Sunday, March 31, 2013

Flash Report! Brent Escorts Joyus to The Paris Theatre in Portlandia

Doc here with a classic report from my good friend and colleague in arms, Brent in Portland.

Long time readers know that Brent is indeed the poet laureate of this thing of ours. Those of us that write about the adult theater scene owe a debt of gratitude to Brent for blazing the trail (or tail, depending on your POV) for others in his footsteps.  As a matter of fact, I started reporting about this scene in his long vanquished "Portland Adult Theater Pumpers" Yahoo Group almost 10 years ago.

This past week, Brent escorted the local Portland legend Joyus to the Paris Theatre for a wild, wicked Wednesday and what follows is his report on the evening.

This report is classic Brent...Enjoy.


Joyus, a fine woman who occasionally likes to participate in "this thing of ours" emailed me this past Wednesday. She was looking for an escort to The Paris Theater, a private adult cinema located in downtown Portland Oregon. I wrote her back that I would be happy to be her escort and asked if I could announce her arrival on this group. She told me I could say I was bringing a woman to The Paris but not to elaborate.
Paris Theatre
Portland, OR

We met at a nearby bar, had a few drinks, and proceeded via a circuitous route to The Paris. When we arrived there were only a few men in the theater. Before she commenced to fucking, Joyus wanted to have an orgasm or two by means of a little lap licking provided by yours truly.

I wasn't sure I was up to the task but nevertheless I gave it my all, licking and sucking on her pussy like I was devouring a 4th Of July watermelon. I munched on her from her clit to her bunghole. I found a really sensitive spot and went to work on it. Soon I felt her tense up, grab the top of my head and shudder with an earth shattering orgasm.

Now she was ready to fuck. We moved the party to the exam table. The first young man was wrapped and before long her was pounding Joyus with his shiny black pussy pounder. The next guy was a little smaller but just as eager. The third guy was very well hung. He took it a little longer and a little slower. I think he was her favorite but she loved them all.

Another couple came in. He was black. She was white. Together they were hot and sexy. They got naked almost immediately, starting in the bedroom then moving to the couples section. I was sitting between the two couples, Joyus on one side and The Young Couple on the other, enjoying stereophonic fucking.

There were at least five couples at The Paris Wednesday and there was some really good theater sex. There was a blond BBW getting fucked in the couples section, a young couple who was at The Paris for the first time was getting turned on watching the sexy black and white couple in the bedroom. Joyus and I dropped back in after taking a break.

We went down to The Arena where I proceeded to give her another tongue ride. This time I knew where to go and for the second time that evening I was able to make her climax. She was ready for one last fuck and chose a guy that had endured crosstown traffic to get to The Paris, just to meet her. He fucked her for a pretty long time and they both really enjoyed it.

It was a great "Wicked Wednesday". Thanks, Joyus, for letting me be your escort. I hope you weren't too sore the next day, but if you were it had to be a happy pain.

Doc here again... Thank you Brent for all you do for this thing of ours. 


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Epilogue on The Big Shield's Flash Report! Mrs. Claus Has Been ID'd!

Doc here with a follow-up report on yesterday's terrific Flash Report from The Big Shield.

The original report HERE is focused on a holiday visit to the Summit Street News in Warren, OH. It was at The Summit that The Big Shield ran across a lovely vision - That of Mrs. Santa Claus.

Upon hearing this, I deployed the Lizardo I-Team to investigate exactly who this Mrs. Claus happened to be. 

At 6:30 Wednesday evening, I received the following mysterious e-mail message:

Hi Doc,

We just read the The Big Shield's report - here's a picture of "Mrs. Claus" from that night at the Summit.

Let the Big Shield know , that it was a very enjoyable experience for Mrs. Claus.

BTW- she passed out candy canes to all of the patrons of the Summit theater that night.

Wait a minute, said The Good Doctor to himself... I know this body, those long sexy legs, those lovely pair of Christmas ornaments, and that long curly black hair...

And just think, regular readers see her pics at least once a week here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, and on Sunday night.

The mystery has been solved... Yes, it is the lovely and insatiable "R" from regular contributors C&R.  Maybe this image will help you recognize her...

Whether you encounter R at The Summit Street News, Youngstown Ohio's Foster Art Theater, or even at Chicago's 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa, you will be in for a special treat.  I'm even trying to talk them into traveling to Hartford's Art Cinema, since it is right up R's alley.

Who knows where and when C&R will visit, what sexy outfit will she be in, and what party favor she might be handing out.

Many thanks to C&R for the investigative reporting and the new pic!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flash Report: The Big Shield Protects Mrs. Claus at Summit News in Warren, OH

Doc here with a report that somehow slipped through the editing que from regular contributor, The Big Shield.

TBS hit the Summit Street News in Warren, OH, and celebrated the holidays in grand fashion.

Take it away, The Big Shield!


Hey Doc,

The week before Christmas I found myself in Cleveland for business. Somewhat bored and as usual horny, I decided to look through the Good Doctor's database for an entertainment spot and lo and behold I saw the Summit News Agency in Warren listed which is about 35 miles from where I was staying. I had the misfortune of checking out the place on a Tuesday evening which happens to be the one day in the week that is dedicated to fellahs that like fellahs. Nevertheless, the manager greeted me, showed me around the establishment, took time to gauge my interests (women) and told me to return on Wednesday.

Turned away horny as a toad, I decided that the staff and the setup was nice enough to give Wednesday a try. When I walked through the door Wednesday evening I was told that 2 couples were in the theater. I paid my admission ($10) and went in and at the door I was greeted with sweet music to my ears.

