Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! JP's Slut's Christmas Present at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago (w/8 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say never took second place in this month's sales contest (the steak knives), with a special holiday themed Couple's Flash Report by my good friends the amazing JP's Slut and her Master JP.

Now The Good Doctor doesn't usually dictate or suggest when or how you might enjoy a report here at The Journal, but in this case I am making an exception. I suggest reading this report right before bed, as JP's Slut requires your absolute focus in the journey she will be taking you on. This is also a report (in my humble opinion) that will strongly resonate with women.

Also, JP's Slut and JP are looking for your feedback on this report. You can do this two ways:

a) On JP's Slut's Twitter HERE
b) E-mail JP HERE

...and tell them you saw it on The Journal when you do respond. Thank you!

The images that are published with this report are 100% JP's Slut... They are as real as real gets. And yes, she is THAT HOT!

OK, a little exposition before we jump into JP's Slut's amazing report... The day before their visit, JP messaged The Good Doctor on his Samsung Intergalatic 9000 phone and asked if I could help facilitate getting the word out about their trip to 15th Ave. Adult Theater. Within a couple of hours, the announcement was up at The Journal, and out to my Twitter peeps.  The nice folks at 15th Ave. Adult Theater did the same on their end. 

The next morning the hall was rented, the orchestra engaged. Now it was time to see if the folks in attendance could dance.

Take it away, JP's Slut...