Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! M&S at The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT on 1/3/15 (w/PICS)

Doc here, the last surviving crew member of The Nostromo, with a great Couple's Flash Report from my good friends, M&S.

M&S visited their favorite adult theater, The Art Cinema, this past Saturday night and have filed this report and pics from their adventure.

So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back M&S and their Flash Report from this past Saturday night.

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

Its your long lost followers M&S from the great State of CT at the great Art Cinema.

The Real Miss S
Been so busy with the crazy holidays that nwe haven't had time to play. But Saturday night we got away for some play time. We got to The Art about 7pm and chatted with Tosh and Nick for a few minutes and then headed up stairs. There were only 2 couples up there, so our favorite seats were empty under the lights. 

Miss "S" had wore one of her famous red crotchless fishnet bodysuits and I had wore my birthday suit as usual. "S" wasted no time in getting settled in and putting my cock in her mouth to get things started. About 7pm more couples started to show up. A couple around our age sat down right in front of us; good looking couple but she was especially cute.They were running a marathon on fucking and sucking - a real class act & super nice people.

I decided to put "S" on the floor and eat her ever so hot ,wet and shaved pussy. As I was devouring her sweet snatch I hear someone behind me say I recognize that red bodysuit,lol. It was some folks we had talked to on Craigslist about meeting there, and I will call them L&D. They were also about our age... L is a nice curvy gal with nice huge tits and a sweet shaved pussy,and D is a handsome and well hung guy. They proceeded to get undressed as I ate Miss"S". 

Soon they were right next to us enjoying the show. "L" was getting her pussy fingered good and was making all kinds of enjoyable noises. Then she would take a break and suck "D's" cock and back and forth they went, putting on a great show. Soon a FMF 3-some showed up and it got crazy,lol. 

After one hell of a show one of the girls went downstairs for lots of cock while the other girl got into some girl on girl action with another couple. The night was pretty wild for a small crowd of 19 couples and 2 very cute trannies.

About 10:45pm Miss "S" decided her pussy was full of protein lotion and we were worn out and had a long next day so we said good bye to L&D, promising to stay in touch and meet again. On the way home I talked "S" into a quick fuck at a rest area in the 20 degree cold. Take my word for it in a crotchless fishnet bodysuit at 20 degrees it was a quick fuck,lol. 

Didn't get a chance to pass our camera to anyone for pics, so I took these of Miss "S" playing in the dressing room.     

Your faithful followers and friends,    


Doc here again... Many thanks to my good friends M&S for their report on Saturday night at The Art Cinema. I am looking forward to seeing you next month at The Art Cinema's Valentines Party on February 7th.