One couple sitting up front were getting ready to get busy. The guy was playing with her ample tits and rubbing her pantiless pussy; she was moaning and rubbing his cock through his I said - getting ready to get busy. They were in their late 40's, maybe a little heavier than some would prefer to play with, but pretty much everywhere that I've been if someone is playing there is bound to be several fans watching the action. But to my surprise in a packed mini-theater there was only one guy checking them out up close and personal but at a respectful distance.

A quick look around the room told me exactly why. Sitting in the back corner was none other than a smoking hot Mrs. Santa Claus. All done up in red and white from the Santa hat on her head to the pumps on her toes with arguably the nicest set of tits! Her guy, we will call him Santa even though he was not in X-mas gear nor was he at all fat, was giving the room a nice teaser of a early Christmas present. Rubbing her all over and exposing her beautiful breast for the crowd to ogle clearly got her hot and horny to the point that she whips out Santa's cock she started stroking and being just a bit of a tease, she put her face right at Santa's engorged cock and doesn't give him head. Oh my, by this time many of the guys are crowding the walls and stroking their cock hard. Playing it cool, I leaned up against the wall and enjoyed the show but unlike a couple of jerks, kept my distance respectful as no one had been invited to touch.

After about a 20 minute tease show, both couples left the theater. The older couple apparently left all together but not the 30-40ish Santa and Mrs. Claus, they simply retired to one of the private rooms. I was told that this couple often plays alone but occasionally picks 1-2 guys to join them and they would send a messenger for the lucky guys. A few guys came and went into the adjoining private room then I was told that Mrs. Claus had never played with a black guy at Summit......thinking OK, to each his own, I was prepared to just hang out and see what the night had in store for The Big Shield.

But 5 minutes later, I was summoned to the private room by the lovey and very sex-sational Mrs. Claus whom apparently got a good glimpse of The Big Shield under my active wear. I paid my supplemental entrance fee and was allowed back; upon entering the room, I was given the go ahead by ole St Nick and the Shield went to work! After enjoying about 5 minutes of head, Mrs. C wanted to enjoy a good stretching by the Shield, so I suited up and told her to touch her toes. Standing in at 6'5" I had no problem mounting the 6' in heels Mrs. C and driving her like Santa's sleigh on Xmas eve. Mrs. C was being parted well by the Shield as I drove her like I was late for an appointment by a couple of days. The Shield usually has the control and stamina to control the release of the protective juices for hours, but the silky skin and earlier tease show put on by Mrs. C was simply too much and after about 10 minutes the Big Shield emptied nearly half of his juices right in the condom. DAMN! Mrs. C craved protection on her tits so the juices that I had left after ripping off the rubber was deposited right on her tits.

I stuck around for about 20 minutes after being spent and watched a bit more of the show of Mr and Mrs C and a college student - then I thanked them and she thanked me for the protection and The Big Shield was on his way.

Well Doc, that's all I have for this flash report. Until next time, may The Big Shield be with her.....whomever she may be.


Doc here again... A big thank you goes out to The Big Shield for this great report from one of the top adult theaters in the country, Summit Street News in Warren, OH. Eric and his crew run a great place, and it should be on your adult theater bucket list.

A little birdie just told me that The Big Shield may be making an appearance next Monday at the Summit Street News.  I wonder if Mrs. Claus will pull her husband's sleigh into there as well?


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flash Report! K&S Cummin @ The Berlin News Agency St. Patty's Day Party, Part 1

Doc here with a great first time report from new reporters K&S Cummin.

In this report, K&S hit The awesome Berlin News Agency on their St. Patty's Party on 3/16/13.  By all accounts, the event was a home run for everyone, and this report does a nice job of setting the scene for us.

This is Part 1 of 2 parts, so enjoy this appetizer and as soon as Part 2 hits my in-box, I will have it up for you.



Hi Doc,

As we normally hail from Central Florida and visit the theatres in the Tampa area we had a wild and fun experience at the St. Patty’s day party in New Jersey at the Berlin News. You see myself “ K” (the guy) and “S” (the very sexy and beautiful  gal) had planned a what we call “our nasty” weekend. Our plan was to visit the “Berlin News” on Friday night then travel to CT for some afternoon delight at the “Fairmont” in New Haven and then experience the “Art Cinema” on Saturday night. But our plans changed and so we decided to hit the St Patty’s party at the “Berlin News Agency” (BNA).
Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ

We are experienced theatre goers in this “thing of ours” but mainly the Fantasyland 1 and 2 in Tampa. Previous to this weekend “Buddies of Largo” was our favorite place to play. But BNA has taken first place with “S” and me.

We arrived about 7:30pm or so and were warmly welcomed by the staff. After a quick bathroom stop needed after our 2 hr. drive from Maryland we ventured through the different rooms to check things out. The place was packed with guys of all ages and types and couples galore. “S” and I made our way to the back to see a busy lady getting fucked by a couple of guys and sucking a CD.
About 30 people were crowded around and watching the show. All the guys made room for us to get close to watch the action. It was very hot as the dicks were out stroking to this scene. We watched for a while as this lady took on many guys before we walked back to the main theatre. Here we sat in the back row and immediately were surrounded by about 15 very horny guys and a couple of couples who were eager and anxious. The staff actually had a guy keeping control of the pack as they all wanted to get their hands on “S”. I can’t blame them as she is extremely beautiful and sexy. And I don’t just say that because she is with me. She is incredible and insatiable.

Berlin News
Inside  the Theater
We sat and relaxed and took in the many cocks stroking. A young fellow sat next to “S” and soon started to work his hand to her pussy. That’s when our night started. One by one guys very politely asked to fondle “S”. She had hands all over her and she loved it especially some very talented guy who massaged her breasts very much to her liking. This guy we also called our personal “security” man because he was so concerned everyone behaved themselves with both of us.

