Friday, October 7, 2011

Flash Report: JaxBchBum's Two-Fer: Adult World in TN & Pure Pleasures Theater in FL

Doc here with something different for you, the good readers of The Journal: A double-header of a reports from senior Journal scribe, JaxBchBum.  First up is a report concerning Adult World in Pioneer, TN.  Second up is a detailed Flash Report on Pure Pleasures Theater in Orange Heights, Fl.

Sit back and ride the wave...



A quick note... I visited Adult World in Pioneer, TN several years ago.  Huge place just off I-75.  In addition to pay-as-you-watch arcade they had two theatres - one for singles and another for couples (although as a single I could get in by paying extra admission think it was about $10 more).  I was prepared to do it, but the female clerk was kind enough to tell me to save my money as there weren't any couples in there at the time being the middle of the week. 

Adult World
Pioneer, TN
I had hoped to stop back by on the way back from Louisville KY that Friday night, but got a late start and didn't have the time.  Singles theatre would accomodate about 40 people and seating was individual chairs.  I'm sure things have changed and will be interesting to hear a report from someone. 

Research also indicated that an Adult World facility was supposed to open in East Knoxville recently, but I couldn't find any listing of it.

On a more positive note, my streak of luck that started in Las Vegas continued at Pure Pleasures Theatre in Orange Heights FL (Ed. note: details in the Adult Theater Database) the other week.

Finishing up some business in Gainesville FL, I headed over to PPT arriving about 1pm on a Friday.  I have learned to not set any expectations on weekday visits to adult theatres, so I was surprised when I went in the theatre and my eyes adjusted to the darkness to see an older (50s) couple sitting in the middle row on the inside couch. 

Pure Pleasure Megacenter
Orange Heights, FL
There was a guy sitting on the outside couch on the same row as well and one guy on the back row.  I went in and sat down on the front row, outside couch so I had a decent side angle to watch them.  The woman was wearing a patterned dress that looked like a shift from the days long ago.  She was on the large size, but not fat/obese.  Things were pretty quiet for about 15 minutes with no real activity although she did have her hand in her man's crotch and rubbing him through his shorts.  

The young guy (late 20s) sitting in the row next to them, moved over to the other side of his couch (closer to the lady) and pulled out his cock and began stroking.  This evidently was the all clear signal as the man pulled down the top of his wife's dress and showed off her nice sized tits and began rubbing them.  At the same time, she unzipped him and began stroking his cock.

The younger guy looked over and evidently got the OK signal and first started rubbing her right breast and then bent over and started sucking on it while her hubby continued to work the left breast.  She evidently had sensitive nipples as she told the guy "not too hard" and then threw her head back and started with low moans.  The young guy tried to rub her pussy through her dress, but evidently that was off limits.  She told the guy to stand up in front of her and she began stroking and sucking his cock.

Meanwhile, hubby started stroking his own cock while watching.  The guy that had been sitting in the back row moved to the front row and stood along the wall watching and stroking.  Then a first in all my voyeuristic exploits, hubby motions to the guy standing up to come back to their row and he begins sucking the guy's cock while his wife is sucking the other cock.  After a few minutes, the guy gets on his knees and then starts sucking hubby's cock while wife continues to do her thing. 

In the meantime another guy has come into the theatre making the action take a little pause, but after seeing he was OK, things resumed.  She sucked off the young guy swallowing his load although she had told him it was OK to shoot his load on her breasts.  He finished and sat back down and was instantly replaced by the guy that had been sucking hubby.  Then hubby leans over and he and wifey both begin sucking the guy.  I guess the couple that sucks together, stays together or something like that. 

That guy had some endurance as they both worked him over for 15 minutes and he still didn't come, saying he needed a break.  He also had tried to play with the lady's kitty, but she wouldn't even allow her dress to be lifted up to show it off. 

After #2 finished, #1 was fired back up (ah to be young) and got back up and did some tit rubbing and sucking before she started sucking on him again.  This went on with a couple of other guys that came in, although there wasn't a repeat of hubby getting back involved.  About 3:30pm they left.  Not a 5-star show, but then not a complete bust either.  Just hope the streak continues, but I know the dice are going to come up a "7" sooner or later.



Doc here again... Thanks again to JaxBchBum for another great report!  He is on a roll, and hopefully his good luck extends well into the near and distant future.  And with that, more great Flash Reports.

The Good Doctor is now fully caught up on Flash Reports from across the country... So, I need your reports now more than ever!  Just e-mail Jack Del Rio The Good Doctor at, and I will help mold your report into a slick review of what you encountered at an adult theater.  You get the glory, and the byline.