Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! JP's Slut's Christmas Present at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago (w/8 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say never took second place in this month's sales contest (the steak knives), with a special holiday themed Couple's Flash Report by my good friends the amazing JP's Slut and her Master JP.

Now The Good Doctor doesn't usually dictate or suggest when or how you might enjoy a report here at The Journal, but in this case I am making an exception. I suggest reading this report right before bed, as JP's Slut requires your absolute focus in the journey she will be taking you on. This is also a report (in my humble opinion) that will strongly resonate with women.

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The images that are published with this report are 100% JP's Slut... They are as real as real gets. And yes, she is THAT HOT!

OK, a little exposition before we jump into JP's Slut's amazing report... The day before their visit, JP messaged The Good Doctor on his Samsung Intergalatic 9000 phone and asked if I could help facilitate getting the word out about their trip to 15th Ave. Adult Theater. Within a couple of hours, the announcement was up at The Journal, and out to my Twitter peeps.  The nice folks at 15th Ave. Adult Theater did the same on their end. 

The next morning the hall was rented, the orchestra engaged. Now it was time to see if the folks in attendance could dance.

Take it away, JP's Slut...



What set this trip up was a discussion on Fetlife asking us to go back to the 15th Avenue Theater in Melrose Park. We enjoy it, but after a couple of less than intense evening visits we were not really aching to go back anytime soon.The feedback in the post was pushing for a daytime visit which was something we had not done in a while. Looking back, a lot of our most intense visits have been during the day.There is just something surreal about that type of kink before lunch. It was something we hadn’t done in a while so Master agreed to a daytime visit.  

What has changed since our earlier trips to the theater is that now we let people know. We’ve gotten used to a crowd and it doesn’t worry us. Master doesn’t hide us in the couples section. He likes his blow jobs in the middle of the general public section. So, to further amp up the attention Master makes sure word gets out and he makes especially sure that I am constantly being reminded. As the announcements go out over twitter or fetlife, the reactions cause my phone to ping!

It’s a little nerve wracking to be in your vanilla life during this prologue. One second I am shopping for eggnog and cheese balls when my phone dings. As I look down, I see a retweet of an image. It’s surreal that somewhere out there a man I don't know just stared at my naked image, got hard, checked his calendar, made a mental note to go someplace to see me and has let the world know. 

As I read that tweet I feel my Master's cunt engorge and soak my panties.The fact that I am in Trader Joe’s only makes me wetter. I smile somewhat deviously to myself knowing I have a dirty little secret.

December 23, 2014:  In the morning.

On this particular day getting ready was a little different than usual. Maybe it was that I forgot my phone and we had to go back home, causing us to be quite a bit late from our original announced time? Maybe it was that I hadn’t been allowed to cum for a couple days? Maybe it was deciding what to wear? It was unusually warm for December, but it was still winter. Stockings or no stockings? (My legs are soooo white!) Will I be warm enough wearing this little? I usually don't concern myself with these matters, because Master has already chosen what I am to enter in. But in the light of all things going on around the holidays, neither of us had really thought this through completely.  

Finally we decided on little camo booty shorts (really more like panties than shorts) over fishnets with the seam that runs all the way down the back of my leg. High heel camo boots, a camo t-shirt tied up to show my mid-drift, and to complete the look, mirrored aviator sunglasses. It was rare that I wouldn't be wearing anything red, but it had proved sexy for a special event recently and it seemed the thing to put on spur of the moment. Master wanted me to have the look of a slutty but serious drill Sergeant.

I’m thinking that word had gotten out because as we pulled in we saw a few guys sitting in cars, not sure if they wanted to go in or not; wondering if we are really going to show. This is why Master has me dressed before we show up; he wants eyes on his slave as we walk in. As we checked in and got a room we saw a line of men coming in behind us. By the time we dropped some stuff off in our room a line of men were waiting outside the door. As I was led by my leash into the couples section of the theater I could feel their eyes on me, though the posture collar I wore made it hard to turn my neck and look at these men. It was here that master moved me from higher consciousness into a place of calm excitement as to what events would follow.

Once in the couples section, Master kissed me passionately, stroked my cheek, groped his ass, a few swats and squeezes, and as I got wetter I opted to straddle his leg and grind my crotch against his thigh. Master was wearing combat pants, a black shirt, and boots but as I grinded him I can clearly tell he didn’t have on boxers or briefs. It just made me wetter.