Several  more couples came in to watch the show and were playing with their better half. Eventually “security” man asked if he could go down on “S” right there in the seats. She said yes and down on his knees he went. I got out of my seat to give him room. I could tell he was good at what he was doing because “S” was moaning and had her eyes closed. I was standing with the rest of the crowd stroking and watching the show myself. I kept noticing an Asian lady in a red dress walking around. She came next to me and I was able to play with her ass a little before she moved away again. I was intrigued with her.
Back to “S” and the security guy. He ate her for a good 15 minutes then she returned the favor by giving him a great blow job and sucking him to completion and while doing that gave another guy a hand job till he came all over her hand.
Berlin News
Video Booths
So in the first 30 minutes “S” had put on a nice small show and satisfied a couple guys. But we were just getting warmed up. For the next half hour or so back and forth we cruised the different rooms. There was sex everywhere and too many scenes to describe here but let me say every type of sex was being performed here. My lady and I loved it cause all of what we saw fit our “kink”. You see I’m Bi and she’s Bi-curious. And she really gets off watching guys together which we saw plenty of.
While watching some group scene security guy and another guy who I’ll call “#2” bookended “S” and watched the shows with her. They each were rubbing her ass, pussy and tits while conversation was being had. I stood back out of the way getting off on watching other men flirt with my lady. God I love that.

Eventually she calls me over and tells me she wants to fuck them both and are going back to the booths. Okay with me so we all ventured to a booth. First she sucked the security guy again to make sure he was very hard for her but he shot his second load with her before he got a chance to fuck her. “S” later said she was disappointed because his cock was so nice she wanted to feel it in her and save his cum in a condom for our later private play. Then #2’s turn came and she started sucking him to get him ready and he blew real quick. She enjoyed both and it was awesome.
We ventured back to the far back room where the lady we saw when we first arrived was still taking on all “cummers”. We moved around taking in the scenes and then came across a couple who were both on their knees sucking guys off together. They were great and had amazing skills. After each guy came they “snowballed” or shared his cum in their mouths. I was one of the lucky guys who experienced their talented mouths. I didn’t cum but enjoyed this sexy lady and handsome hubby. “S” was wet as I was fingering her while they sucked me.

We had now been at BNA for about 2 hours and stayed 2 hours more. This is the end of part one of our story. Stay tuned for part two.

Doc here... Wow, what a great start to this report from K&S!  Keep up the great work guys, and we are standing at attention waiting for Part 2!


Call For Reports!

Doc here, your humble sea bass, with a Call for Reports!

Yes kids, The Good Doctor's editing queue is almost dry. The past few weeks have seen a crazy amount of activity at the biggest and best adult theaters in the country. 

From just last night at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, where a 19 year old broke her adult theater cherry, to this past weekend where there was a terrific amount couples fun in Hartford, Portland, Toledo, Berlin NJ, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and Tampa. There is plenty of adult theater action taking place...

The bigger question is: Where are the reports?  The readership here at The Journal is hungry. 

Please submit your adult theater reports direct to me at  I will edit, format, and even drop in a pic or two for you if you don't have any of your own.  First time reporters, make sure you provide a pen name for your reports.  Without the pen name, I can't publish them.

Veteran reporters... You know the routine.  Time to dust off the keyboard and jump back into the fray.

Thank you for your past and future efforts in keeping this thing of ours alive and thriving.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! D&B @ The Barnett Ave. Superstore in San Diego (w/5 Exclusive Pics!)

Doc here with yet another terrific Couple's Flash Report, this time from the awesome D&B.  Regular readers will remember my House Call Report from their visit to 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago during the holidays.
In this report, D&B made a daytime visit to San Diego's Barnett Avenue Superstore (address in the Journal's Database), to see what kind of trouble they could find or get into.
Here is their report and account of their theater experience, and 5 new exclusive pics of the gorgeous B!
Enjoy the report and new pics, kids! And remember to click the pics to ENLARGE them!
Hi Doc,
How have you been?  Good, we hope.  Here is our report from March 21st:
We showed up at the Barnett Superstore in San Diego around 10:45am and the parking lot had a decent amount of cars (maybe 10 in the front) and 3 in the back where we parked, so we had high hopes.  I was in jeans, a t-shirt, and jacket.  She was in a skirt, thigh-high stockings, a vest, a thin white top with no bra, and her sexy heels (see pics). 
B at the Barnett Ave Superstore
San Diego, CA

We walked around the store for about 30 minutes or so to peruse the outfits, costumes, toys, and party favors.  We saw one old guy walk out of the theater as we made our way around the store.  2 women, maybe mid-late 30s came in and looked around at the toys for about 10 minutes or so while they joked and were shocked at all of the anal toys.  1 older guy, maybe mid 30s or so and a bit on the heavy side had went in the theater while we and the 2 women were walking around the store.  Right as the 2 women were leaving, the guy we mentioned before came to tell the clerk that one movie was frozen and then he headed back into the theater.  We had finished up our shopping and headed into the theater not even a minute after him. 

