Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flash Report: The Duke of Pearl On Last Night (5/14) At The Oregon Theater

Doc here with another "next day" Flash Report, this time from Portland field reporter, The Duke Of Pearl.  His following report from yesterday's adult theater action at The Oregon Theater in Portland acts as a nice prequel to Daisy Train's main event at the large old movie house last night.

So here is The Duke of Pearl with a recap of the early evening at The Oregon Theater...


"By the Light of the Silvery Screen"

I stopped by the Oregon Theater on SE Division and 35th in Portland at 7pm Saturday evening, May 14th. I had been there earlier in the afternoon so no need to pay again, just show my ticket and walk right in to the action.

I have been to the Oregon many times. Like all adult theaters, the Oregon can be deadly dull when there are only a few horny guys hanging out. This time it was different. I had never seen so much action.

Oregon Theater
Portland, OR
As soon as I walked in I saw a group of silhouettes clustered in the center section of couches and overstuffed chairs. As I walked forward toward the action I was unzipping my pants in mid-stride. As I got closer there were a dozen or so men jostling for position around a couch. I burrowed my way in, politely of course, and saw a rather cute curly haired brunette sitting on the edge of the couch by her man taking on all cummers orally. Then she stood up and leaned over the arm of the couch, with her round little ass high in the air to suck the man she came with and began taking it doggy style from whomever stepped up rubbered and ready. One guy, when it got to be his turn, got down on his knees and rimmed her pucker before he fucked her. Oh yeah, she liked that! The Oregon has a bowl of free rubbers on the counter when you walk in. I forgot to get one so I went back out to the lobby to get a couple without even putting my tool away or zipping up.

As I was walking back down the aisle I noticed there was more action going on down front in the couples section right in front of the screen. There was a blonde and her man sitting on one of the couches behind the ropes. She was entertaining an invited guest with a hand job while eight or nine of us stood by making ready and hoping for an invite. Then five minutes later another couple walked down the aisle and into the couples section. The woman was cheerful and friendly, took off her Portland raincoat and watched as a group of rail birds lined up along the west rail by the glory hole shack. She had a friendly word for all of us and seemed genuinely pleased to have the attention. She was a short haired brunette with pendulous tits and saucer sized nipples. She took off her raincoat and left her man sitting on the couch jacking off while she made the rounds of the rail birds and sucked every cock that was out and standing at attention.

There were now thirty to forty men in the theater and it was only 8pm! A few of us had ditched our pants and were walking around bare-ass and waiting for a hole in rail bird section, so to speak.

I had ditched my shorts under the cushion of a nearby couch and had just found a section of the rail to belly up to when I heard cell phone was playing my song. The unique ring tone was piercing through the shorts and the cushion and there was little doubt that it was indeed my instrument. My dick softened to an atrophied state and I couldn't get it back. I put my shorts on and went to the lobby to check the message. Sure enough, it was the Duke's wannabe Duchess wondering where the hell I was and would I please stop and get some bread and milk on my way home. I went back in but it wasn't the same. I had lost my concentration. Hopefully someone else can finish this account of Saturday night at the Oregon Theater. I left about 8:15.

It ain't easy being me.

The Duke of Pearl


Doc here again, with a big thank you to The Duke of Pearl. This had everything a great Flash Report should have, and it delivered in spades.  Nicely done sir!

Now we need someone to pick up where The Duke left off. Brent?  Daisy Train?  floyd?

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