Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flash Report! Maya's Bordello Experience in Argentina

Doc here with Part 2 of Maya's adventure in Argentina.  In part 1, she was worked over thoroughly in an adult theater.  In Part 2 however, she is the one working over the guys.

How?  You'll see soon enough.

Here is the sexy and naughty Maya and her Argentina adventure.


Dear Doc,

You asked for it, you got it.

Prostitution in in Argentina is legal and very popular cheap way to shoot a load. Usually conducted from apartments or city houses. Traffic is constant, 24/7 and peaks Friday and Saturday evenings and nights where johns wait for their turns to get serviced.

How does a girl get to work in one? Well, hubby went, talked to madam, and offered a cash incentive based on mounts volume, and then delivered me to them.
The Real Maya in action
Thanks to the incentive the madam took time and offered/highly recommended me as an American girl who was working at local offices of her company for a couple weeks and wanted the experience of being a prostitute. Fresh and eager instead of seasoned and cold.

 Girls are offered for 30 minutes of services, mouth/vaginal at johns discretion they call it, one load only, or one hour and the guy can cum as often as he wants (can). I was offered for 30 mins only and highly recommended as being “good”.The price is fixed, $120 pesos, USD $24, out of which 38% is mine to keep. (Minus the incentive it was quite less, lol). Curiously most guys where young, height weight proportional, and very nice overall.

The gentleman sits in the room where he's gonna fuck us and we parade, introduce ourselves for 20 seconds and leave. Then he makes his choice and pays. Shifts are 12 hrs and mine started every time at4:30 pm, where traffic starts. It increases until the wee hours. I worked in a house, 7 rooms, 8 girls, up to 9. Ridiculously busy.

For this I wear no top, my small titties bared,  very skimpy skirt that shows as much as possible, and act provocatively, as I am now competing for my lovers. Walk in, introduce myself, show off, and probably grab and caress the cock although its not allowed, but I am a temp, so who cares? Right? Just letting my men know I want them.

The client traffic is big, and I am often the chosen one, and average 2services per hour. The pay is near to nothing but the fact that I am being sold is incredible exciting, and as you well know I am an addict in this.

I go all the way out to serve and please, and it shows. I orgasm more than I expect to, and am overall in a state of continuous ecstasy. Only another woman who is into serving you guys in this “thing of yours” would understand the total joy of it. First go down on my knees, then take off my clothes and am usually mounted and can not control it, get extremely verbal, moan and shout. I offer in my broken Spanish to wear a fem condom if they want me to (for $10 more pesos) which then feels like bareback to them. What they don't know is that after being topped I can feel their cum flowing down my thighs when I stand up from  the bed, and it feels soooo wonderful, while still being safe.

I get to mostly use a room that is just by the waiting area, so hubby can hear me while pretending to be another waiting client. Later nights when madam trusted him more he was allowed to peek through a window and see me work. (that's what a tip in hard currency gets us, lol)

Great,incredible, superb, exciting, blown out, brain floating endorphins....would not quite describe it. It is......well...it IS!!! It comes with sense of accomplishment and great pride.



Doc here again... So you thought Maya's last report was pretty hardcore?  Change your mind after reading this one?  I did... Maya's innocent exterior hides a very naughty and hardcore woman who is willing to please in almost any circumstance.  And I for one cannot wait for her next report!

Thanks Maya!


Blast From The Past! Cathy from CathysCraving.com at Fantasyland in Tampa (with PICS!)

Doc here with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.  A couple of months back, I began a dialog with Cathy from Cathyscraving.com, one of my favorite amateur sites on the interwebs. More details of our conversation, and some adult theater visits by this very naughty MILF will be coming soon to The Journal.

In the meantime, Cathy sent along a great Blast From The Past Report from 2004, along with 7 HOT pics (click to ENLARGE them) from that trip!

Here is Cathy....


August 11 2004

One of my most memorable visits to a gloryhole was in August 2004 at the Fantasyland Theater in Tampa. Although sucking about a dozen cocks was certainly memorable what made this trip even more so was the fact that there was an even bigger Blow-Job on its way to town. It was right at the time when Hurricane Charley was threatening to devastate Tampa.

My hubby and I had been visiting Tampa for the past week with a group of swinging friends and I decided one night that I wanted to visit the gloryholes at Fantyasyland. I had been there a couple of times in the past, and enjoyed an awesome time on each visit, so there was no way I was going to visit Tampa and not go back. I find it incredibly exciting to have a complete stranger push his cock through a hole for me to enjoy .. hehe.

When we arrived at Fantasyland there was already a lot of wind around but that didn't stop the carpark being almost full. Dressed in a revealing top and short skirt I walked in and straight away guys were checking me out. I walked around a little and went into the theaters to see if there was any action going on in there. A lot of guys were wandering around but it looked like I was the only woman out looking for a good time.

After several minutes I made my way into the area where the video booths are and found one with a good sized gloryhole. By this time there was a group of guys following me and I was feeling really excited about getting started. I sat down in the booth and feed the video machine to keep it happy and then turned around to see a semi-hard cock poking through the wall. I didn't waste any time.

I squatted down and took that cock in my mouth and sucked it to full erection. I was so horny by this time .. there was a LOT of guys watching me from the hallway and that was a huge turn-on by itself.
After sucking that cock for a few minutes I couldn't help myself .. I stood up, bent over and slipped it into my saturated pussy. It felt sooooo good. It was a little awkward but we fucked like that until I orgasmed and the guy filled my pussy. I guess seeing that got all the other guys super horny because I then sucked about 10 cocks one after the other. As soon as one guy shot his load and left another guy quickly took his place. It was great and I loved it .. hehe. I don't know how many different cocks I sucked that night but it had to be at least 12. Some guys came back for seconds and wasn't about to say no to that :-)

It was another awesome visit to Fantasyland, and it made me want to go back again .. and I did :-)


Doc here again... Thanks to Cathy for a great report, and the HOT gloryhole pics! Stay tuned to The Journal for a lot of Cathy news coming soon.