We're not gonna bother with the theater layout since it has been described before. 
Anyway, we went into the far theater and sat in the back.  One screen was frozen (had to be the straight movie too.haha) and the other screen was playing a gay movie.  We sat there for about 5-10 minutes before moving to the other theater.  When we got to the other theater, the guy that we mentioned before was in the back (on the love seat alone for some reason) playing with himself, so we went to the middle row and sat near the wall.  B was inside while I (D) was closest to the wall.  We sat there and for some reason, this theater also had 1 straight and 1 gay movie playing.  Not to be rude or anything, but we wished at least 1 theater was playing both straight movies...or at least a lesbian movie instead of a gay one, but it wasn't the end of the world or anything.
B @ the Back of the
Barnett Avenue Superstore
Anyway, as we watched the movie as well as laughed and joked about the surprise gay gloryhole vid going on in the other theater (guys thought it was a girl sucking, but it was actually guys doing it), the guy behind us put it way and then went to look in the other theater.  Then he left the other theater to tell the clerk that the movie was still frozen on the other side.  What he didn't know was that B had really been enjoying seeing the sexy woman get fucked in the movie on our side and had pulled her tits out and she was sitting there with her legs spread wide, panties to the side, and she was rubbing her tight, wet, Asian pussy.  He caught a nice glimpse of it as he came back in and made his way to his seat.  He sat back down and instantly started jerking off again as B rubbed her pussy and moaned until she came.
The Lovely B
B then sqauted in front of me and started sucking me like there was no tomorrow.  She left her tits out and would make eye-contact every minute or so with the guy sometimes as she rubbed her tits to let him enjoy the view as well.  This went on for about 10 minutes before she turned around, lifted up her skirt, and started bouncing on my hard cock and moaning with enjoyment.  She had continued this reverse cowgirl ride for about 5 minutes before she then turned around to suck me to completion.
She continued that amazing blowjob like before and I heard the man behind me cum as she sucked me and looked into his eyes with a mouthful of my cock. I came shortly after and she swallowed it all.
We fixed our clothes a little, went to the front to get a few tissues to clean up a little more, and then made our way out of the theater.  That was about how it went.  We wished more couples (or any other people) were there, but they were probably in the arcade or something.  Either way, it was still an ok time.  Thanks for your time Doc and we'll let you know whenever we make our next trip to a theater here.
Bonus Pics!

Doc here again... many thanks to D and the sensational B for this great report, and brand new pics!  Keep up the great work!

Couple's Flash Report! March Madness at The Paris Theater in Portland with Gemini (w/A New Pic)

Doc here with an absolutely fantastic Couple's Flash Report from the awesome Gemini.

This past Friday night at Portland's legendary Paris Theatre, Gemini, along other Paris legends such as Koral and Ms. Fullswing, put on a display and show for the troops of Portlandia. It sounds like it was one of those "nights for the ages" we come across every so often within this thing of ours.

Gemini was kind enough to write a great report about the evening, and also include an exclusive new pic for us to drool over.

So kids, I suggest you sit back and soak this report in, as it's pretty fucking amazing. 

Take it away, Gemini!

March Madness at The Paris Theatre

After being absent from the Paris for some time, I received a personal invitation to join Ms. Fullswing and KC in an exciting evening.  Without much hesitation, Jordan and I decided to go.  We were thrilled when Koral texted us to say she and Sam would be joining in as well. 
The Lovely Gemini
As I prepared for the evening, I decided to forgo the usual low cut shirt, black jeans and boots for something a little more “Parisian”.   I dug deep into my lingerie drawer and pulled out a black and gold corset reserved for special occasions.  I added a black skirt, thigh high fishnets with garters, topped off with classy black high heels.    A long black overcoat was thrown on to get in and out of the theater.

We arrived at the Paris right behind Ms. Fullswing and KC, with Koral and Sam not far behind.  Everyone  headed  into the Oasis.  Within moments, the crowd of eager onlookers surrounded the rail.  I requested a pillow and towel to the general population, who responded promptly.  Koral sat next to me on the towel, with Sam on my other side.  I placed a hand on each of their thighs.  Like a kid in a candy store, I didn’t know where to put my attention.  Koral has the longest, most beautiful legs which were dressed in black thigh highs.  However, having waited for too long to wrap my lips around Sam’s cock again, I began my focus there. 

Kneeling on the pillow, I helped him out of his jeans.  Having never encountered mens’ porn underwear, I smiled at the full access they offered.  They allowed me to reach my tongue all the way to the base of his balls. I absolutely love licking the balls of a squeaky clean man.  And the look on his face is always priceless.   His cock grew in my mouth as I continued to suck.  I could have stayed there all night, but temptation was all around me.  I refocused on Koral as Sam untied her halter dress so I could lick and fondle her breasts. Sam reached over and began sucking one of mine and Koral joined in on the other.  Pure ecstasy came over me with these two devouring my ladies and I leaned my head back and moaned.  KC buried his face between Koral’s soft creamy thighs.  Sam then sat me down next to Koral and offered the same enjoyment for me.  He slid a finger, then two, into my wetness, which drove me wild. 
The Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
I could see Ms. Fullswing in front of me and again temptation could not be withheld.  I had to bury my face in her beautiful soft round breasts.  They are truly amazing.  KC laid her back on the bench for me to enjoy them as he pleased her below.   I went back to sitting by Koral.  KC came over and began to fuck her doggie style as I tried to reach her clit with my fingers, and then fondled his balls as he continued to fuck her from behind.  “Fuck her harder.”  I told him.  He began to slam into her.  “That’s it.  Now faster.  Fuck her faster.” His rhythm increased to top speed as he plowed into her, breaking into a sweat.  He then flipped her onto her back.  Somehow I ended up over the top of her as she asked to have my pussy over her face.  It was so erotic to know Korals sweet face was below me and feel her tongue struggling to taste me. 
So much of this time is a blur… I have never interacted with couples like this before.  Ms. Fullswing was on her knees sucking on Sam, and I came over to join.   We double teamed his cock, taking turns licking his balls and sucking his cock.  Then I stood up and whispered in his ear, describing what Fullswing was doing to his member.  At some point, KC laid his BBC into me as I had one high heel straight up in the air against the wall and the other being held up by an unknown hand.   Sam, Koral, KC and Fullswing all ended up on the floor intertwined in a scene of lust and sweat.  This was my time to excuse myself for some freshening up.
After cleaning up to lady-like status, I sat in the lobby with Jordan and his friend to rehydrate.  I caught a glimpse of a man who entered and walked past me into the theater doors.  Is this who I think it is?  After another minute or two, Jordan and I headed back to the theater door.  He said, “Did you see R come in?”  My face brightened as I realized that indeed one of my favorite gents had shown up. 

