Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flash Report! A Crazy Night with The Sexual Athletes and K&M at The Art Cinema on 1/2/15 by H-Man (with 14 PICS!!!)

Doc here with a whopper of Flash Report from senior reporter H-Man, and his crazy Friday night (1/2/15) at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT.

It was a night highlighted by my good friends The Sexual Athletes (in an advertised visit), and the return of K&M, a hot couple making a return visit to The Art Cinema. 

It is here where we pick up our report...

Take it away, H-Man!



Happy New Year to you and all the others in “this thing of ours”!   I read the “visit announcement of the Sexual Athletes” at the Art Cinema Friday night and decided it was time to put the holidays behind me and make the trip north of the border.  BOY, I am glad I did!  As is always the case…it was night to remember!

I arrived around 6:30PM and was greeted by the always welcoming Ernie and Nik.  We caught up on the holidays and the news of the theater.  The new website was a big topic of conversation.  Thanks to the Good Doc, the site is exceeding all expectations and the hits keep coming.  

As we continued to talk, in walked Mr. & Mrs. Sexual Athlete, right on schedule.  Even in her jeans she has a body that doesn’t quit, SEXY and she is just as nice as can be.   A little more small talk and they were off to the balcony but not for long.

The Real Mrs. Sexual Athlete
As I made my way into the main floor, the “Athletes” were already in the middle aisle and they were both ready to play.  Shirts, pants, bra, panties, were all off and it was show time! Mrs. Athlete stood in all her glory and said who wants to cum on me? She said, did anyone read “Doc’s blog?”  No one stood up or acknowledged the announcement…they were like deer in the headlights.  So, she took matters in her “own hands” and knelt in front of the Mr. SA.

He was ready to go and she began to slowly slide her mouth around his cock…it was so sexual you could have exploded just from that scene.  And within seconds she was laid out on a towel on the carpet and he was between her legs.  Her legs pinned back, her hands around his back, Mr. Athlete stroking in and out…slow at first and then faster and faster.  Within seconds another gentleman (who I think they knew) was sliding his erect cock in her mouth…it was a sight to behold.  Then they switched positions and she was humming up a storm.  

The Real Mrs. SA
Now the patrons had their motors running or should I say…they were stroking as hard as they could to deposit their loads on her.  Although there were maybe 6-8 patrons, they all tried their best to get off on the “athlete”.  This went on for a short while and then they decided to make their way back to the balcony but said “we will return”.  And yes she did!

The second time around was unbelievable.  She was up against the wall and there must have been 20+ guys stroking their cocks and in line to make a deposit….god bless that woman…she never said no!  Doc, as she requested, the cum was flowing “hot and heavy” all over her tits, chest, and even her chin. She was on her knees for at least and hour and there wasn’t one dissatisfied patron.  I am not sure it was the perfect reenactment of the “Curse of the Cat-Woman”….I actually think she out did that scene threefold!!  Just watching her slide one cock after another into her mouth using her lips and tongue, caressing and stroking each….hands caressing her beautiful breasts…and then watching her look each guy straight in the eyes with a smile as he unloaded his cum on her…was just so fucking sexy!!!

The Real "M"
While all this was still going on another couple entered the main floor and made their way to the center aisle.  Let me introduce K & M…our friends west of the border! They both removed their coats and then a surprise occurred.  M undid a black wrap around dress and let it drop to the floor.  She was dressed in a very very short leopard type dress (not sure it covered much) with spaghetti type straps across the back.  And with one strap removed…she was naked.  She has blonde hair, a very very in-shape body, smooth shaven pussy, beautiful tits to accent her chest, her ass was tight and the perfect little bubble…and all she left on were her heels.  AND she had a great personality and could not stop smiling and so did K.  

Doc….she was ready to have at it and that she did.  K stated the rules for ALL to follow and she picked the cocks she wanted to slide in her pussy.  It was show time! She was instantly surrounded with cocks galore! As she sat in her seat, she took cock after cock deep in her throat…and God Bless her, she swallowed load after load.  She loved it.  She was in her glory!  Then stood up and unzipped….and God is my witness…we all know why she married this man…..size does make a difference.  She was proud of him and his cock. She went right to work on it.  She took it all proudly.  

The Real K (to the left),
M to (the right)
The patrons were in awe and loving every bit of it.  And the stroking was faster than ever.  He was like a primer for the crowd.  Once that cock left her mouth they were all fast to want to slide their cock in her mouth.  She pointed to one guy and then another and said ‘suit up”…and they did. As she positioned herself doggy style, one after another cock slid in and out of her gleaming pussy.  Oh those sounds of delight…the ughs, ooohs, and ahhhs….they were cumming fast and furious.  Some guys couldn’t last a minute or less once they slid in her pussy and felt the warmth and wetness. This was better than any porn movie. It was live and in-color…or should I say live and naked!   They must have played for an hour or so and then took a break…but did return.

In the meantime, I got to talk to K & M.  They had been at the Art Cinema earlier in the year and although time had passed we kind of remembered each other…and when I mentioned the “Good Doc’s Journal” and my reporter name H-Man…it all came back.  The first thing out of K’s mouth was take a picture of my wife, and take as many as you want.  I discussed my reporting and he jumped all over it.  He wanted to read about his sexy wife and see the pictures…and Doc…there are some good pics! There are pictures of her giving a great blow job, standing naked against the wall, and her proudly sliding K’s cock in her mouth among others.

The Real K & M
Doc, imagine this occurring…..you have the “Sexual Athletes” against the wall and “K & M” mid-aisle…it was crazy!  The theater oozed with sex and those sweet sounds of orgasm. And that wasn’t all.  I finally stepped back and took a look up in the balcony.  There were 3-4 couples making their own music.  There was grunting, spanking, moaning, sounds of sucking, and naked bodies hanging on the balcony rail.  From time to time, they were even taking in the action below.  Oh, what an aphrodisiac they had below!!!

Well, like they promised, K& M returned for a second showing.  Within seconds, she was stark naked in all her beauty!  Although not as long, she did please a few remaining patrons….and then they were off.  Many of the patrons thanked and complimented them both!  It was well deserved.  K decided they would return tonight (Saturday 1/3) for a return engagement.  It brought smiles to the remaining few….and I expect a big turn out tonight!

Well, Doc…2015 is off to a big bang!  You said it would be better than last year and if last night is any indication…the historic #1 Art Cinema will be in its glory all year long!  

Thanks again for all you do!  Keep those announcements coming!  And I will continue to try and catch the scenes!!!


K & M Art Cinema Gallery (Pics by H-Man)
(Please Click Thumbnails to ENLARGE Images)


Doc here again... Many, many thanks to H-Man, along with the amazing K&M for a great report and photo shoot.  I hope they decide to make the trip to The Art Cinema on February 7th for the Valentines Party, as I am sure there will be a few of Cupid's arrows that would love to shoot all over her.

K&M...Please let The Good Doctor know (HERE) when you plan on returning to The Art Cinema, and I can publish a Visit Announcement for you in advance.