Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Visit Announcement: Michael & Brandy Friday May 10th @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN

Doc here with a Upcoming Visit announcement for you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.

This Friday, May 10th at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN (address in the database), Michael & Brandy will be making a visit (and a whole lot more) to CTs for a gang bang starting at 8pm. This is couple is hot and experienced in this thing of ours, and ready for a great CTs welcome Friday night.

Here is Michael and Brandy (in their own words) and what they are looking for:

We have been to CTs on our motorcycles going through one afternoon.We go to a theater to get fucked and enjoy the scene together, so we look forward to the experience. Hard core is OK with us even thought we are older. Brandy has a sexy style about her that keeps guys surrounding her. She will entertain the group for sure---so lets place us on site at 8 PM and go from there. Doc, we hope you are around as it would be cool to meet you. Many folks including us appreciate your effort to keep us informed.

Here are some pics of the lovely Brandy:

So mark the date on your calendar: Michael and Brandy - Friday May 10th at 8pm @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  Be clean, prepared, and ready.


Couple's Flash Report! ATrampBoy and Friends @ The Ambassador Theater in Colorado Springs, CO

Doc here with a wild Couple's Flash Report from regular contributor ATrampBoy.  ATB and some lady friends made a trip to Colorado Springs' Ambassador Theater (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).
This is a solid report folks, so sit back and enjoy this one.
Hi Doc,
I recently visited Colorado Springs again to see my best girl Tes and friends J and P and D. With the Eros closing last year the options are limited with Pleasures being a disappointment as a theater and The Ambassador Theater being the more viable option.  
The Ambassador is small and the theater seating is VERY tight but we still had a lot of fun. P posted up a Craigslist ad which garnered a lot of attention but was tempered just before 'the event' with a friendly warning of law enforcement being interested in the ad, turns out that was not friendly nor accurate...

D decided not to join in after all, so Tes and I met with J and P at the theater. Now J is a major theater enthusiast and will take on all cummers, but Tes was more interested in watching J and showing off and playing with me! (VERY lucky me!) J was down on the stage chatting with some patrons and lamenting that the patrons were sort of timid this night. Tes and I visited for a few then took a seat middle of the back row and started fooling around with one another.
Ambassador Theater
Colorado Springs, CO
Tes was wearing a fishnet dress that showed her charms off VERY well, and we soon had interest and a half dozen very close spectators. I was on the floor between her legs tasting my favorite pussy when she tapped me on the shoulder and motioned to the wall. There was an older couple standing there watching us, looking very prim and rather out of place (soon a lesson on how wrong 1st impressions can be). I started sucking on Tes' nipples through the fishnet and we could hear J getting revved up as the older couple moved to the wall behind us and he came around the end of the aisle to stand next to Tes with his cock in hand as I enjoyed her incredible tits through her dress. Tes turned to him and started stroking him and then took him in her wonderful mouth. That got every one's attention and suddenly we were surrounded by hard cocks.....

The gent excused himself to check on his wife who had moved to a box behind us and was surrounded by several guys, despite being immediately behind us we couldn't really see what was going on but could hear the sounds of some serious sucking and fucking going on. This lady was really into it, taking on several guys simultaneously. During a brief lull we saw that under her prim overcoat she was dressed to play and had a very nice body to play with!
We were now surrounded by hard cocks being offered to Tes, and could hear J busy down front. We looked past the array in front of us to see her being spit roasted  on the steps and several others waiting their turns. Tes was starting to let the guys feel her incredible tits and play with her nipples as she started sucking the guy immediately in front of her. She alternated sucking and stroking the three different guys arrayed around her as the lady behind us finished her break and started playing again. Her husband queued back up with Tes and was soon enjoying her mouth too. 
I was standing next to Tes as she sat on the theater seat and leaned over the row in front of her sucking cocks and stroking with her left hand (she's a southpaw) when I was suddenly being jostled aside and a hand reached over my arm to fondle and squeeze Tes' tits. I was about to shoo the overly aggressive patron away when I realized it was J, taking a break from the festivities and hoping for some new players to stroll in and dropped by to join us. Tes stood up and started kissing J as they felt each other's tits and they started watching the older lady behind us who was still engaged with 2 or 3 guys. Tes reached back and stroked her husband as they watched her.
She finished them up and stood there watching as Tes stroked her husband, but they were clearly done and she started collecting her clothes as he put his still hard cock away. With their wrapping up Tes and I decided we needed some air as it got quite stuffy in there with all the guys clustered around us.  We told they guys we were taking a break and headed out to catch some air, meanwhile one of them approached J and she went back down front with him as we stepped out.
A few minutes in the cool night air, a few swallows of cold water and we re-entered the now nearly empty theater to watch J finish off a couple more guys as we returned to our seats. But this time Tes just let a few hands explore and soon J and P joined us and suggested a midnight snack elsewhere so we gathered our stuff, rearranged the lady's clothing and told the few remaining guys good night and left, with Tes still wearing only her fishnet dress...
The Ambassador Theater was friendly and very welcoming. Fridays and I think Tuesday couples are free but the seats are small and tightly packed making it hard to stretch out and play unless you want to use the stage or the floor between the front row and the stage. It would be nice if they'd ditch the theater seats and replace them with couches or futons or something if they want to attract couples.
Doc here again... This is the first report we have received from The Ambassador Theater, and I hope it isn't the last.  Many thanks to ATrampBoy for another outstanding report from this thing of ours.