He ordered me to turn around and grab the seat in front of me. I bent over, arching my back and showing my ass to him and anyone else who could see from that angle. As his hand went between my legs to massage his cunt, he spoke to the crowd about how they had come to find us at the theater this morning. A number found us via Doc's blog, many via Doc's twitter, many off yahoo and finally several from the 15th ave group on fetlife. Master is very curious about that for some reason but at that particular moment it really didn't matter to me how they got there, I was just glad they were there and eager to watch me.

We went to the front  row, he sat and I dutifully bent over and took his cock deep into my mouth. It didn't take long for me to get him hard;.and I was very aware of the faces around us watching my skillful technique. It was while I was sucking that I was told to undress. I did this ever so carefully for two reasons: first, I didn't want to release my masters cock from my mouth; and second, I have zero desire to touch my bare feet to the the floor. It’s no small feat to remove a boot, slide down a stocking, and replaced my bare foot into the boot all without stopping the rhythm of cock worship. Once I was naked, except for my boots and my aviators, I was ordered into the back room behind the screen and to get on all fours.

I did as I was told; and I waited in that position, with a band of men following my every move.

A cold liquid was poured onto my back and Master’s slave ass...


Master hates getting oil on his hands, so he handed out gloves to the band of followers with orders not to pinch or to touch my privates. With that he stood back and allowed the mob to  collectively rub the oil in. The hands started, then there were more hands, then more oil, and even more hands, on my back, on my ass, on my sides, on my stomach, my chest.  

The compliments came fast ,and urgent. They discussed how firm and tight my body was...mmmm...I was being transported to a very erotic state. My slave nipples were like little torpedoes protruding from my tiny chest and I felt wetness running down my inner thigh.

According to sxyjoker, who just entered: “It was tortuous, knowing that just a few feet away her tight fit body was on the table, and I couldn't see any of it. I listened intently, I could hear latex gloves being put on, I could feel the excitement in the room. My vision started to recover and I could make out heads and shoulders. There were 15, maybe 20 people in room.
Everyone was circled around the table. Master had allowed the visitors to don gloves and touch his little slut's body. I could make out her body on the table, she was on all fours.”

At that moment I surrendered  to anything that was going to happen in that room, I handed Master the reins to do with his slut as he chose. I begged for his cock (I think) about this time...and was rewarded with a few minutes of sucking, while still many hands were stroking my oiled up body. Master would reach over me and finger his cunt feeling how close I was to cumming, feeling my excitement.
He stopped my sucking only long enough to put gloves on me and turn over onto my back. He replaced his cock into his suck hole, poured lube into my gloved hands and I began stroking cocks--one in each hand until they came and a new cock would take it’s place. The men were very respectful at following the rules. No one came on me or touched places they were told not to. Other men (and one couple) in the room just continued to ogle me, others still just stroked different parts of my body with their oiled up gloves.

Sxyjoker steps in closer: “I was standing in front of you. You graciously offered your right has at the command of your master. You began to stroke my throbbing cock. I didn't last very long, and I wanted to let you feel my dick spasm and pulse as I came, but I know your master has very specific rules about men cumming on or around you. I gently whispered "I'm good" and you released me from your firm grip.I left for a moment to compose myself (ahem...cum)”.

It was about this time I recognized a familiar face, with a gloved hand rubbing my right leg and foot. The room was already dark, and was even darker for me, as I was still wearing my aviators. "I recognize you.” I said, gesturing towards him, speaking with my mouth full. I was excited to see him! He was even hotter in person! My candy store had just gone from Walgreen's to Godiva. (Thank you, Master!) He moved forward and engaged himself even more in fondling me as my hands were kept busy with other cocks. Master clarified his handle from fetlife to be sure. yes, @chigreekguy put his money where his mouth is. It's so nice when people actually have the balls to show up.
After several piles of cum ended up on the floor, Master stood me up and bound my legs to a spreader bar, and my hands above my head. The other couple in the room had began to play, and by the sounds of it she was gagging on cock. At first it was just her partner's cock...but the crowd tightened in and they moved out into the theater to get a little more room, so although I couldn't actually see I assumed by the sounds a few other men were receiving blowjobs too, including another familiar face, a guy whose cock I previously named Soldier.

(I suppose that deserves an explanation. On another theater trip Master's orders to his slut entailed going around  the entire theater, putting lube with a few seconds of stroking on to every cock in the room; but I had the added task of naming each cock. And that is how this guy's came to be called "'Soldier". It was large, very rigid, fully erect and standing at attention. In subsequent emails Soldier told us she slid a magnum over his cock and tried to deep throat him. I've seen his cock: I was shocked to know someone could deep throat him!)

