Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Round 1: Top 3 Adult Theater Women: Robin of "When I Feel Naughty"

Doc here with Round 1 of the readers "Top 3 Adult Theater Women". You know the drill: What woman seen and/or experienced in an adult theater is on the top 3 of your list? 

The Good Doctor's office received many submissions, some from our cast of regular contributors, and some first timers.  Some nominated 3, some made bullet-nominations of 1.  Bottom line is that everything I read from you, the readers of The Journal, was compelling.  Nicely done.

Over the next several days, I will post one or two nominations at The Journal.  When I officially run out of entries, we will post a poll and have you make the call on the Top 3.

Judge the nominees by their history, their approach, and for how long they practiced the fine art of "this thing of our's".

Starting things off is regular field reporter, OldBeatNik.  OBN has a very nice national perspective of the adult theater scene, and it's been good to get to know him over the last several months.  And who can forget his opus, "Borrowed Wife" from a couple of weeks back?

So here is OldBeatNik's nominee report:
Robin of  the"When I Feel Naughty" website is my pick for most memorable theater woman. She was fun, sexy, really good looking, fucked and sucked anyone and everyone, took it in the ass and her husband/boyfriend videoed and photographed it all.
Doc here again...Robin played at the adult theaters in Grand Rapids and Battle Creek, Michigan.  The Cini-Mini I and II, and Romantix were her usual haunts.  You'll recognize her from the pic below:

She is certainly a legend in the internet age of adult theater women.  I know that OldBeatNik is working on a larger article about Robin, but in the meantime I present to you Nominee #1: Robin of "When I Feel Naughty"

HOT!!! The Couple's Perspective: John and Tina at CTs Adult Theater

Doc here with a treat I have been dying to publish for you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters.  Let's step back in time two weeks ago, where at CTs Adult Theater John and Tina were present for an intense gang bang on a sultry Saturday night in Gary, IN.

John and Tina (in this Doctor's opinion) are the prototypical adult theater couple: Tina is insatiable, pretty, has a hot body, and has a tremendous attitude towards getting what she wants: Lots of cock, lots of cum, and lots of orgasms.  John plays his part expertly: Part traffic cop, part enforcer of rules, part photographer, and part clean up on aisle 4.  A quadruple threat!  No matter the size of the crowd, he is in full control.  It puts everyone at ease, especially Tina.  And who benefits from this? Everyone.

So without further delay, here is John (from John and Tina):
As promised Doctor, here is a first hand look at why Tina and I enjoy this lifestyle.

First me- I am a voyeur who enjoys watching my wife enjoy the attention of other men. Yes, I get an extra charge of having sex with Tina when we are alone and I get to talk about her experiences when we go at it. It heightens the arousal for me and for her. I am just lucky enough to have a partner that enjoys doing these things as much as me. I also believe that there is something primitive and primordial about women having multiple partners. It is a base instinct that has been extinguished by men over time because we are more powerful. (I will expand on this if asked). 

As for Tina- she loves to make men cum. It gives her power over them, for however brief a time. It also is a question of being the center of attention for a group of men desiring her. She is multi-orgasmic and has plenty of orgasms during her adventures. Having a group of guys coming on her is such a turn on for her. So we are pretty much a good fit as a couple. It is really nice that when we go out and play, all of the men forget that they have prejudices about each other and get along fine. Attached are a couple of pics. Please feel free to use the pictures as you want to.

Thanks again John and Tina!  Great prespective as to why they enjoy adult theaters as much as they do. The pics above were taken two weeks ago at Tina's last visit to CTs.  It was an incredible evening to say the least, and are evidenced by the photos.  The evening finished with a circle jerk/bukkake, and Tina had all the cum she wanted that night in June. 

Have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal of Adult Theaters?  E-mail The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.