Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Tampa Adventure

Doc here with a report from our good friend and senior reporter, Bob in Biloxi.  Bob's travels have taken him to Tampa, and this is his report.
Greetings Doc,
My business required me to travel to Tampa, Fl for a convention last week. Upon arriving at the hotel and grabbing a quick shower I headed over to Drew Park. For those unfamiliar with Tampa, Drew Park sports some of the wildest theater/ABS places in the country. One of those is Fantasyland I.
When you enter Fantasyland, you pay $19.00 for the run of the place. The place has a lounge area with several pool tables along with a theater and several “private” area mini theaters. One of the mini theaters is actually a voyeur room with a large window enclosed in glass. The others are more or less theme rooms, and all have locking doors. Then you have a large arcade area with most of the booths toward the back sporting gloryholes.
Fantasyland I
Tampa, FL
Lady luck was on my side that Friday around 10pm, as a slim blonde with the right attitude and huge tits (read enhanced) was putting on a show that would stop traffic. I guess I was number 11 or so in line to receive her oral talents. Seems she was in the mood to be covered in baby batter that night, and this reporter didn’t let the community down. She was probably around 40/50 years old, long blonde hair, landing strip cut pointed the way to an otherwise shaved pussy.
Having taken up residence in the voyeur room and allowing two guys at a time inside she was soon on her way to becoming a major hit with the patrons. With her rubbing her clit and talking shit it was not long before she had what she wanted out of every man that stepped up to the plate. It didn’t matter if you wanted sucked or wanted to fuck her, as long as you covered her with cum.
I think most of these women that frequent Fantasyland are kept women. I say that because you can look at a woman and just know she takes care of herself, hair, fingernails, the way they dress, shoes, etc etc. You can also look in the parking lot, and when you see Jaguars, Mercedes, Bentley’s and BMW’s you get the idea this is a pleasant diversion to otherwise professional couples. I have no idea how long this lady stayed, but it’s a sure bet she walked out of there with exactly what she came for….
Bob in Biloxi
On Saturday night I arrived around 11pm, not long after that a young Cher look-a-like came in, minus the huge beak. She was dressed in a micro mini black skirt, black blouse, black high heels. She and her man sat and watched the movie forever, patience in this thing of ours is hard, but most of the time it pays off, if you can stay awake! Sometimes they would get up and walk around, followed of course by hordes of guys, and that was only to go to the bathroom. Soon the crowd began to not follow her to the bathroom, but then I had to go one time at the same time, Lady Luck smiled again as we both met in the hallway and I complimented her on her outfit, we talked for maybe a grand total of one minute before she invited me into one of the private rooms (mini theater).
She asked me to sit down on one of the couches as she slowly stripped, she pulled her top off, revealing “A” size tits (that would later prove to be as sensitive as a hair trigger on a pistol, AND the very button that would set her off into La La Land) taking her time. She turned around and slowly peeled off that mini skirt, revealing a perfect heart shaped ass! Ever so slowly she began to give me a lap dance (totally nude, sans the heels) while I had my cock out. She would graze my cock with her ass and pussy, before finally dropping to her knees and engulfing me. She sucked my cock while her man was behind her licking that honey hole, when she finally came up for air, she asked me if I had a condom. Really? Do you think I wouldn’t have one? Producing the special condom I purchase because of latex allergies, she did something I never thought about, she turned around, bent over, and while looking between her legs, she took my cock in one hand, the condom in the other and with one smooth motion, inserted both into her pussy!!! As she rose up I could see the condom was on my cock perfectly as she continued to ride up and down while sucking her man in the front! She fucked me reverse cowgirl for at least 30mins before I blasted away!! This lady had practice at pleasing herself with a cock!!
Fantasyland II
Tampa, FL
After I thanked her, I headed over to Fantasyland II, because I heard it was a much nicer place, it is!! The theater is just right, the theme rooms have gloryholes and are large. Problem is, no one was there? At least not when I arrived, so I sat down and watched the screen, this place is much cozier, the screen is not nearly as bright and harsh on your eyes as ONE, nothing but couches adorn the place. Soon the door opened and a young blonde walked in with her man. It wasn’t five minutes later the place was packed!! How do they do that? She took a couple of guys in one of the theme rooms and fucked them. Then the place cleared out again. I’m thinking, was this a scheduled meet? It was late so I headed back to the hotel.
On Monday during the morning, I dropped by FL #1, there was a tall blonde in a see through mini playing pool with her man. I watched for a while and then left. Seems she was into playing pool and showing off, and that’s nice, but it doesn’t relieve any pressure on my part.
On Wednesday I decided to see if the ole term ladies night out still stood firm, it does not, there was only one couple in FL#1, but she was showing off, fucking and sucking those she deemed worthy. I was not interested so Wednesday was a bust for me.
On Thursday, my luck changed again, I checked out both FL1 and FL2, nothing but confused folks. But I remembered a fairly new place right down the street from FL1, called X-Mart. It’s an ABS with arcades and some of the booths have gloryholes. Seems to be a pretty clean place, as my eyes adjusted I could tell there was only one booth lit up (out of 20 or so) I also noticed when I pulled into the parking lot there were only about 4 cars there. So just to make sure I checked in to the adjoining booth and peeked through the hole, low and behold and little blonde chick was on her knees sucking her guys cock!!
Feeding some money into my machine and bringing out my hardware, there was soon a painted fingernail was circling the hole, my lucky day! The little blonde would lick, suck and engulf, after awhile I could tell her man moved around behind her and started pounding her (her head kept hitting the wall) Times like this, you need to be able to cum quickly, because it has been my experience in the past, that after the man is finished he pulls the chick is pulled off your cock and they leave. Armed with that bit of knowledge and trying to blast her as soon as I could, she made the mistake (or was it?) of engulfing me at the right time, and I unloaded directly into her throat. It seemed she didn’t even know it for awhile until she came up for air and the last squirt hit the back of her throat. She must have turned around to show her man my baby batter on her tongue, because I could hear her giggling and the man saying well done you little slut!! Yep, well done baby!!
Caught a fast mover the next morning back to the ole homestead, I got to thinking, if you’re in Tampa and can’t get any pussy, either you’re dead or not looking. These ladies have figured out what it’s used for and they use it too!! Nice place to visit, Doc.
Doc here again... I agree Bob, Tampa can be a lot of fun!  Fantasyland I and II are so clean, they almost have a restaurant atmosphere in the theater. Thank you sir for another terrific report!