We entered the door and I wasted no time finding him.  I took his hand and led him into the annex, excusing the men who were huddled around in there.  They were more than welcome to watch at the rail, but I wanted to take my time pleasing R with no distractions.  We got him stripped down and laid back on the towel covered bench.  His cock is so beautiful and always so clean.  I absolutely adore teasing it with my tongue.  Just barely touching the tip then swirling down and around to his perfect balls. Back up to the head where I gently wrapped my lips around and ran my tongue over it.  I could feel it getting ultra hard. 

I began to suck and stroke him at the same time, trying to get his very large cock as deep into my throat as I could manage.  R was obviously enjoying it, but it’s possible that I was enjoying it even more.  I ran my tongue down his shaft and began sucking on his balls, still stroking his cock with my hand, then back up for full on sucking.  He looked down at me with a look of pure amazement as I could tell he was near exploding.  My pace increased as I desired to taste his cum.  He began shooting his load down my throat and on my face as I kept the rhythm steady.  Not wanting it to end, I continued to gently suck him and clean up his cock with my tongue.  It was still as hard as when we began.  I wanted to do it all over again, but I knew he would need a little recovery time.  I begrudgingly let him get up from the bench as I once again excused myself for some freshening up and hydration in the lobby with Jordan.

Returning into the theater, we found the couples heading down to the Arena Table.  Ms. Fullswing and Koral climbed up as the men circled ‘round.  Sam and KC vocalized the rules and the festivities commenced.  There was only room for two on the table, so I settled into a front row seat to view the action.  Koral took on all cummers.  Everyone knows she can never get enough of a man’s white gold.  Ms. Fullswing had a steady stream of men drilling her - knees pressed up against her chest.  I continued to take in the display as Jordan assisted with crowd control. It was essential that the ladies had enough air coming through to them.  Eventually the numbers began to dwindle as one after another satisfied man left the building.
By this time I knew I would not play any more due to a flare up with my ulcer and we left shortly after.  All and all a most memorable evening at the Paris.  Thanks to all who participated – and especially to Ray for having such a wonderful environment for fantasy fulfillment.
With wettest memories,
P.S. I am attaching a little pic of myself for anyone who may wish to view.  Not quite as daring as other gals, but something none the less.


Doc here again... I will give you a moment to gather yourselves.


Gemini, not only are you a terrific writer, you are a rock star within this thing of ours.  Thank you again for the great report and the classy yet sexy pic of the "ladies" and your corset. Keep up the fantastic work!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flash Report! Nanner Hits The Jolar Cinema in San Diego on 3/18

Doc here with a brand new Flash Report from senior reporter, Nanner.

Nanner hit a great night at The Jolar Cinema in San Diego, so sit back and enjoy his report.


Dear Dr.
Apparently the caucus of couples needed to shake the post St. Patty's day blues on Monday night because they were out in force at San Diego's Jolar Cinema on 3/18.
I stopped by the theater by chance that evening a little before 11PM and bought my $10 ticket and mosied on back to the adult theater section.  Upon entering a noted a bit of a crowd in the hallway and a bit more in the first theater.  As I quickly eyed the crowd I noted not one, not two, but THREE couples towards the back of the theater.  As there were no seats available I took a quick look into the second (normally confused side) of the theater and saw no one on that side, and some straight porn actually playing on one of the screens.
Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA
In the hallway leading down to the first theater there is a tinted window that allows for a limited view of the theater, so I decided to head back over just to get an idea of what was going on.  As I made it into the hallway one fellow asked my thoughts on what was going on tonight.  He told me that not only was there three couples on one side, but earlier there were SIX additional couples in the second theater.  Nine couples at one time in Jolar!
My fellow patron advised he had spoken with one couple, asking them if this was a pre-arranged meet, which they said no.  It appeared it was coincidence.  He also advised that at the female half of at least one of the couples earlier at been giving blow jobs that night.
Well I stayed around to watch the evening's events.  One couple migrated to the other theater and sat in the back with some mutual touching between themselves.  The other two remained in the other theater showing off for each other with some light play.  Then within a minute of each other, all around 11:30, the three couples left.  But not for long, as two couples returned together and headed to the second theater.
They remained for about another 30 minutes, when one of the ladies decided to give her man a blow job for all the crowd to enjoy watching.  She did an excellent job showing off her skills, and after he came they departed.  Members of the audience complimented her on her skill as she left which she graciously acknowledged.
I took a bathroom break (I had two beers at a local watering hole before heading over and my bladder could not hold it anymore) then headed back to the theater.  One couple remained in the theater and were now in the back row.  They sat the entire time with their hands down each other's pants, but apparently too shy to show anything.  This was an interesting contrast to the fellow they had invited over to sit next to them who was stroking his large cock with his pants off while the lady of the couple watched, or the two nude confused guys (actually they were probably not confused and getting what they wanted) sitting directly in front of the couple blowing each other.
I headed out as it was now 1AM and did have to get some sleep that night.  I wish I had been by earlier in the evening so I could have seen the spectacle of 9 couples in the Jolar theater, but it was nice to see what little I did.
Until next time,
Doc here again... Many thanks to Nanner for another outstanding report from SoCal and the theater scene there in the whale's vagina San Diego.  Keep up the great work, sir.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Return of Dry Clean Only and 4 Flash Reports!

