Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flash Report! Phantasyman @ Xposed Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from new reporter Phantasyman. He visited Dallas, and has filed this report.
Had the opportunity to visit Big D last week and stopped into several of the local theaters. By far, the best, cleanest theater in town is Xposed
The cost of admission into the theater is $12.00 and for this fee you can visit either the bigger theater or the smaller one on the other side of the building. The larger on features a big screen and an array of leather couches. When I visited on Monday night the place was dead but the movie was interesting enough to catch my attention. After about 30 minutes, a couple came in and sat across the room from me, and I figured, what the heck, lets see what's going to happen now.
They messed around a while and pretty soon, she had her face in his crotch. Hmmm maybe this was worth the trip and my 30 minutes. I walked over to get a better view and asked if it was ok for me to watch and he said Sure. But, that was the end of it, she was only into taking care of him.
The big room is undergoing a remodel and it looks as though its being divided into two smaller rooms.  This place has potential and I will visit again on my next trip to Dallas.
Doc here again... Kudos to Phantasyman for the report and overview on Xposed in Dallas.  Keep up the solid work, sir.