Flash Report! The Art Cinema in Hartford on Saturday 5/4 by The Boston Red Cox

Doc here with an entertaining and detail-filled Flash Report from our good friend, The Boston Red Cox.  In between batting practice and day/night double-headers, he will visit adult theaters and report back to your old friend in the white suit.
On this trip, he hit the awesome Art Cinema in Hartford, where he ran into several couples during the night.
Take it away, sir.
Good evening Doc "L",
Well, this past Saturday evening's, Boston Red Cox's road trip from NYC back to beantown, brought me going right smack through the middle of Hartford, Ct... And what's one to do when they are traveling near or through that city? Why, pay a visit to one of  "This Thing of Ours" top locations, THE ART CINEMA!
It was about 4pm Saturday when I lurched my 2013 undercharged ZIP car to a stop outside the theater. Went inside, said my hellos and paid my rent. After my eyes focused in the dark, I noticed a few guys up front viewing into the balcony above.
I took a stroll down and there in the lighted couples area, saw a blonde and a tall guy having some fun. One of the regulars in the theater told me they were the couple who had advertised earlier for other couples and single gals to meet them there for some good ol' girl/girl pussy licking.. seems she hadn't had any since college, and was yearning to munch... Since they were alone up there, they decided to play together, I guess, and play they did.. Let's call her "Blondie", and him "Slim Jim".
Blondie was about 5'5 tall and Slim Jim was about 5'9.. They went at it there up in the balcony for over 2 hours, all the various positions, and styles. In his silhouette, one could see that Slim Jim was overly endowed, and knew how to use it. Blondie was thin, but buxom, and loved doing it all ways, especially doggie, which we could tell from her moans of delight from the upper reaches of the balcony.
The Art Cinema's Balcony
As usual, this early in he evening, the usual bat-boys were doing their thing in the shadows on the lower level of the theater, with a few expressing hope to me that the couple upstairs might come down to play.
I sat down and watched the movie for an hour or so, dozing off in the darkness.. Around 7pm I heard a female voice from the lobby and walked out to check it out. A mid age couple was just entering the theater and paying admission... She was a 5'5 brunette, dressed in business attire, and looked like a librarian.. He was an average size guy... They high tailed it up the stairs to the balcony, and it didn't take them anytime at all to get involved with the other couple. in the darkness I could see them slowly undressing, and chatting with Blondie and Slim Jim. Well, within 10 minutes or so, Blondie had stepped up to the plate and could be seen munching on the Librarian's canyon, while the 2 guy's were viewing intensely from the bull pen ...
This seemed to go on for and hour or so, and then I heard the click clack of ladies heels coming down the stares, but  my hopes were dashed when they speedily exited the theater. A half hour later a tall AA BBW and her guy came in and went upstairs as well. She was a solid body type, and he was rather obese... They just sat up there, however, and watched the movie.
Art Cinema's Main Floor
Around 8:30 or so, I noticed a small BBW and a guy coming into the theater from the lobby, and just figured that they were going to go upstairs. But I was wrong, they entered the main floor and sat in the middle left bout 1/2 way down, and were quickly followed by a number of the guys there (including myself).
I must say, the crowd was well behaved, and extremely polite Saturday night. The couple kissed and play for a bit, showing off for the guys.. she lifted her dress to show her neatly trimmed pubes to everyone. One guy took the invitation and went to town orally on her split, for what seemed like an eternity, prompting one of the other guys to exclaim ("he must breathe through his ears"). Well this lady,  started screaming for more so loudly that one could not hear the movie! For well over an hour all one could hear was, "oh god, damn, shit, keep it up, don't stop now, tongue my clit, oh gawd, I am gonna squirt, ohh, shit, and any other kind of sensual expletive one could imagine. Her hubby just sat beside her and watched as she had head from multiple guys,  j/o'd and gave blow jobs to over 20 guys in rapid succession..
During that time, Her screams of ecstasy and for more, brought the 2 couples down from the balcony to see what was going on.. They both watched for a while, but then started in themselves with Slim Jim laying Blondie over the seats and entering her from the rear, while the solid gal played with her tits and let guys play and suck her boobs...During this period another young couple came into the theater, and watched the actions for a while and then left without playing.
It was getting late, and I had practice Sunday am, so the Boston Red Cox reluctantly had to leave to get back to Boston...On the way out, the clerk asked why I was leaving so early, and I just said , with a sly grin, "it's too loud in there, I can't hear the movie"...We both just chuckled!
That's all I can remember from "another night to remember" at the fantastic Art Cinema!
The Boston Red Cox signing out!
Another outstanding report from The Boston Red Cox and Hartford's awesome Art Cinema.  Keep up the great work!