater type chairs. They are fairly comfortable and have plenty of leg room. The back row is fairly dark and has the most action. There is a restroom available in the hallway but its not the cleanest. The TV is a front projector on a 10 ft. decent screen. There are some smokers in the theater but most go out into the hallway. Weekdays are mostly older guys but the weekend nights do get couples in there. Unfortunately when a couple does come in there are so many weirdo's the flock to them that they get scared and leave. This is not always true but it happens way to often.

Viewpoint Theater
It is located on Central near Louisiana. It is next to the Sonic Burger place. This is a small place that has about a dozen arcade rooms. They take dollar bills and most have glory holes. The booths are small and somewhat dirty. The management is cool as long as you keep money in the slot. There is also a small theater that has a nice rear screen TV showing 1 movie per day. It cost is now $6 (was $5) to get in and the allow re-entry. I think they are open all night. Day crowd is mostly old guys and couples are rare. They also have metal bench seats that hold about 18 but get uncomfortable after awhile. Most do not smoke in there, they go outside. They were going to build another theater for gay movies but the plan has been put on hold.

Rio Bravo Bookstore
It is located on Rio Bravo just west of I-25 about a mile on the north side. It is in a dark mini-mall building and can be easily missed. It is the dingiest place in town and looks like its from the 70's. There are about 8 arcades that take tokens and a few have glory holes. There are also a row of booths that are for viewing dancers. I am not sure the type of girls they have so I cannot comment. They also have a large theater that cost $7.50 person /couple. The theater has a overhead front projector shining on a large hanging screen. The quality is ok but could be better. The have about 32 theater type seats that are comfortable but need to be bolted to the floor. The say they are in the process of remodeling so changes are in the works. The manager seems cool. I think there are no smoking signs in there but not sure. Couples do go there but its hit or miss. Haven't figured out if there are any regulars yet. They show 3 movies per day. Re-entry is allowed.

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