Doc here with the return of regular Journal contributor, Dry Clean Only.  He fell off the grid for a bit, but he's back and better than ever.
Take it away, sir!
Doc, thanks again for your high standards of journalism and duty... you're an asset to the profession!  At long last...
It goes without saying that I've been a little lax in my reporting, but I have been keeping tabs on the scene.  A recent search for my favorite slut, The C.E.O., on The Journal revealed she's still at it after months of no updates, so, I felt it it's my duty to at least report back on my findings, as boring as they've been.  It seems my beginner's luck has worn out since last summer.  Here's a quick update from The Paris in Syracuse, Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls, Video Liquidators on Elmwood in Buffalo, and, yes, Secrets in Oakland.  I've also included an updated photo of The Paris in Syracuse, too.
Video Liquidators #3
Buffalo, NY
I've made numerous stops into Video Liquidators on Elmwood in Buffalo on various days of the week and times of day... nothing my fellow Journal readers would be interested in.  The CL activity looks decent, but it never seems to line up with my availability. 
The Saturday night couples event, from what I can tell on CL, appears to be well attended.  I've seen some couple action in the main theater there in the late afternoon on a Friday, and with just a couple cars in the covered lot (nice touch), and I've seen absolutely nothing to even get worked up about with a dozen cars in the covered lot.  The last time I pulled in was early evening on a weeknight, and there were a bunch of cars in the covered lot.  I figured I finally lucked out. 
I bought my "$15 for two" pass (i.e. come and go from theater 1 (straight) and theater 2 (mmf, bi, gay, etc.) as you like) and walked right into theater 1.  I figured there'd be a good size crowd in there and at least a couple.  Turns out it was just me watching some fairly benign porn.  Didn't take long to figure out that theater 2 must be packed.  I popped in there, and found a whole bunch of guys doin' each other in pairs, rather discreetly, to a mmf bi movie.  I went back to theater 1 and hung out for an hour, but aside from just the guys from theater 2 popping into theater 1 now and then, nothing to report.  It is worth mentioning that they have an enormous, well-stocked, clean ABS which couples and groups of girlfriends seem to frequent. 
I dropped by Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls late one weeknight in November.  Just a couple cars in the lot, but I went in and found the tiniest ABS I've come across.  They had a rather small theater, with the traditional movie theater rows of chairs facing the big screen LCD TV and a fairly low ceiling.  Not bad.  No one else was in the theater, and then some guy followed me in.  He seemed well intentioned and we made some small talk, but the motives seems to suspicious.  Then, in walks birthday lady and guy (must have been about late 50's), and they settle down a few rows from the back entrance to the theater.  She starts blowing him, while a weirdo dude shuffles over, drops trou, and gets a handjob from b-day lady.  Then, b-day lady's guy leans over and blows the weird due.  They're having fun but not doing much else, when, in walks another 50's-ish couple. 
She wore a long black coat with fishnet everything underneath, and he wore his best Sabres winter jacket and tennis shoes.  The two couples did not seem to know each other, and the new couple sat down not all that far away to enjoy the movie.  Within minutes, the weirdo and the lady's guy make their way over to the new couple.  There's some whispering about birthday and presents, and then the new woman gets up, and lays her coat on the floor then lays down on it in the aisle.  Birthday girl comes over and goes down on her; the Sabres fan just less than forcibly feeds his gal his dick just like he was some 20 year porn star; and, the two dudes from the original scene shuffle around looking for some action, which never materialized. 
As fast as the whole situation came together, it was over, and the four got their things together, thanked each other, and ran off into the cold dark night of Niagara Falls, NY in late November.  To their credit, the birthday threesome invited me and the other guy over, but we each gratefully declined, and wished his gal a happy b-day.  A couple other stops on weeknight evenings to TOTT have yielded some unremarkable results, despite several cars in the lot.  They've opened a "theater 2" in place of what was once an arcade, and it seems to show some more "modern" stuff --- college "reality", mmff-bi, etc. The setup is nice and more "living room" than theater.  The particular night I was there, recently, a bunch of guys of all kinds of ages were enjoying each other's company in theater 2. 
Doc, I have to say, one boring evening, I stopped into American News (I think) just a few miles from VL#3 on Elmwood in Buffalo.  Well, folks, besides having a full parking lot in a deserted section of town on a cold weeknight, it features the creepiest thing I've encountered, an "arcade".  Simple advice:  all dudes, stalker dudes, no chicks or couples.  Stay away.  Plus, if you do stay away, you'll reduce your chances of being mugged in the parking lot!  This should be on the Don't Waste Your Time List. (ed. note: This is true. A very scary place)
The Paris Twin
Syracuse, NY
Syracuse's Paris Cinema has proved to be an interesting spot for weekday and early weeknight evening movies.  They had one hell of a crowd (of guys, at least) in there over the Thursday lunch hour a couple months back, but no ladies.  A good selection of on screen entertainment, too.  The lot always seems to be full, yet I've only run into couples there once or twice there, and not for months now.
Finally, I found myself with some time to kill while visiting San Francisco, so I dropped into Secrets.  It's on the main strip heading into the Jack London touristy area from the 12th street subway station, and on the safe side of town (according to the subway ticket people). 
I arrived mid day on a cloudy weekend, and stayed for a couple hours.  The theater is spacious --- lots of seating.  There was at least one guy sleeping up front, and his snoring was ridiculous.  It would have made for a perfect Seinfeld or Curb episode.  The place was pretty heavily trafficked by a fair assortment of folks --- age, race, fashion --- but all guys.  There was a very friendly young lady at the register when I entered, and she said that the guys are usually in first thing in the morning, and into the afternoons, and the couples don't start coming in until after 9pm on the weekends, and they seem to have a pretty regular following. 
There doesn't seem to be any source of privacy or seclusion there, except for an arcade, which was weird but not nearly as creepy as American News in Buffalo.  As I recall, there were a couple rooms in the arcade with glory holes.  Plenty of well-lit and relatively clean bathroom space, too.  There is a well-kept and stocked video, magazine, and toy shop, as well.  However, with a train to catch, I had to take off before the crowd I was hoping to see would be coming in.
Lastly Doc. tell the CEO I was inspired by her to send in a submission, and hope that she won't be such a stranger to The Journal.  Good Lord, we need a few more freaky execs out here!
Thanks to Dry Clean Only for the terrific catch-up report and the gaggle of theaters he hit since his last report!  My hat is off to you, sir!  Keep the reports coming in!