So understandably, I lost a few audience members to her mouth but I remember thinking how grateful I am for my Master! I love that my master keeps me clean and safe and hoped that she was being kept safe too.
Standing on the table, spread eagle in boots and aviators, hands bound above my head I felt very exposed. Master further added to the tension by adding clothespins to his slave nipples. As someone who has pinched her nipples since her first masturbation session I love the feeling of rough use. When Master began fingering his G-spot it responded right away. He felt it get ready to squirt, and then stopped; teasing his eager cunt. A little flogging, some nipple squeezing, more fingering, and stop. Flogger, stop. Finger, paddle, finger, crop, finger, hand slaps, finger, stop.

Damn it! Please don't stop!

Then I felt the cold sensation of a metal hook enter my ass--Master's slave ass, that is--and I am fairly certain I made some pretty loud noises of pleasure as it went in. It was attached to a rope that master could now jiggle with one hand as he worked away at his cunt with the other. I could take no more. “Please master can I cum?"

"Can what cum?” he bellowed, “ask properly!"

Dammit--I still can't seem to get this right the first time. Sometimes even the first or second time. It is quite difficult to think and speak coherently on the edge of a squirting orgasm. Really, really hard. To be clear, it has happened I have started cumming before granted permission and am not severely punished for it; but I strive to be everything he wants me to be just as he does for me. Our dynamic is enviable, as we are frequently told. We are eager to please each other, we trust each other and we trust in the process of the roles we have established, and neither of us takes our roles lightly. It works. It's even natural, most of the time. So I hold back and try to slow my brain down enough to remember the proper way of asking for permission to cum.

"Please, Master, can your slutty slave cunt please cum and squirt like a whore for you? Please, Sir?" I sound desperate, panicked. I'm holding back with all I have until I hear him say, "Yes, cum for me!" And then it happens--the ecstasy, my screaming that I don't hear, the release, the gushing all down my legs and all over the table. The crowd approves; master approves. I am such a good slut.  

Christmas present #1: A new toy!

After being released from the anal hook, the spreader bar and the wrist restraints, Master pulled out a ring gag with a dildo shoved through the hole.  

“Oh yes, this is going to be fun! Very, very fun!”

Handsome, hot, Greek guy puts it on (actually technically Master put it on him) and lies down on his back on the bench. He looked like an x-rated, Tim Burton version of Pinocchio. I mount his face, feeling self-conscious for about a tenth of a no, I just went at it!

I fucked his face.
I sucked my master's cock and fucked his face.
I sucked deeper, loving the feeling of my Master's cock getting harder and bigger in my mouth.
I fucked the face-dildo harder and harder.

This dildo had a nice natural feel (unlike the usual rubber feel) so I only got wetter. It also had a little bend at the tip which was massaging the g-spot mercilessly. Everything about it was perfect for drenching, squirting, orgasms but Pinocchio was not ready to be squirted on just yet.

Master wasn't done using me by a long shot. He reached down and squeezed my right nipple (which still had the clothes pins on it) as he also smacked his slave ass. THis only served to motivate me to impale his cunt even harder and faster. I only slowed for a second when Master held me down I thought for a second he was going to vibe his slave clit but instead he pushed a metal plug into his slutty slave ass.

I was shocked for a second but like a jockey he got back on the whip and his slave ass resumed it’s aggressive pace as I got back to fucking Pinocchio's face. With his cock back in his suck hole I was blissfully unaware of what has coming next. The smell of matches hit me a second or two before the first drop. Master was fulfilling an earlier request from @sxyjoker. I felt the hot wax drip onto my skin. I shrieked a bit despite my full mouth. Knowing it's coming doesn't seem to make much difference. It's shocking when it hits my body. It makes me go faster. Ouch, yum, oh ya, oh yes, OOH YES!! I beg to cum. Yes, asking twice again--but, in my defense, I also had to clarify that I must cum without squirting. (I think that was the directions?? Yes,indeed it was the directions.) I had two very hard orgasms within a few minutes, and I kept Pinocchio relatively dry as directed. I really am such a good slut!  

Again sxyjoker speaks to this: “I enjoyed watching you ride the most willing participant of the days face. When you mounted his face and the dildo slipped into your tight wet pussy I regretted not being able to volunteer. I was amazed when you began to cum, and you withheld the gushing squirt that normally accompanies your intense orgasms. The way your back arched, and your ass rose into the air made me crazy. I just wanted to dive right into your sweet tight ass cock first.”  

(SxyJoker had seen us before, wanted to see us again, wants to play, but needs to build up a little more courage I guess. Personally, I have brass balls. I don't really get having to work up the courage, but I am not judging those that do. I am looking forward to pegging you too SxyJoker)

Christmas present #2: Another toy! Or maybe it’s a real boy? Pinocchio gets pegged!