Couple's Flash Report! M&D at Summit Street News in Warren, OH

Doc here with a great first time report from M&D.  They visited Summit Street News in Warren, OH, and it seems like they had a blast!
So please welcome M&D to The ranks of Journal scribes!
Take it away, M&D!
Been following your reports for a couple of months now........keep up the good work.
We paid a visit to Summit Street News last week and had another great time!  Didn't have much time but we did view the dungeon room for the first time.  The wife was totally impressed (and soaking wet) over the thought of using that room in the very near future.  The staff was extremely friendly and answered some questions about "this thing of ours" that we had.
Unfortunately the wife wasn't dressed "properly" for this visit.....but that didn't stop her.  Like I stated, we didn't have much time soooooooo we hit the video booths.  Of course we were not paying attention and the wife walked in on a male in mid stroke.  After apologizing we moved on and found our own "vacant" booth. 
We entered, I sat down and immediately started receiving the most incredible head from the wife.  It didn't more than 1 minute and our first friend arrived.  He watched for a little while and them the wife turned towards him and immediately started sucking him off.  She was standing at this point so I hiked her skirt up (no panties) and started rubbing her ass and pussy.  The lucky male then knew it was OK and followed my lead.  Within 1 minute he had his finger in her hot wet pussy (tried the tits but she had worn a bra) while having his cock in her mouth.  Within seconds he filled her mouth with the cum that she sooo loves, pulled out and left. 
He was immediately followed (yes, a line had formed) by 4 more males.  Well, being an equal opportunity pleaser the wife gave incredible head to all.  The second last bowed out with "stage fright" but she did try!  Needless to say we will be going back soon (this time without the bra!).  Summit is a GREAT place for any and all couples to visit and enjoy "this thing or ours!"
Take care
M & D
Doc here again... Many thanks to M&D for their first report!  Nicely done, and we cannot wait until your next visit!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Breaking News! The Fox Theatre in Vancouver To Close

Doc here with Breaking News within this thing of ours.  According to the Vancouver Sun, from which this is reposted, The Fox Theatre in Vancouver will be re-purposed into a night club and entertainment venue.

Here is the report...

Vancouver's last porn theatre The Fox to become live music venue

Opportunity too good to pass up for team from The Waldorf, Rickshaw


Read more:

The Waldorf production team has found safe haven at the city’s last porn theatre.

Former Waldorf leaseholders Tom Anselmi, Ernesto Gomez and Danny Fazio will join forces with David Duprey and Rachel Zottenberg in turning the Fox Cinema on Main into a live music venue and art space.

Duprey and Zottenberg are co-owners of the Rumpus Room, the Narrow and a soon-to-open Chinatown restaurant. Duprey is also owner of Hastings Street live music venue Rickshaw Theatre.

Duprey said he wasn’t looking for a potential new live music venue, but the opportunity to lease a space on Main near Broadway was too good to pass up.

“I kept saying ‘no, we’re not going to do it,’ up until the day we signed the lease,” Duprey said.

“This came up and it’s such a great location, we couldn’t say no,” Zottenberg said. “We know it’s crazy to be doing this at the same time we have this huge 5,000-square-foot restaurant opening.”

The Waldorf crew had been eyeing the Fox lease at the same time.

“We talked, and decided to combine our talents,” Duprey said. “I think it’s going to a fantastic combination. We’re not just going to be doing live music. There’s going to be DJs, comedy, film, everything that they were doing at the Waldorf.”

Duprey hopes to keep the name, although he doubts that anything else about the Fox is salvageable.

“It needs to be napalmed,” he said. “We were talking about doing walking tours and giving out haz-mat suits, but I don’t know. It’s disgusting.” He said it seems as though the inside of the building hasn’t been cleaned in 20 years. It’s been a porn theatre for the last two decades.

Zottenberg said there’s a painting of TV actor Scott Baio in the women’s washroom that is “epic. It’s the only thing I kind of like that’s on the inside.”

Duprey, who spent over a year trying to get a liquor licence from the city for the Rickshaw, is hoping he won’t have a similar struggle with the Fox.

“I’m a lot more on top of it this time. I’ve already started the conversation and I think I’m a known entity to them. I’m hoping that will expedite it (the application).”

He figures the theatre can hold somewhere around 250 people.

The 520-capacity Rickshaw and the Fox will complement each other, he said. “There are a lot of bands at the Rickshaw we don’t put in there because they can only sell 200 or 150 tickets. If a band looks like it can do 500, I can move them over.”

Before this, Zottenberg said her only experience with the Fox was avoiding eye contact with patrons walking out of the theatre on her way to and from work at the Narrow.

“I’d be coming home at 3 a.m. or going in to work at 10 a.m., and those are like the witching hours of the Fox.”

Read more:

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Hits Circus Cinema in Denver and Circle Cinema in Wichita

Doc here with two fantastic reports wrapped in one from our good friend, The Oral Reporter. He was able to visit both the Circus Cinema in Denver, and also the Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS.
Good Dr.
Oral Reporter here with a report from two theaters,  On Friday night I was in Denver and made my first trip to the Circus Cinema at 5580 Federal Blvd.
This theater has 4 individual theaters inside.  I paid my 8 dollars (senior rate) to the lovely lady at the desk and headed up stairs to see what the action was. 
I checked out all 4 of the theaters, and what they have is 2 straight theaters, on gay theater, and one she-male theater.  The she-male theater only has 4 seats and standing room for about 4 more.  The gay theater has maybe 20 seats, each of the straight theaters have about 30+ seats.  After checking out all 4 theaters, I found no couples.  I sat in one of the straight theaters and watched a movie for awhile.  I noticed in each theater there is a Television with a 4 way split screen.  It showed the front door on one of the splits, the parking lot on two of the other splits and the hallway on the last one.  The one showing the front door is very handy for two things, seeing any couples coming in, and watching for the Law Enforcement. 
Circus Cinema
Denver, CO
The TV also sounds a ding when someone comes in the front door, when that ding goes off, everyone checks the TV to see if it's a couple or a cop.  Back to the story, it was not looking good until about 10:30 PM when one couple came in they checked out both of the straight theaters as well as the other two theaters before settling down in theater #1 a straight theater.  They played a little with each other for a while.  She was a Latino looking lady middle aged, and seemed to a regular at the theater.  The guys got a little too close to soon, so they got up and left the theater and I then found them in the she-male theater, trying to hide a little.  I went in and sat next to them, with only 4 chairs, that was not hard to do.  I was stroking my tool, and she was giving her guy a nice blow job.  She was not ready to give a little attention to anyone else. 
After a few minutes the room was over flowing with guys stroking themselves.  The couple left the theater for a little break, but came back and went back to theater #1, again playing with each other.  About 30 minutes later another couple came through the front door, this one was a blond BBW, that was dressed to play.  They came up and entered theater #1.  She started playing with her guy right away and the crowd assembled, like sharks to blood in the water.  She started giving him head, and as soon as the guy motioned for the guys to start feeling her up, there were hands all over her with several guys stroking themselves.  I was seated right in front of them, so I had a great view. 
I got a good feel of her huge tits, and got a little stroking of my tool by her.  She was busy sucking a couple of guys off, her pussy was getting several hands working on it.  after about 15 minutes of this, the blonds guy said time to go, so she put her clothes back on and they left.  I was hoping they would come back but no such luck.  One strange thing, when they left about half of the crowd of guys left also.  So this made it easier for the Latino lady and her guy to enjoy themselves.  After a couple more breaks the couple started playing a little heavier. 
One guy was trying to touch and he was told 4 times to keep away.  The rest of us guys told the guy he was going to chase the couple away.  He left and went to another theater.  The Latino lady and her guy were in the back row and they started letting a few guys touch.  One guy a younger guy sat next to her and he was playing with her pussy, and she told him to stand up and she gave him a nice blow job.  When he came he left and I moved into his spot, I offered to eat her pussy after all I'm the "Oral" reporter and love eating pussy.  She said no, and started giving her guy a blow job again. 
After a few minutes he stood up and turned around she then started licking his ass hole.  That put a smile on his face he then turned around again sat down and she started giving him head again.  He motioned for me to come close and pointed towards her ass.  I asked if I could play and he said yes.  I started finger fucking her she was not very wet, so I licked my fingers and put them back in.  That was all I was going to get but it was worth the price of admission.
I told them about this blog site, so maybe they will read this and enjoy the fame.  I asked for their initials to put in the story but they declined.  A couple of cross dressers came in but did not stay long.  I called it a night and went back to my hotel, I had a 9AM flight to Wichita, KS via Atlanta.
Circle Cinema
Wichita, KS
My next stop was the Circle Cinema in Wichita.  I got there around 5:30 PM after doing a little work at the shop I had to go too, I ventured over to the Circle cinema grabbed a burger on the way, ate it in the car, and pulled into the Theatre on Seneca St.  It was about 8:30 PM when I got in and talked to the attendant.  he knows I submit stories to this web site, and told me so far there were no couples in the theater.  I paid my senior rate of 4 dollars and went in. 
There were nothing but a bunch of confused guys in the theatre pleasing each other.  Around 11PM the Amish couple comes in they are regulars and are senior citizens but they do play. with the guys.  I have played with them before, so I went over to where they were, and sat next to them, I started stroking myself while she was stroking him.  About 15 minutes of this and he said lets go up in the second level and see if any of these guys want to play.  As they started moving to the second level, I was right behind them.  They got comfortable and she started giving him head.  I was standing right behind her stroking my tool, he motioned me over to next too her. 
I started to stroke her but she had a heavy coat on and there was no skin but her neck and face to stroke.  She turned around and started giving me head, it was not long until I told her I was going to Cum and she let it out of her mouth and I shot off.  I being the gentleman I am, I offered to lick her pussy and she smiled and said yes.  I went down on her until she came.  I got up cleaned up, and thanked  her for the fun.  A little later they left, and I was not far behind them.  I talked to the attendant on my way out, he said another regular couple came in but only did some shopping he said they usually go in the theater but not this time.  All in all the two theaters were pretty good, nothing like the Art Cinema or the Paris, but I'll take it.
Doc, I wish more theaters were like the Circus Cinema with the closed circuit TV showing the front door so you can see the couples coming in or the cops coming in.  The Circle Cinema in Wichita is still in a sad state of affairs, with more and more of the seats getting so bad you can not sit on them.
I'll be in Buffalo this weekend so I might try out the Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls, or Video Liquidators on Elmwood.  I'll let you know if anything happens.
Oral Reporter
Many thanks to The Oral Reporter for his hard work in the field.  Keep the reports coming in, sir!