He brought it.

The dildo he wanted me to fuck him with, along with his own set of brass balls.

He wasn’t quite ready to pegged on the same table as I was used on, so we moved to back spa area and put the dildo into my new strap on that I had won in a contest. I must say I really did enjoy looking down and seeing this big dark cock next to my milky white skin. The stark contrast was no doubt humorous to some, sexy to others, but to me it felt powerful. While still in the hall I told him to suck my cock. He obeyed quickly, dropping to his knees and began lubing up his dildo with his own saliva. He was doing a good job, I thought. As he started to get into it, I told him to remove his shirt so I could admire his body. I grabbed his head and made him take it in deeper. I told him to rub himself, as I saw the bulge through his jeans. I grabbed his head some more. I pinched his nose, and his saliva became thick and the dripping drool followed. Yum--I would love to watch him do this to a real cock! I would love to watch him do this to my master's cock!  

I sent him to the room and told him to get ready for me and that I wanted him on his back. I gave him a few minutes to do as he was told and I entered the room. The rooms are tiny and of course, I was not going to shut the door. My master and the small group of other men would watch me fuck him from the hallway. I am always aware of my master's location at the theater, no matter what is happening. I am his and I am here because he brought me here to play. That is always my first priority. I squeezed Pinocchio's nipples and he flinched with the pleasure and pain. I asked him what he wanted, and he said, "I want you to fuck me". But I wanted a little bit more than that.  

“Beg me”. It came out as a whisper, but it wasn’t a gentle request.

He did.

So I did.

I was on my knees between his legs, and I grabbed his thighs and pulled him onto my cock. Once he took it in completely, I began stroking in and out at a nice rhythm. I heard master talking to me urging me to go harder, faster. My knee was slipping so I opted to stand up, feet on the floor and had Pinocchio hang his ass off the edge of the bed. There we I could fuck him properly! I grabbed both of his warm thighs, and began fucking him hard. He stroked his cock furiously as I fucked his sweet ass with my big dark cock. I felt the eyes watching intently from the hallway behind me, I heard my masters words of encouragement to fuck harder and faster, and felt the sting of the flogger on my backside. Then Master placed the Hitachi to is cunt and the visual of watching the dildo pump in and out and the vigorous stroking of his own cock was quite erotic. Pinocchio was groaning with pleasure (come to think of it, maybe we both were??) and told me he was close to cumming. I  told him to cum for me on his own chest, which he did beautifully. He convulsed with pleasure, threw his head back and to his left side, squeezed his eyes closed and the hot white cum shot out onto his stomach and chest. Perfect.   

I released him from my grip and straddled his face and pressed the Hitachi to my clit and came hard, but I didn't squirt on him even though master wanted me to. I am not sure why but I couldn't. Maybe it was the lack of g-spot stimulation in the last little while? Maybe it was that I didn't know if he wanted me to squirt on him? I sent him to shower to clean up and Master looked at me and said, "OK, now that was hot!".

I agree, it was very hot! I want to play with him again!  

Master and I kissed passionately and he changed my clothes slightly and took me back into the theater. My owner sat in the front row and undid his fly and I eagerly bent over at the waist to suck him. I looked up as I did. I watched my masters eyes and would look around to see other men watching intently to me servicing my master's cock. Once he had a raging hard on I turned and sat on it, and I fucked him as hard as I could. @DaddyOhh was a row or two behind and he said that Master fucked me really hard though I think Master just guided my hips up and down  and allowed the crazed slut in me to pump as hard as I could.  

“What do you want right now slave?” He asked me.

I could tell he getting close to cumming; I could feel his orgasm building inside me.

“I want you to fill your slutty cunt with cum! Fill me up please!”

His groans of pleasure when he cums always does it to me; it sends me over the edge to my own orgasm. It’s like I can’t help it. Nothing makes me happier than getting my owner off and draining him. The combination of our cum is the wettest, and most delicious feeling--in me, and spewing out all over my thighs. I turn and lick him clean, the drips of ecstasy still rolling down my thighs. If only there was someone that wanted to clean me that would be hot!


As with last year’s December's trip we found ourselves at my office holiday party three hours later swapping gifts with coworkers and having a good time. I didn't sit down a lot because I was high from 15th Ave., because there were so many people to see, because I love the feel of my owner's cum leaking out of me, and because the plug was still in Master’s slave ass.  


Um, wow... I will give you a moment or two to compose yourselves.

What can The Good Doctor say, but that report is one for the Lizardo Hall of Fame. If your juices are not stirring after that report, you better go to your doctor for a full work up.

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